Working Class Heroes?

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In the wake of Brexit it is difficult to focus on one particular thing, as there has been an almost constant stream of bad news since around 5am on 24th June. Britain has voted to leave the EU, Cameron resigns and leaves a vacuum for an even more extreme Tory Prime Minister, the global economy crashed, the pound crashed. The list goes on almost endlessly it seems. And although of all groups the young (18-24 year olds who voted Remain with an overwhelming majority) seem to have it the worst and been outvoted by those who won’t live to see the long term results, there are another group of people who will be completely at risk after the result which a majority of them voted for. The working class.

The working class people of Britain have been disillusioned and simply uninterested in politics for decades now, as they believe that it does not matter who wins a general election, as neither party would really help them. But the Leave campaign sparked something in the poorest parts of Britain; anger. They made them angry with the government for not helping them, angry with the EU for not helping them, but mostly angry with immigrants who were allegedly ‘stealing their jobs’. So the working class voted Leave in their millions, believing the lies of the Leave campaign. What they failed to notice was who was telling them the lies.

First we have Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, two senior Conservative MPs with perhaps even less regard for the working class than David Cameron and George Osborne, and who will almost certainly take leading roles in the new Tory government. But the real ‘people’s champion’ in this referendum is Nigel Farage, the great working class hero who left public school at 18 to pursue a job in finance in the City, like his father. Hardly.

Immigrants are scapegoated to distract people from the real culprits, the ones forcing austerity upon us, the ones cutting workers’ rights, the ones benefitting from the xenophobic agenda.

But people bought into his ‘pint in one hand, cigarette in the other’ image. They believed he was there to help represent the working class in 21st Century British politics, because no one else does. And as a result of this, he has ruined them.

The EU was the last thing keeping low paid workers safe in Britain. It has laws in place covering everything from working conditions to pensions, to protect workers who are at the mercy of their paycheques. In a heartbeat that will all disappear, and the new Conservative government who I suspect will be even tougher on the working classes than the previous one has no obligation to reinstate these laws in Britain. It is unlikely the working people will have any defence against the elite.

The part of this I find most difficult is that it was the working class themselves who voted Leave, and they will be some of the worst off at the hands of Brexit. They have been fed lies by the Brexiters and will now suffer hugely as a result. It saddens me deeply that this is the state of the class system in Britain.

The state of Britain today means the poorest people of the country have had to turn to extremes just to feel like someone will do something to help them

Immigrants are scapegoated to distract people from the real culprits, the ones forcing austerity upon us, the ones cutting workers’ rights, the ones benefitting from the xenophobic agenda. The Government. Now the workers (and the rest of us) are left with a right wing government entirely unfettered from the EU’s restraints. If the working class think they will benefit from Brexit they are tragically wrong.

The state of Britain today means the poorest people of the country have had to turn to extremes just to feel like someone will do something to help them. They believe they have helped themselves by voting Brexit, because it was immigrants taking jobs and taking benefits that they so desperately needed. But they are wrong, and the coming months and years will prove it to them. There will be an even greater class war waged by the Tories as a result of this, and I don’t know if the working class will withstand it.

I find it desperately sad that a country that was built by working people and industrialisation has turned its back on them so easily without even a thought. The class war has become so much a part of the British political system that most people don’t even know it is happening. Brexit is the final stage, leaving the British government with free reign to act as it chooses, and trust me it will not be acting in the interests of the working people of Britain. Who else could the working class have turned to? Where are all the working class heroes?


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    • Well you certainly convinced me to try this! I’ve already printed the recipe. Now I need to go find Spanish paprika on this barren sand bar I live on. Your olive comment on FB makes so much sense right now!

    • Un post chiar foarte util.In Paris am folosit si noi in general metroul si o singura data taxiul, cand ne intorceam de la spectacolul de la Moulin Rouge si era prea tarziu pentru metrou. Mi s-a parut destul de scump abonamentul la metrou, fata de alte orase in care am mai fost. Nu mai tin minte insa detalii referitoare la pret…

    • I remember a bts on one drama that showed them driving the episode over to the studio just before air time, running into the studio just minutes before air time. From watching JYJ’s various dramas, the time between deciding the cast and the first episode being shown is very short. I don’t think actors ever get to read the actual script when they decide to take the part. Yuchun didn’t know how Miss Ripley would develop, for example. Their drama industry is not for the weak or feint of heart.

    • from interacting with me, but deep down I’m a romantic sap. I’ve already talked about unusual wedding proposals, so let’s talk weddings today. A few months ago, EW posted about a couple that got married in

    • #13- Annegb – I distinctly remember sitting in seminary class, reading the OT and thinking, “This is crazy! No way is this real.” And that was years before I read the OT book The Songs of Solomon. If those chapters aren’t about sex, I’ll eat my knee high pantyhose. I once got into an argument with an Evangelical preacher who was insisting the Song of Sol. was describing his love for the Church, not for a woman. I told him if there was a Church with ‘heaving breasts like mountains of bejeweled fruits’ (my own exaggeration there) no man would ever be an atheist. The OT just annoys the heck out of me.

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    • Wiesz Allo KK to też sekta, tyle, że żydowska pewnie jest jakiÅ› powód dla którego piszesz o monopolizowaniu, choć mi siÄ™ wydaje, że KK jest miejscem gzie można Boga spotkać a nie serwerem z którego można Boga „pobrać” B.C.

    • Tja, naast een drukke weg wonen is ook niet echt gezond…helaas heb ik nog steeds niet de jackpot van de loterij gewonnen dus dat huisje op dat verre onbewoonde en zo gezonde eiland is er nog steeds niet.

    • So heart touching Elaine!! The words, the smooth way you tied in all of the facets of your subjects, the song at the end… So wonderful! Thank you for opening your heart once again!

    • Czekolada, pieprz i mleko kokosowe zamkniete w drozdzowej buleczce. Przemawia to do mnie i to bardzo!;) I u mnie drozdzowe na pierwszym miejscu, zdecydowanie, bardzo kojarzy mi sie z dziecinstwem, moze i dlatego…

    • Le jeu du mouchoir permettra peut-être de résoudre ce cas. Les membres du Conseil national sont assis en rond. Le premier secrétaire sortant dépose le mouchoir derrière un membre du CN, qui s’en aperçoit, prend la direction du PS…Le triste spectacle proposé à nos concitoyens souligne la nécessité de la reconstruction.

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    • I just made these. I don’t use refined sugar, so I tried coconut palm sugar and pulverized it. It required more peanut butter. These are very good, but I left out the 1/2 tsp of salt and next time I would definitely use it.

    • Bob…I cannot understand how some people can read what other people write and get so offended. You wrote what you wanted to write. Period. I wouldn’t bother answering your critics because obviously they don’t agree with you. Just pray for them and continue to write what you want to write.

    • I’m using Kwik 1.9.8, and have an issue with in-app purchases. All is set correctly, as the purchases are functioning, however, my issue is lag. Once the user presses the ‘buy it now’ button on the app, there is a HUGE lag before the apple ‘confirm purchase’ message is displayed. This means that the user has no feedback that the button was pressed. Am I doing something wrong?Thanks for any help.Best,Robert

    • oh, rats, I arrived too late to buy your gorgeous fall cross quilt for my husband. He was looking over my shoulder one day as I read your blog and was so enthusiastic about it! I hope all of your quilts sell. Your work is gorgeous and inspiring.

    • When will this talk be (post mentions time but not date)?Will there be a video or transcript available afterward for those who are interested but unable to travel to Butler?

