Why Tokyo is a high-tech city

Tokyo at night

The Impressive Development of Japan’s Technology and Why Tokyo Is Such a High-Tech City: 

Japan is one of the most sophisticated societies in the world. Their culture has been distinct and preserved for centuries. What is incredible about Japan is that it maintains the ability to balance its tradition with modern society. This balance is what brings so many intrigued travellers to Japan on a regular basis.

When travelling to Japan, it is wise to both know the exchange rate between GBP and JPY in order to have the best possible rate when travelling to Japan. Consider the following discussion about how Japan is so technology advanced and what inventions make them the true leaders of global technology growth around the world:

Six reasons why Japan is more technologically advanced than other countries:

  1. Silicon Electronic Chips: One enormous competitive edge that Japan has behind the scenes is that they are one of the only countries that has the quality of Silicon required to produce a very high level of electronic chip. Technology companies around the world utilize these chips, which makes Japan a great deal of capital throughout the year.
  1. Robotics: Japan is also one of the leaders in this idea of robotics and artificial intelligence. This way of forward thinking is always what has set Japan apart from other economies in the world in that they are able to be innovative and ahead of the curve. Robotics is becoming quite an impressive industry for factory production efficiency and even may replace jobs traditional held at professional services firms in the accounting and legal industries.
  1. High Speed Trains: Japan, overall, has great infrastructure. One of the most impressive aspects of Japan’s infrastructure is their sophisticated system of high speed trains. These trains are installed in the major cities around the country, which does put them ahead of even the United States that has many areas that are underserved by public transportation. An additional benefit to the Japanese train system is that it is not only new, but is also kept cleaned to perfection. This makes Japanese cities more productive and efficient due to the investment in their high speed train network.
  1. Smart Phone Usage & Innovative Apps: Japan has been on the forefront of the Smart Phone revolution and has created many innovative App’s that locals use every day. Japan finds solutions for every possible need that a consumer may have. Every industry from restaurants to department stores has an App that can engage with Japanese consumers. Locals of all ages have a working knowledge of Smart Phones, which makes it far easier for marketing companies to reach more consumers on a digital scale.
  1. Large High-Powered Technology Corporations: The reason that Japan has had so much success with technology is that they are home to major technology corporate giants such as: Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba. These companies have been designing extraordinary innovations in televisions, computers, cameras, and telephones for decades. The other factor that these companies have is brilliant quality control, which makes recalls a rare occurrence for their brands.
  1. Car Production: Japan produces some of the best cars in the world. What has truly given their cars a great advantage is their ability to last for many years with very low maintenance. Japan is home to many brands to include: Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and Subaru. These brands are distributed all over the world and truly have great feedback from consumers in many markets. The revenue from the sales of Japanese cars has been a great contributing factor to Japan’s fast development and economic success.

Japan’s economic strength  

Many individuals wonder why Japan is so successful if it has a small territory with few natural resources. The answer is simple. The Japanese anticipated their lack of natural resources and invested their capital in inventing technology that had to be produced. This became their expertise and they have subsequently exported it all over the globe. By being ahead when the technological revolution was occurring, Japan has positioned itself to be ahead of other nations, which contributes to why their country is so innovative and respected around the world. Japan will only continue to get ahead with their wide range of expertise.

Japan is truly a cut above the rest of the world when it comes to technology. The fact that so many impressive inventions have been created in Japan has resulted in their population being more receptive to forward thinking and innovation. This is why Japan as a society is far more advanced in technology than other parts of the world. It will be exciting to see what innovations Japan comes up with next and how they will spread to many different foreign markets.


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