    • 以前睇舒爾賽玩野文字,我好似讀緊《尤利西斯》,唔敢話你寫得好唔好,而且有時想由頭睇落尾都有困難。呢篇雖然都係有少少意識流,但寫得好清楚好充實又好breezy,我非常喜歡。不過其實你分開兩個posts貼都無妨。你話:”其次開甚麼通識教育,又講甚麼求學不是求分數,由愉快學習,甚至過渡到要學會學習,噢,原來咱們現在的學生連學習都不會,要去學怎樣學習(即是說現在讀通識的學生都有學習困難,所以才要學會學習,英文是Learning to learn,中文聽來還好,已經學會了,但英文還是進行式,學生們,你們慢慢去學習怎麼學習吧!)”Learning應該係gerund,唔係進行式。不過Learning to learnå‘¢d諗法都幾有趣,遲d教改唔排除有Learning to learn to learn to learn to learn to learn to learn to learn to learn……無限後退(regressus ad infinitum)直到返回神的懷抱也說不定,到時大家畢業了,可能還未正式學習。這種教育真有趣,呃錢之餘又可以消磨年輕人過剩的時間精力,可謂一石二鳥。Zeke,可以解釋一下「猶太降頭」å—Ž?

    • It got lost by the way the game ended, but that 4th and 3 at midfield with 10 minutes left was one of the top ten plays of this season. Ballsy by Gundy to call it…This is exactly the type of situation in which the fan always thinks the team should go for it, and the coach rarely does.

    • Jules, love the Bacon-arian terminology. I think I have a SIL who could live with that. I know–ground turkey looks strange in the package, but if you can get past that, when you cook it up, it's tasty. You do need to season it a bit, but it works well in a veggie chili recipe I have when I want to "beef" it up (pardon the pun) but keep it lower fat/non red meat. Thanks for the comments and the new vocabulary word.

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    • thanks a bunch. I stopped the tutorial before you did the math, to see if i could do it on my own. I did but I did it with a range mapper and the divide and math nodes like you had. I’m not hundred percent sure why it worked but it does? I would explain what I did but this is to long already.

    • Hello fellow citizens:) i used to go to Lottie! i have many swell memories from elementary school! Have a Fine Day! hello children! how are you??? well thats interesting:) i just got back from my polo practice it was swell:)- i kid you youngsters i dont play polo you sillies:) well have a splended day!!!!!!

    • Estoy de acuerdo, experiencia interesante, pero creo que la barrera cultural se impone. Es difícil de entender, incluso para los chinos. Creo que parte de la confusión viene de que se llame “ópera” cuando en realidad no tiene mucho que ver con lo que entendemos por ópera nosotros.Estoy esperando esos relatos filipinos, qué envidia!!!!

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    • I feel blessed and so grateful he’s okay. I love the “pep” in his words!My best to you, Liz. I’ll swing over to your site next. Have I told you how frustrated I am that I can’t “follow” your blog?Ah well, I’ll post a comment and if you don’t get it – know I came by.Love to you,Sue

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    • I don’t think there should be any problem if one keeps old letters and gifts. I agree with you that these are precious things and cannot be thrown away. I believe it would be disrespectful.

    • When will you folks realise that those nations with fewest people will be the superpowers of the future? Why do you think China is being bombarded with Roman Catholic propaganda?If they start breeding like they used to to do they either have to start a war or dump millions more people on the rest of us just to survive as a nation.Remember the one child policy was supposed to be the end of communist China according to the religious crazies in your media?Well look at China now!If people are so valuable why is every nation trying to palm its people on to other nations?

    • blogger Holden Page from Lost The Tech and was prompted due to one of my previous posts regarding Cloudo, a cloud based “operating system”.  After reading this I am sure you will agree that

    • Sure, inside the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Bobby Henderson answers a identical query which asks if there are male strippers in FSM heaven for women, Henderson replies “Probably, but they are really invisible for the non-homo men.”

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    • I own an older edition of this book (1993), which has the floorplan diagrams but no photos. So I am pleased to see a new edition with photographs. I will probably never be able to afford a trip to Rome, so I will buy this book and enjoy these churches as an armchair traveler!

    • I have to admit as a fiction reader, the ability to annotate is of no use to me whatsoever. As an author I do like to be able to put my own books on my Kindle for one of the proofreading passes and leave notes where I find errors. A friend who reviews books tell me she really likes the way she can make notes on her Kindle (I believe she was a Kindle Keyboard, which is what I have).

    • Thanks for thekind words Linda. Right you are. When Kathleengets here it’ll be much easier, or at east better :). We’ve learned a lot in a short time. But the experience the years bring… well… take years. I’m sure most of your have been around horses for while have had the same scary crises and know what to do. There are times to call on the likes of you. Many thanks – Joe

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    • Well, Hillary’s tears don’t seem to be getting her more support, at least not on, like she probably hoped it would have. If you haven’t been to the site yet, you should check it out. It has an interesting poll going on where you can rate any candidate and read what others think each candidate’s strength and weakness is. I already gave Hillary bad ratings, so you should too.

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    • I know Gabriel’s first language is not English, but I interpreted the “date” as ALL of December. The wording was ” a big gush of light IN” 12.12. If SaLuSa was speaking of a specific date, wouldn’t the wording reflect this as in 21.12.2012, just as Gabriel wrote out the date, a specific day for this message? No, I don’t have the answer, but only pointing out another way the “date” could be interpreted.Wonderful message, one that I can relate to and hoping upon. Thank you for posting it, Laura. Namaste. Amy

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    • Personally, I like my bad guys to stay, well… bad guys. Pointy horns to match the pointy tail. With each communication you have with her, she becomes more a person. Not just a murderer. I hope that shift in paradigm helps you. Because that’s what matters most. Well, to me at least. <3

    • Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this informative article together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

    • sinceramente Massa se manchou e muito com isso. alonso se manchou,mas como piloto mau carater, estilo Michael Schumacher. A Ferrari realmente é beneficiada demais e realmente a F1 é um esporte que o interesse financiero fala muito mais alto. Jogo de equipe sempre existiu, mas se fosse mais camuflado, ninguém repararia, lamentável tudo isso…E nós que fomos feitos d epalhaços mais uma vez, estaremos assistindo o GP da Hungria…

    • Yes yes yes.I have had SO many people say “Are you rich or something?” “Where are you getting all the money to do this?” And they seem perplexed when I tell them that I am not rich, I don’t have a lot of money, but when I want to do something I make it happen. I do not have a car, I make almost everything I eat (yup, including pasta by hand), I share an apartment with a roommate to save on rent – all so I can experience the world. It’s all about priorities. You go girl.

    • Thanks, Rick. We're working on getting our name integrated with those images, which is apparently not as easy as it sounds.On another note, the website that hosts our comments has been down all morning, but it appears to be working now.

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    • Le 19/09/2012 à 23h16 Ce que je trouve le plus WTF, c’est ces pauvres filles décharnées qui font des régimes à répétition et qui doivent prendre des laxatifs si elles veulent pas perdre leurs boulot! Après les tenues, on les voit pas forcément dans la rue, c’est plus de l’art conceptuel de mon point de vue

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    • Aww lovey. I hate that. I've had it happen and it just kills me. PS I think you look adorbs… we all make fashion faux pas once in a while, LOL!

    • Hi Page, I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a while but had to say that I’m just so sorry to read about your injury. I’m from Tempe and have been a fan supporting family/friends in the Ironman a few times and was looking forward to cheering you on as well! Also wanted to thank you for this site – I’m training for my first marathon in February and have gleaned a lot of information and motivation from your posts. Sending you and your ankle lots of positive energy!

    • Thanks! (sry for my lousy typos)…Being old-fashioned or being future-friendly? Falling on the side of “right” maybe is NPR. The story API is, well, a good story.

    • , I’m waiting for this to go down in price as well, as I do with most games, so I’m not defending the game in any way, since I have played it.Just saying people should keep an open mind is all. There are other opinions, and reviews after all. No one is more important then the other, at least it’s how I feel about reviews anyway.

    • , under international conventions, he could conceivably be tried for war crimes. Whether or not Yoo addressed that aspect remains to be seen (he may well have said, Mr. President, you can act under our law but not under international law, so don’t do it, but without eyeballing the memos myself, I doubt I’d take Chris Matthew’s word for it).

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    • , but always implied, with me it was always the stone wall. If, or when my voice dissapears, I know that the Lord will replace it with a mighty roaring unearthly yell that no-one will be able to shut their ears to. He said that the truth would be known to all, and I trust him.


    • Re Fisher and Miami:Pat Riley is just trying to force the Lakers to pay Fish as much as possible in an effort to reduce the competition for the few veterans out there willing to take the vets min. He knows that if Buss drops $5m on Fish then the Lakers will fill the rest of the roster with our existing picks thus minimizing our opportunity to strengthen our bench advantage over them. This guy is crafty.

    • Nope, just revised it, still fucked it up."There were no bw in it because it was BASED ON THE MEXICAN BORDER! Damn dude, it's just a movie, get a grip"There.

    • The only time I ever saw an actual WBC demonstration was in Charleston, W.Va., the Sunday after the Upper Big Branch mine disaster. It was two wretched adults and two terrified children being screamed at by a phalanx of terrifyingly-close-to-violence coal miners. The whole thing was sad and stupid. They’re not worth anyone’s time, except maybe students of abnormal psychology or heresiologists devoted to only the most exotic strains of error.

    • November 3, 2009Agreed. “We are like dwarfs standing upon the shoulders of giants, and so able to see more and see farther than the ancients.”- Bernard of Chartres, circa 1130

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    • I knew this would happen, but it is better! I mean when google first bought youtube, i knew this would happen. but i hate when you sign out, it signs out of ALL of the service.

    • I loveeee lemonade – thank you for this recipe! I hate ones that are loaded with sugar. I can also put in Starbucks’ passion tea bags with this to make my ultimate favourite summer drink, passion tea lemonade!

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    • christina, have you ever done stand up? You have a killer delivery — “but I could be confusing him with someone else…” {rimshot}actually, lots of PTZ denizens have that comedic thing going on…

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    • Childish thoughts of China is dead meat by not lending the U.S. money to spend is like biting the hand that feeds you. Needless to say the, pampered, spoilt, misbehaving teenager/child (U.S.) who gets his/her 'allowance'(buying bonds) cut from the "parent" (Parent), will have very little power but will justify, give excuses or delude herself/himself keep on saying to everyone else including oneself that "I can do it on my own". No surprise if he/she couldn't…

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    • skagary on July 20, 2012 He’s so nervous, it’s adorable. And it’s great to hear the original (well, mostly) lyrics sung live. Although he’s done a wonderful job of updating the song for this decade.

    • My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Atomic Max Muscle”, but then I showed them the results. Google Atomic Max Muscle to see their reaction.

    • Hearst also kept Krazy Kat in his papers long after demand for it waned. The public never quite GOT it, but Hearst LOVED it. Of course, the concept of a publisher having an opinion about the comics they run is laughable today…..that is, if tearfully, bloodily sluicing off the palm of your hand with a carrot peeler at three in the morning, every morning, is a form of laughter….

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    • His eyes really do stand out in the picture with his white shirt. I love the one with him in the middle of the street on his quad. The way him and the quad are the only thing focused is fascinating.

    • It does get hard when you try to start doing Christmas with both sides of the family and extended family. Keep trying to keep the magic alive! Merry Christmas!

    • OMGosh! I have been so busy running here and there, doing this and that, that I forgot about telling you my tattoo story. :-/ Yikes. Okay will try and get it put together later today and email you. And now I should go sign up for CampNaNo. Great post Sydney! You are one very busy person

    • Congratulations Joanna! Welcome to wordpress – having made the transition myself I know you’ve made the right decision. I love the feel of this site, you’ve done a fantastic job (and I have gone straight away and changed my link to you).I look forward to many wonderful inspirations from you as you continue your blogging journey!Karen x

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    • Wright’s book on the Gospel of Judas make’s an interesting claim that IMO may well be true. He suggests that the modern sympathy for Gnosticism is based largely on works such as the Gospel of Thomas which are atypically reader-friendly for a modern audience. Faced with an arguably more typical Gnostic work such as Judas the modern reader is much more likely to be repelled.

    • If each one of us who read your blog would dress well and let it heal our soul, I can only imagine what joy we would not bring to only ourselves but to others!"You must be the change you want to see in the world."Mahatma GandhiA very happy new year to you!

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    • Personally, TA, I am not laughing off the Occupy Wall Street bunch. I consider them to be potentially dangerous. We’re a nation divided, there’s no doubt about that. We cannot be both a Capitalist-Constitutionally-Limited-Republic and a Socialist-Oligarchy at the same time. Hopefully, another election cycle or two will put us back on the path to what our Founding Fathers intended.

    • Queria pedir ao Senhor que viesse fogo e matasse aqueles que são SEUS e O renegam… mas Ele, assim comos os discípulos, me diz que que devo esperar. Mas que é uma vergonha nacional para a Esposa de Cristo não ter bispos que sejam audaciosos – para o Bem – como estes lobos do Planalto são para o mau, isto é.PaxJM

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    • Elaine, as you stand in the gap, interceding for Beth, your prayers are precious to the Lord. And, I’m sure Beth covets and appreciates your friendship, encouragement, and prayers.Today, as I battled Day 4 of a migraine, I talked and prayed with a dear sister in Christ on the phone who also battles headaches. During our conversation, we pondered those who live with chronic pain and disease. Beth’s story really gives a face to today’s conversation.Thank you for sharing her with us.

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    • Debbie I have tried to make certain albums private too, Fiona – there is even an ‘edit album privacy’ button on individual photos, but this only allows you to edit the text, not the privacy! Really annoying as I wanted to create a private album for a competition and didn’t want to publish it till all entries were submitted, but it seems all business page photographs have to be ‘public’, grrrr

    • you. This assumes that you just assumed the authority to make a value judgment on what I have decided is my own happiness. I could just as easily say you “should” volunteer one night a week in a soup kitchen, and though I might be morally right, you might better serve society by working 7 days a week for “yourself” promoting your business. I don’t know.But, that’s the point. I don’t get to make that decision.

    • i just did a ball over about 12 hours. my heart is racing and having a little trouble breathing. gonna take a 4 bar xanax…smart? also, i have epilepsy. i know, i know but i love drugs

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    • Cynthia, I sure wish I could have tagged along too! Stepping inside Cat’s amazingly organized studio (full of all sorts of treasures, I can only imagine), meeting her kids, and having an awesome lunch together – and SEVEN hours at that – well that sounds like a dream day!! What an absolute treat to be able to do that with a friend. I know you two had a blast. Thanks for sharing the pictures….I sure wish FL was a bit closer to VA!

    • Betsy, you’re not alone. I follow the Corralitas Red Car Property blog that’s about the same distance to the northeast from me as Los Feliz is to the northwest and the same thing happens; it rains cats and dogs here, but only about a half to two-thirds less there. Strange.

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    • , the “adults” making that decision must find a way towards peaceful communications for the children’s sake.Why have the kids running around all over the place on holidays? Why have them put in a position to choose? Why be a role model that is in the state of anger? When children are involved, we need to do whatever it takes to make peace with our exes. Focusing on the children and looking them straight in the eye will help anyone get through this.DonnaDonna Merrill recently posted..

    • I can’t wait to visit a tea room someday! All the food looks delish, and I want that scooooone. And I hope your feet stay healthy, b/c I kind of have that but on the other side of my feet and it used to be worse but I think now they’re better.

    • Holy smokes. What a game. Horrible sendoff to KCAL9 which always does a great job with Jim Hill & Worthy. I don’t even know what to expect out of this team for a game 7. Sessions, Bynum & Gasol need to suit up.

    • says:

      yeah only the 1st few hours the game work well. . . later suddenly close down itself, so tried again but sector didn’t load & the next day the whole game is not even loading. . .

    • Juttutoiveena on eläinkokeet. Tehdäänkö niitä lähinnä missä maissa ja kaikkea tietoa ynnä muuta asiaa siitä. Mitkä ovat yleisimpiä koe-eläimiä ja mitkä kosmetiikka/ ihonhoito merkit ovat eläinkokeettomia. Onnea yksi vuotiaalle kempparivauvalle ja tottakai myös sulle naimisiinmenon johdosta<3 Ihanaa häämatkaa!

    • Hallo, Het alternatief woord voor “update” is actualisatie. Dit is ook het woord wat Philips gebruikt wanneer er gesproken wordt over een “update ” van een eprom van een DVD speler.Weet iemand trouwens een alternatief woord voor het Engelse “Banner” (bij webpagina’s)?Zat zelf te denken aan kopje.

    • nnoccara, abbiamo evitato solo come succitato i cinesi e le marche up, e anche luisa spagnoli a dire il vero, non ce la sentivamo. Il vestito paillettato non è brutto, è una nullità!

    • Shouldn’t be any problem. They have not cleary given it in their FAQ setion. But if you find any contact number, then better call and confirm with them.

    • You left off one emotion: hungry.Men are horny, hungry or angryThe rest matches my experience.And this would be why I have joined a female supremacist cult dedicated to bringing about the Amazonian Lesbian Sisterhood and eradicating men over time (we’ll just quit having male children and lett the ones already here live out their lives)..

    • Hi Bev,Thank you for giving me a chance at winning my first Tilda stamp! I would love to put my son's "flight" groups mascot on it…He is at Air Force Basic Military Training Camp for 2 weeks now, and I could make one for each of the people in his "group." Thank you for your generosity! He IS Able!Traci Starkweather

    • lamid,Vous titillez l’oreille du troll en lui demandant avec un peu de malice et, en parlant de la tolérance comme scorie et, donc de toutes les issues et positions révolutionnaires : était-ce bien ce que vous annonciez ?Et, par conséquent, méfiez-vous qu’il ne vous parle la langue de l’anarchisme de droite, comme d’habitude et, sans même en avoir conscience.

    • That’s how the cookie crumbles. I’m sure Clay will land some awesome contract from the great work and business savvy he displayed on the show. Which will garner him, again, as runner up, a big pay day.

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    • Lynn, you are right, she is a good writer but not a great one. I liked Affinity very much but I did not love it. I’d like to read The Little Stranger sometime but I’m not all that interested in Fingersmith.

    • Over heb ik een tijdje terug geblogd. Dat vind ik een aanrader. En ik denk dat het thema jou ook wel zal aanspreken.Aan De handelsreiziger ben ik nog niet toegekomen. Ben nu in een Engels boek bezig en dat duurt altijd wat langer. 😉

    • 29 novembre 2008 Au début, j’ai pas compris mais ca me faisait vraiment penser à quelque chose pour j’ai vu le bras dans le plâtre! J’aime bien les dessins un peu intriguants comme ca!

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    • I feel so humbled by all the stories that are being shared. I consider myself lucky to have only experienced a dickhead cabbie tugging on my leg. And isn’t that pathetic? That I’m LUCKY I haven’t been sexually assaulted.

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    • "Seriously, I've noticed in myself in recent years a growth in the same tendency that Obama has to wax nostalgic about our younger years."With you, that's just part of getting older. With Obama, it's the habit of a lifetime.Also, go ahead and wax away, you're endlessly fascinating whereas Obama is terminally dull.

    • Annette bredberg skriver:Hej hopp!Vad tiden gÃ¥r fort, tänkte utnyttja ditt erbjudande, men ser att sista dagen var igÃ¥r. Är det försent?Vill i vilket fall som helst beställa 2 mascaror, en consealer och en foundation.Ha en härlig helg!Kram Annette <3

    • David, this is beautiful. I’ve been making origami butterflies all year as a meditation and prayer, trusting the spirit is transforming, healing, renewing me. I began this after losing my voice last December. It was devestating and terrifying. All of 2012 so far has been about actively engaging the transformation process, seeking growth, doing hard work with a counselor concerning the pain of my past. It’s been intense, tough and incredible. Anyway, thanks for your artwork. Peace and bests.

    • Slightly off topic yet relevant to the discussion.The Globe and Mail and it's ' inclusive ' mantra is in full display with their annual Christmas eve edition which will not even whisper the word ' Christmas' where their front page displays a Canadian winter scene with an anaesthetized "' happy holiday '" ! Their edition on the eve of Ramadan and Eid , the front page pictures are meant to convey a deep spiritual manifestation, Where Islam and Ramadan is emblazoned on the Globe's front page and is meant to bedazzle~!?!

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    • ltc kaufen says:

      Teresa, thanks for stopping by my blog and yes only 2 more weeks left in care package season for me! I hope that everything turns out ok at the Drs! I'll be praying for you!<311W

    • Yeah man I’m gonna miss you guys! Be safe and have a great time. That’s all that matters. Seriously though the baptist church here in Sebree is the best place we stayed so far, showers, food, laundry, and internet. Oh and mattress’s! Stay in touch!

    • Video games, Wii, and Football all in one!! The athlete would be so excited to win this!If eldest enjoys this, than the athlete definately would too! Heres hopin I win this one!!

    • HiMany thanks for this I hope it works – for do I do this “Enable my PPA () ”I tried adding it to the software sources>third party software apt, but it wouldnt let me – where do I enable it???(this part i know – use via termina) and apt-get install v4l-dvb-dkms.PLEASE help

    • The unknown models in the Avedon shoot are (blonde) Nena von Schlebrugge and (dark-haired) Astrid Schiller. On a side note Nena is the mother of Uma Thurman. She was a top model in the fifties and sixties.

    • Hi Rhonda,You are all set. We received your reservations for the luncheon. We will check to see why you did not receive any verification., but we did receive your reservation. We’ll see you at the luncheon!

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    • Just one use? You’re kidding right? Soft boiled eggs, perfectly cooked custard, short ribs, chicken thighs, easily overcooked pieces like pork tenderloin and chicken breast!? I’ll try it all.

    • Foi só uma ideia.Mais porque como já foi editada a 1ª história (Super-Homem / Batman – Inimigos Públicos) e foi editado os 2 filmes que se baseiam nessas histórias, era uma oportunidade de chegar a mais pessoas e a mais jovens.Penso eu…:-)

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    • Il me semble que ça serai le second cas (une jeune femme avant). Voila les dangers d’un vaccin sorti trop tôt et pas assez testé.La vaccination est plus qu’utile, mais faut pas faire n’importe quoi :’( …

    • WorthlessLoser8 : actually even for a child you are coming way short in explaining could have saved yourself time and explained how oil is created over time. lolThe irony is that you sounded so confident of non existence of a creator, yet cant even explain what created your vains and cells. what mad the tree green and made the chlorophyll in it cells absorb the light from the sun. is it is easy for you to be sarcastic yet you are not even stopping to find an answer.

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    • “That’s a very naive point of view, Guest. There’s nothing about attracting and maintaining an engaged and excited workforce that . . . ”

    • நீங்கள் பத்திரிக்கைகளை படிப்பது இல்லைபோல் தெரிகிறது! தினமணியில் புத்தகாயாவிற்கு இந்திய முஜாகிதீன் அமைப்பின் மூலம் பாதுகாப்பு இல்லை என்று உளவுத்துறை கூறியதால் அங்கு பாதுகாப்பு அதிகப்படுத்தி உள்ளது. உங்களைப்போன்று இஸ்லாமின் பயங்கரவாதிகளுக்கு ஆதரவு தெரிவிப்பது ஆபத்தானது!!!

    • de acuerdo contigo Víctor…Además, recordemos que es probable que el autor del evangelio de Lucas como el de Hechos, fuera un gentil (no judío), por lo que su acceso y conocimiento de las leyes, costumbres y escritos Judíos debían ser muy limitados.

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    • Et vlan, passe-moi l’éponge…Oui, Jacques, je préfère aussi la musique que j’aime à celle que je n’aime pas.De l’eau dans le gaz avec Clopine ?

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    • TimS, in the early days of the Califiate, way more than 400 years ago, Islam was extraordinarily tolerant. Much more so than Christianity at the time. It’s not that those Muslims who promote blasphemy laws need more time. It’s that they need a bit more confidence in Allah being a big enough boy to tolerate some dissent. Dissent that existed rather robustly in the early days of the Califiate.

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    • Hey all just read on Facebook that if you did not speak to a real person and give credit card info…you reservations will be cancelled….so make sure they got your Credit Card info for the reservations….if not you guys will have to call back….

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    • Ahhh I ‘m confused by the whole mat thing and the texting. When he said “flip it over” do you think he really meant flip it like the way you did (ie being jokey back) or did he mean flip it the way that would mean he loves you? Miscommunication via text? God this guy can’t handle you. No clue what to do with you.

    • As a new boater, it was great to find a resource that was concise and very helpful relative to the do’s and don’ts of boating. The check-lists, etc. are a great help in the long run as well.

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    • Hi Jon I got a few thoughts on this but in the area of neets or those that are struggling in the current education system.I will blog on it soon but it’s looking at experienced church members assisting in careers advice and further steps in seeing them get jobs.

    • Some beautiful birds! I have had so much fun putting up bird feeders this year. I definitely found that different types of birdseed attract different birds, so I have 3 feeders. My small yard is getting rather full!

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    • Ma mir ca puneti botul. E o gluma, Cum adica “scurgeri masive de electroni”? Dar ce sa “scurga”? Pinguini? Tzeapaaa. E ca aia cu cele doua molecule de Hidrogen din apa. 

    • Mayuon muchas gracias por tu respuesta, pero cuando dices que no lo puedo liberar a que te refieres, disculpa no entiendo mucho de estas cosas…. en definitiva me recomiendas hacerlo si o no? y gracias de nuevo

    • I am having a very similar attendance problem with my own Sunday School class. I assumed it was a summer slump (we’ve had them in the past) and would pick back up after Labor Day. I will say we had good attendance when we were using “Blue Like Jazz” by Don Miller. We’re now on “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning, although I really don’t think this is curriculum-related. I can’t rule it out completely.

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    • NodI grew up with cartoons on Saturday morning and few where humans. I find today’s “humanist” cartoons unappealing and I’m not a gamer either, much for the same feelings.

    • I know what you mean about the old Vegas. Remember Mom used to take her beaded tops and long skirts and they used to "dress up" at night! Remember how you could play for ever on $100! Remember how you actually won something once in a while! The only reason I would go now would be to see a great show!

    • Un très grand merci à vous toutes Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, (pas de Messieurs 😉 pour vos chaleureux messages tellement encourageants ! Et un autre merci tout particulier à Pascale, Alexandra et Virginie : j'apprécie particulièrement chacune de vos invitations, et cette fois comme les précédentes je trouve un immense plaisir à y répondre !

    • Thank you Gail. Yes, I was just reading something that spoke about the Buddhist concept of “craving” as one of the five mental toxins, alongside jealousy, conceit, and others. That really struck me – craving as a mental poison–oh, so true! And how much of our lives we spend in some kind of craving, and the search to meet it.And, as you say, when we greet the craving with a little space, a little friendliness, we soon are carried to something deeper, calmer, and soooo much more interesting.Love to you, Tara[]

    • By noviembre 5, 2012 – 12:29 pmHola Natalia, para organizar las preguntas tienes que hacer clic y arrastrarlas en el modo de edición del formulario y desde ahí también las eliminas. Si te funciona bien el formulario no te preocupes de la hoja de cálculo, aunque seguro que alguien que sepa mas que yo te podrá decir como quitar lo que no usas.

    • Tried Twitter last spring; found it Facebook redundant. Trying again and so far it’s a major time-sapper to do it justice. The ROI so far doesn’t seem to be there, as it has quickly become just another thing that I need to follow, yet another distraction, that leads to even more distraction and, ironically, even less true social time. But I’ll stick with it to give it some . . . time.

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    • Luís Parreira,eu concordo com a Joana Lopes porque me parece profundamente inaceitável que compare a luta contra os movimentos de libertação das colónias portuguesas e a luta contra os talibã. Como me parece superficial dizer que não há «traidores a regimes», mas sim «traidores à pátria». E mais: contra o salazarismo, «trair» seria não combater o regime.

    • Da sind wir uns ja praktisch einig – das geht nun wirklich nicht! Das mit dem Unfall war mir klar, aber ich fand es albern, und zu kompliziert für so einen knappen Review (wenn das Balg z.B. das Bein verloren hätte, dann hätte ich das noch verstanden).

    • Uh, che orrore… un bel refusone proprio in un testo che parla di ortografia. A dimostrazione del fatto che -non ce n’è – il diavolo ci mette sempre la coda. E specie a fine luglio. Il guaio è che non posso correggere subito. Ci provo, se il cms non mi fa qualche scherzo, quando torno in Italia. Grazie per la segnalazione! @ sabrina. Che bella storia.

    • Wow. Thanks Katie. I can’t believe people still read this thing after it’s been lying in a pool of neglect for so long – but appreciate your well wishes…

    • FILIPPO: nessuno dice che la chiesa può imporre alcunchè ad alcuno…….suoi esponenti però ma sopratutto suoi affiliati politici pretendono di fare leggi dedotte dalla volontà del capo della chiesa cattolica……a questo IO NON CI STO……non si può essere cattolici per legge ma solo per libera scelta.

    • “If it is true, well, excuse me, but this is sooooo funny to me and GTOMR” You keep laughing and Korea can keep Dokdo. He who laughs last, laughs loudest

    • je l’ai acheté cet a-m… et même que le vendeur m’a dit: et du même auteur, dans la série des profs, vous connaissez… « Le journal d’un remplaçanyt ? » ai-je demandé… Moi aussi je suis instit, je connais mes classiques !

    • Oh wow, those chips sound amazing. I’ll take a free bag, thx!!! I’m also gonna try to get those mint chocolate Clif bars. Never tried ‘em but I love anything mint chocolate!!!

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    • Un llibre per deixar de fumar escrit per 3 fumadors té més sentit que un llibre per deixar de fumar escrit per algú que no ha fumat mai. O no? Algun d’ells ha deixat de fumar algun cop, no?:p

    • Smart? NO! Dean’s List? YES! This coat is stunning! Simple and elegant with clean lines yet it still retains a softness and feminity. I am picturing my red curls flowing over the collar…! As a two time cancer-survivor,it can be difficult for me to stay warm, but alpaca does the job and with this coat, does it beautifully! Kudos to the designer!

    • "The Jews from the country were very religious and quite primitive, but those in the cities were modernized and influenced by Italian culture."Because being simple, poor and traditional is such a terrible thing…what an offensive, prejudiced description. E. Heskel

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    • I’ll right away take hold of your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me recognise so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

    • fran, i think it is so fantastic that you’re doing your walks AND that you are enjoying it! walking IS such a great activity, like you say: free, you can go anywhere, and all you need, really, is a good pair of shoes (had to throw that in there, given my profession!).i had to laugh when you say, “bloggers live for comments” because it’s so true! i love getting comments AND leaving comments – feels like chatting, continuing a conversation. and i don’t know how to leave a short comment!have a great day – i am off to toronto for aunti wednesday!

    • out the link from the image below to read what you need to do by April 30 to be a part of the Virtual Vegan Potluck. It is hosted by Annie and her blog An Unrefined Vegan who posted the first featured ‘Coming

    • Thanks, Sarah! Parts 2 and 3 are already scheduled to post tomorrow and Friday. I’m glad you left a comment today. I had no idea you were reading!~Jennifer

    • Sebastian, Deine Fan-Gemeinde oben auf dem Hühnerberg war die beste! Es waren die einzigen die trotz Endzeit-Regen auf der ersten Runde vollgas alle angefeuert haben und ne Anlage mit Musik an den Start gebracht haben!Viel Erfolg für Deine weiteren Rennen und Gruß an Deinen Support.

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    • Ralph: Nairu is just an incoherent, oversimplified, confused “concept”, with few ideas behind it. Keynes & Lerner understood and wrote about the inflationary possibilities of “Keynesian” demand management – the relationships between inflation and unemployment -”the basic idea”- long before the second-rate imitations of the natural-raters. If one hires off the top, demand-manages by giving to the usual suspects / parasites , then you are going to get inflation before it trickles down to eradicating unemployment. Targetting the “bottom”, targetted demand-management aimed at unemployment, is a JG in all but name.

    • Allan, thank you for posting this very interesting news. So sorry to hear of Bob Metzger’s health problem – hope he gets well very soon; & glad that Mitch Watkins is able to join the tour. I tried to find Jarkko’s post about this, which you mentioned, but I couldn’t find it in the forum. I assumed it would be in the new section – is it somewhere else??

    • Hola Albert,Avui ha sigut el teu primer dia, que tal t’ha anat?? He vist algunes fotos de les activitats, són molt xules, llàstima que no vulguin als papes, sino ja saps que jo m’apuntaria amb tu.Suposo que ara per ara, ja deus tindre molts amics i amigues, aixi els dies seran molt especials.Un petonet molt fort nino, i no t’oblidis que t’estimo.

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    • Great story.. hard to believe, but great.. where was your wife while all of this was going on? And what did you do to get him to watch your back? and not wack you

    • Hindi ko na matandaan kung ano yung mahabang mataba na yun, kung Mozarella sticks o ibang stick, basta ang alam ko hindi yun tite. Yanahahahahaha!

    • gfad: welcome:))jim: doesn't the 'nien' here mean sticky? it' 'sticky cake' not 'year cake'?milosh: you get this in serbia?? ok, u must soak the noodles in room temp water (NOT hot water) for about 8 hours before frying them. tell me how they turned out:)

    • There will not be a wave of muni bankruptcy nothing. Told you guys before, moodys is re-aligning all municipal ratings to be comparable with corporate bonds in the next month or two. It will result in a three notch upgrade across the board for most ratings, although they are saying its not an ‘upgrade’, just a ‘recalibration’.this means that many nj municipalities will have some of the strongest ratings that they have ever enjoyed while at the same time many here are waiting for them to go bankrupt. lol.

    • oddio, quelle con il personaggio principale e basta (senza elaborazioni) possono essere casuali… ma alcune, con lavorazioni particolari (vedi l'occhiale rotto, vedi il medesimo trattamento grafico di quelle con la mano stilizzata…) sono veramente dei plagi scandalosi…Larsen

    • Vamos todos à luta!Você, professor ou professora, não fique de fora dessa luta, participe dos movimentos, dos encontros; para que possamos conseguir os objetivos da nossa categoria, que é tão injustiçada por esses políticos pilantras.VAMOS TODOS À LUTA!

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    • Que pouvez-vous me dire des « mutuelles réceptions »? Je ne sais pas si c’est le nom exact car c’est là la traduction de l’espagnol. Il s’agit de deux planètes situées l’une dans le signe de régence de l’autre planète et vice-versa. Merci d’avance. Salut

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    • Daniel,I think I agree with you about the Communist attempting co-opt Islamism early on. But this phase probably was very short. It probably has ended by mid-1920s. From then on the Soviets attempted to insert secular ideology into all the unrest in the Islamic area (PLO, for example). The Islamic fighters were portrayed as a force supported by British Imperialism.Eric.

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    • THIS. lolActually, it’s possible that Sun could be in trouble for this, but we’ve seen both Sun and Sabrina make sacrifices before for each other. Not always the smartest decisions either.

    • The Comments are 'off' on Sarah's blog, which is a shame. I was wanting her to pass on some of my thoughts to her crappy husband. Still her blog's more interesting than James Landale's. That's got even more joyless statistics than my blog!   0 likes

    • Sister GeralynNovember 16, 2011Kate,Thanks for your reply and weighing into the conversation! I find myself nodding my head in affirmation. The way you mention is a great way to use this tool!

    • Thank you for comment April! It’s all those years of training, don’t worry, after a year or two of making halusky, you’ll be making them as fast too

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    • NICE!! I’m SOOO in!! I like doing the plank. Sometimes I lift one leg up. For now, I just hold it for a certain amount of time. Thanks Morgan. BTW….the pups continue:)

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    • Tu vois moi c’est l’inverse ! J’ai de la difficulté a cadrer des le premier rendez-vous. Surment je dois pas être assez intéressant (trop normal). Par contre a la longue les gens m’apprécis et aprenne a me découvrir. Donc faut faire quoi pour rester intéressant comme si s’était le premier RDV être persévérant(e)! Bonne chance, seul conseil je peux te donner.

    • I never understand why people want to know what other people are really thinking. If it's not affecting the status quo, keep it to yourself. And why the heck do dirty floors matter when you are looking at a house? If you like the house, vacuum before you start moving in. And sometimes I worry my friends are only my friends because they don't know how to say go away. The flaws I see in myself are so great, how can they like me? Even after they've been my friends for 17 years, I worry a little. Sigh. Thanks for letting me know I am insane but not alone.

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    • 2011 has been an amazing year. I still can’t believe I am an author of two published books. Along with it comes the feeling of being overwhelmed and not sure where to turn next. I plan to try to keep my head above water this coming year. I have so much to be thankfull for and don’t ever want to lose sight of that. Iam thankful that I am your (cyber) friend Linda. All the best wishes for 2012!

    • hmm, Mystes – well, yes and no. i lived in abq. too many times, it was a second/third home, and until this year i visited every summer. reminds me of a little LA now. i’ve always attracted the young’uns, and the one person i ever felt the most connected with was 9 years older. so i’m down with the UP, just haven’t found the right UP to get true-ly down with me. thank you dear Ms. M, i do appreciate the foci and reminder that even tho i live in the city of lost causes, i may not be. ♥☮♫

    • Hi AdAmy – the Lock&Lock boxes that I use those squares in come with those four inner boxes! My first couple came from Target a few years ago, but they don't carry Lock & Lock anymore. I haven't been able to find them in an actual store since then, so I've ordered online ever since. Amazon has them! 🙂

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    • Henry 8:10 “…once Obamacare is fully effective, the system will be so overwhelmed with demand the system cannot keep up.”Another prediction, like those I blogged about. My prediction is the system will not be overwhelmed with demand. The season is always open for predictions of all kinds.

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    • Ne t’en déplaise Virgile, il semble qu’un nombre conséquent rejette l’idée d’une ratification « aveugle ». J’ai dis mon avis en son temps quand j’espérais voir les projets « officiels » s’enrichir des avis d’affidés. Or, seuls les nouveaux venus, dont il apparaît que tu fais partie, semblent vouloir dire la messe… Et ce en contradiction totale avec ce qu’ils dénoncaient du temps de leur opposition farouche et révoltée.

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    • Murder is never justified but the fact is sometimes you may have to kill a murderer to prevent your own murder. Of course that was misquoted as you pointed out.

    • Nonnamadonna, you have, as usual, sussed out the heart of the matter. Todd is definitely courageous to sacrifice for his family’s future this way. It’ll be a tough few years, but after that, we’ll be golden.

    • See, I wish I did that. The amount I’ve traveled, I’ve never taken anything with me – not even a camera. All I have are my words, so I’m recapturing all my trips on my blog. Great post!

    • Cheila – March 3, 2010 12:18 AMThank you for the comment. I’ve been going through a lot this passed month; feeling numb, and ready to explode like you mentioned. I am just ready to take everything in. I’m so exhausted that nothing, and I mean nothin can make me feel more anesthetized than what I already feel now. I need something/someone to wake me out of this comatose stage I’m in.

    • exactly right. talking about how many plays per game you have to be out there is a bit ridiculous. I understand our offense can score quickly, but if we could stop the opposition then we wouldn’t have to worry about facing so many snaps. Let our offense wear down the opposition, and put the game out of reach early. At that point you can go to our every down prevent defense.

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    • Stu, there was a saying in Argentina that God must be Argentine, because their prosperity was impervious to the rest of the worlds ills. Now? Even though they still have an abundance of natural resources, they are no better than a third world country. The cause for the decline? Massive nationalization of all of their industries via massive accumulation of debt. Pretty much the industrial equivalent of our banking bailouts. Let’s hope that our arrogance does not lead us to the same fate.

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    • Field,The 'Rev' above me sounds like one of those fake ass pastors littering the churches. But Martin Luther King's movement was effective in part because it took so much stength to not raise your hand while being attacked. As a matter of fact, it took more than strength it took faith. It's just a shame that he and Brother Malcolm never had a chance to join together in the struggle.

    • I agree, Dawn! In Brazil (where I live), people are always saying “si Deus quizer,” which means “God willing.” They say it all day long, and I’ve picked up the habit myself. I have to remind myself that what God wants is for us to be happy, at peace, and full of love. All the time. I loved this post for this reason!

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    • Your words are so incredibly open and honest and I hope to one day have a boy of my own. They are so full of life and your images, ah, just capture them so beautifully!

    • Google, I respect you as a company, but I just DO NOT understand why you make this so hard on yourself. Here is how you fix spam: 1. Only links that have traffic flow through them get value. That's it. End of story. Why are you still trying to fix spun content? I thought you fixed that years ago.

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    • I applaud your conviction. You’ve certainly made me consider whether I should continue supporting Facebook. I definitely agree that they have shown repeated disrespect for their users.

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    • You make it look so EASY. Is the hard part the glue? Can you maybe use one of the nails that go unused and show us how much you put on it? Maybe even put a quarter or something next to the nail in the picture?

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    • love that lurex with miniskirt and leopard booties combo, it's gorgeous!and love to watch your fabulous finds and still more fabulous wardrobe!, whouu!besos

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    • Gracienne, ce gâteau est magnifique. La dernière fois que j'ai gouté le fromage de brebis, c'était au pays basque il y a 5 ans. Je t'avoue aussi que je n'aime pas vraiment la viande mais ça ne m'empêche pas de toujours apprécier tes très beaux billets!

    • , people "on all sides" need to pull their heads in now and again when things really do get rude.Myself included. 5. Interesting that you note Flying Spaghetti Monster as a strawman fallacy, but not "millions of people"as an ad populum fallacy. Millions of people can be wrong, and usually are.

    • …. if Nazi skinheads applaud VB, therein lies the hope that violent sociopaths be transformed into content, enfranchised citizens. It’s no different from MoveOn crazy fringe lefties showing at the Democratic Party’s convention.”But the fringies take over the Democratic party and make it dance to their tune, which is what the neo-Nazis are going to do to your movement. They will transform you, not the other way around.

    • Uff, stakar jenta di. Det er noe av det verste jeg vet ogsÃ¥. HÃ¥per hun blir fort frisk. Bildene du har tatt av henne var kjempe flotte av henne selv om hun ikke er i form. Kos dere videre, i sofaen. Og god bedring.

    • Thank god I read YOUR review before venturing to North Road. I was kind of intrigued by the concept but fully believe you that it does not work too well.

    • What a great interview! Keep living your dreams, Elli. You are an inspiration to anyone who wants to follow their dreams. Keep singin’ and keep smilin’! April

    • Cristina, o meu texto não faz qualquer referência à religião. Você deve estar ouvindo vozes dentro da sua culpa. Releia sem ódio ou traumas da infância.

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    • Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Truly humbling. thank you for this inspiration — to remember each and every day — especially when one wonders what’s the point and is there a point to writing.Many, Many thanks,Allan (Stratton)

    • The house is my favourite – the lights remind me of boiled sweets! I love Lego. I was always envious as a child, of a friend who had shelves full of it. One day, I hope to own my very own plastic bricks :)P.S. Your mum is so lovely!

    • It may be cruel and selfish but I have a girl restroom that no boys are allowed in period. And I do mean NONE! Since I’m the one that gets on hands and knees to scrub all 4 of the toilets (and all of the misses) every week I think I’m entitled to a single bathroom that I can depend on at all times

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    • At a recent funeral, I noted that everyone who stood up and memorialized the decedent in effect spoke about themselves.To do so is not particularly narcissistic, just average. The occasion called for speaking off the cuff. Everyone knows that the president is not eloquent. Your bile against the president is unattractive.

    • #162 – I think it is… the problem is we’re both so caught up in this emotional whirlwind of it, we both know we need a 3rd party. She’d contacting a bunch of people now.Have I mentioned how much weight I’ve lost recently?

    • tengo un hermano de 6 años , que desde que nacio siempre tenia la mania de chuparse los labios , creiamos que era temporal pero no hasta ahora sigue asiendolo y lo hace cada vez que toca a alguien , cuando abraza osino hay veces el solo se empieza a tocar la orejita y se chupa los labios , a que se debe esto ??

    • Buenas tardes, tengo unos sueños últimamente que no logro entender. Voy por una calle conduciendo mi coche y los coches se paran en un semáforo y yo quito los pies de los pedales como sino pudiera pisarlos y luego logro pisarlos y.freno sin ningún tipo de.percance . Y ese sueño se me ha repetido muchas veces. Muchas fracias de antemano

    • Aug18 Ricordo il tempo, per certi aspetti felice, in cui il rivelatore di temperatura era detto termometro. Ossia dopo che qualcuno ha avuto il coraggio di chiamare un termometro ‘rivelatore di temperatura’ può poi scrivere di tutto, no?

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    • This is a great video vudu, this man has ben in charge of so many company’s, how did he find time to do all the research of the bible. The bible itself is a lifetime’s work. Anyway great vid. Peace2Ya

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    • You are so correct, Pam. Even in the midst of the sense of loss, there are ones whom you hold dear – and they hold you up! We are blessed and fortunate!

    • Jag är samma längd som dig och Horze ridbyxor är de som passat allra bäst pÃ¥ mig! Lagom lÃ¥nga, tillräckligt höga i midjan (avskyr dÃ¥ det känns som att man nästan visar myntinkastet dÃ¥ man sätter sig med ett par byxor…) och jättebekväma! Och inte alls dyra dessutom!

    • If there are 5 times more muslims in Europe (or more), and a lot of the American muslims are black American, than Europe is much more than a decade ahead of America.More like a century in my opinion.

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    • dduckSorry to try and inject some humor into this serious discussion, but if you guys haven’t already seen it, I think The Diary of A Mad Housewife (probably made before you two were born) will be entertaining even if you disagree.Some things change, but only incrementally. You both make valid points.

    • Betty Strock – I have never seen such an incredible wedding album. A real jaw dropper. Absolutely fantastic. I still can’t get over these pictures.Your neighbor, Betty, who never gets to see you;-)

    • Pero lo que hace Care es muy poco español. Aquí lo habitual es que un escritor consagrado (o al menos asentado) escupa sobre todo aquel que intente hacerse hueco (en la vieja tradición de Cela).Por otro lado, aunque las críticas de Care no sean muy útiles de cara a decidirse por un libro, no es lo peor que puede hacer un crítico ni de lejos. Destrozar un libro (o película) que ni siquiera se ha leido (o visto) me parece bastante más detestable

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    • Ja, het is hetzelfde als met je rug/achterkant van je hoofd naar de deur toe in slaap vallen. Kon ik als kind vroeger nooit, want stel dat er een boef of monster door die deur naar binnen komt?!Al moet ik toegeven dat het me tegenwoordig minder moeite kost (kan ook door vermoeidheid komen)

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    • it better. I firmly believe that competition brings out the best. Sadly for KNBR, only D. Bruce has kept his “shine” on. Give The Game a stronger signal and it’s game over. I’m more o.k. with hearing Giants talk on the Game because it’s not homer talk, it’s plain sports talk convo. Go A’s!!!!Hot debate. What do you think? 7  6

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    • Buenisimo loco la verdad uno de los pocos programas en la tv q vale la pena ver..siempre los miro pero ayer me sentia mal y me quede dormido..gran abrazo y saludos!!

    • Thanks so much, Deb and Larry — please keep on praying! This new territory is a bit stressful, to say the least. I am learning a lot. 🙂 God bless you guys.

    • I know this was posted on the may 8th 2012, but I never saw them come out I go to wallgeens all the time… I’ve been looking for Zonkers for a really long time does anyone no how to get a hold of them… Oh yeah! Why were they discontinued?

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    • Oh Hachiko. I cried and cried and cried practicaly the whole time I was watching that movie. Loved it though. <3 Hachi. And <3 Richard, ofcourse Kiss & Make-up recently posted …

    • yop,très bonne sélection. Je suis d’accord avec vous sur pas mal de points.Je suis heureux de voir Saycet notamment : excellent album dont personne n’a réellement parlé… Tout comme Brian Eno (pas encore écouté d’ailleurs, mais valeur sûre)Et bien sûr, la tuerie totale d’Iris et Arm. Bonne continuation !

    • Thanks for sharing the link to your post Dan. Like you I’m totally amazed with how twitter provides connections to others. As I commented on your post Twitter is like the glue that holds together all the different parts of my personal learning network.

    • Vous demandez « Sur quels intérêts étaient donc centrés les précédentes réflexions, puisqu’apparemment elles ne l’étaient pas sur ceux de l’enfant ??! »Cette décision (semaine de 4 jours) a été prise par Nicolas Sarkozy et appliquée par Xavier Darcos qui était néanmoins favorable à la semaine de 4 jours et demi. Le but représenté par le Président de la République était de favoriser le départ des familles en week-end.

    • Thanks… I realized that since I’ve been struggling with my motivation – I’ve also stopped writing much on the blog. I’m starting to feel the motivation come back. I need to eat right regardless of how I feel.

    • We are going to be there Nov. 2-6 (short 1 year anniversary trip! <3) I hope we will have the chance to preview the NFL (Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid are my absolute favorites) and I am hearing rumors that we might be able to get into Be Our Guest for CS!! That would make my life!

    • Je suis en vacances dans ta région, je te comprends, les gens sont vraiment attachants. Il n'y a rien de mieux que ces chaussures pour vagabonder dans ton coin.Géraldine

    • As a footnote, I love the “chamons” that Black Francis throws out there nodding to Michael Jackson. That Nirvana would then bump MJ off the top of the charts using this song as a launching pad … well, that's all part of the circle of life, now isn't it?

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    • The formatting didn’t come through. “No right of return into Israel, but compensation and agreements with Arab states for the granting of citizenship” is part of the Scowcroft-Brezinski proposal, with which he disagrees.

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    • Yup! I made that flower! It took about 20 minutes. Phew, I’m exhausted. I just started the book and like it so far. It’s actually funnier than I thought it would be – I was concerned it would be a cheesy read as it was featured on the good old Oprah show. And I just loathe the schmaltzy reads. So far, no schmaltz.

    • Mine dropped from 60 to 52 also and how can Klout say that we should have the same score. Obviously you are more influential than I am. The only thing that I like about Klout were the perks. What can I say, I love free stuff. Other than that I am so over Klout.

    • Bonjour Sara, j’aime beaucoup ton blog & ce que tu fais, c’est sophistiqué & naturel à la fois.Sinon, j’ai un rouge volupté YSL (dans une teinte corail), mais ne trouves-tu pas que le texture est assez “crémeuse”, & donc parfois “difficile” à appliquer joliment quand on a les lèvres un peu sèches ? Si oui, y as-tu trouvé une solution ?

    • not to do it, the name you had was much better, sounded professional and did not contain the word “debt” in the title. I liked that, as it is bad enough having to face up to the fact that you have problems and seek help, without that word and the stigma it carries. If anyone else had accidentally seen something of mine from CCCS, it wouldn’t necessarily have been obvious what it was, but now the idea of anyone coming across “Step Change Debt Charity” makes me cringe. I haven’t read your reasons yet; if I feel differently after I have, then I’ll re-post.

    • Przyjaciel jest potrzebny każdemu, zwÅ‚aszcza na etapie dorosÅ‚ego życia. Czego można oczekiwać po przyjacielu? Każdy powinien odpowiedzieć sobie sam. SÄ… standardowe definicje, ale każdy ma swojÄ…, wiÄ™c chciaÅ‚bym je poznać, bo być może, ja od swojego przyjaciela wymagam za wiele?

    • I was waiting for some huge controversy here, like it was made out of kittens or something. But shipping from England can definitely put one over the edge (thank you to the best bra company on earth who has my package on a slow boat).

    • Loved this post Holly! I have been looking for rental houses like crazy even though I have a few more months before I should start looking. I’m glad you had someone with you to stay strong

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    • Remember to really don’t chuckle at me declaring this, but your article actually jogs my memory in the quotation… “Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together: at the door where the latter enters, the former makes its exit.

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    • Hilarious, Giordani proposed a paquetazo. The opposition has nothing to do with it. Also, we aren’t saying Chavez wants or does not want to enact a fiscal tightening package, the opposition is pointing out it is inevitable. It’s just a question of how sudden that fiscal tightening will be, the longer the delay, the more painful it will be.

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    • Alex needed a new place to play 4 years ago. He’s a good qb but just too much history with the 49ers. Hopefully they can trade him to someplace that he wants to be and that he can start new. Or maybe he will start his coaching career soon.

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    • Did I thank you for that? Oh Gawd! I’m sure I did…if not…how grateful and surprised I am, Tash! mwah! I also nominated you…not to return to the favor…but to let the world know what I think of your beaujtiful poetry ! Your range of subjects is awesome!

    • passa filme bom como crepusculo…filmes que tem gosto de assistir passa filmes que foram lancados ha 4 anos atras no minimo ,no maximo 6 anos…faz isso que as pessoas não vão querer perder.muito obrigado!!!

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    • Liz, because of a movie she did nearly twenty years ago, she’s a “ho” who doesn’t deserve to be a mom? I didn’t realize god was named Liz. Wow. Also, she’s 39, not 68 like Robert DeNiro or 58 like his wife.

    • Lectrice attentive et régulière de ce blog que je chéris, je ne peux pas accéder à laprivate joke sur Léautaud avec réalisé ( cité par lc2s y-a-t-il un lien ? ) je ne dois pas être assez ancienne donc ; si un avait l’amabilité de me renvoyer au passé de lsp pour que je pige la référence, je l’en remercie par avance. Quoique ne faisant partie d’aucune cour où que ce soit j’aime comprendre les choses auxquelles il est fait référence.

    • Congratulations! I can't imagine how thrilling it must be to see a book listed on Amazon and on bookstore shelves with YOUR NAME ON IT!! Are you sleeping with it cradled in your arms? That's what my daughter would do with her favourite book of the moment when she was a little girl and then, in the night, we would hear the "clunk" of the book falling to the floor. *sigh*

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    • Haha Lysa, they turn out really bitter, right? It happened to me too. Try to cook Chinese eggplants, they’re more tender, but only cook them for about 15 minutes. Let me know how it turned out if you try it.

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    • Nu umbla, alearga, se urca pe masuta de cafea, se urca singuri in pat, nici la baie nu ma pot duce de frica sa nu se urce pe undeva (. Imi este din ce in ce mai greu sa raman singura cu ei afara

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