Why the Young Should Vote, and Why they Should Vote Liberal Democrat

Why should you vote for the Lib Dems on June 8th? This was a question I asked myself during the 2015 General Election campaign. Then, as now, it is evident that a significant number of young people in Britain currently feel considerably disillusioned with British party politics, and increasing apathy among the young is a serious issue in British politics.

The Problem of Turnout

In the 2016 Referendum, despite a significant majority of the younger generation voting to remain in the European Union, a ‘hard Brexit’ is now looming. This means that on June 8th, your vote is going to be vital.

The announcement of the election was a shock to most. Despite a history of fighting for the right to vote in this country, turnout has in recent decades fallen to concerningly low levels; this needs to change. Voting is crucial. Exercising your democratic right is of vital importance not only in order to make a difference right now, but also in deciding the future of this country.

Despite a significant majority of the younger generation voting to remain in the European Union, a ‘hard Brexit’ is now looming.

It is clear when speaking to people that some think that their vote will only ‘count’ if they vote either for Labour or the Conservative Party. However, this is not true. You have more than just two distinctly opposing parties to choose from.

A Third Option

As Liberal Democrats, we believe in an ‘open, tolerant and united Britain’. To be a Liberal Democrat is to promote freedom and equality. To be a Liberal Democrat is also to proudly position oneself in the centre of the political spectrum, enabling for a fair and balanced view in time of great polarisation. We welcome those of all ages, genders, races, professions, sexual orientations and more, and we aim to inspire people to pursue their political aspirations.

On June 8th, we want to change Britain’s opposition. Usually a party sets out a vision in the hope that they will be elected into government, however 2017 is different. It is clear that this is a General Election which the Conservatives are on course to win as Theresa May has called the election in order to put the Tories in a position where they can govern unchecked.

As Liberal Democrats, we believe in an ‘open, tolerant and united Britain’

The current absence of a coherent opposition party in Britain is a major problem. Governments without a strong opposition are likely to be complacent and make decisions which negatively affect significant chunks of population.

Passionate About Politics

When you vote, you should vote for something that you believe in or are passionate about. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to tell you why you should think about, maybe taking a different path, and voting Liberal Democrat in just three weeks’ time. Firstly, If you voted to ‘remain’ in the European Union then the only Party for you is the Liberal Democrats. No other British political party is as strongly united and in favour of having the final say on Brexit and in staying in the Single Market.

Secondly, if you are a strong supporter of tackling mental health issues then the Lib Dems are your party. The Liberal Democrats want to ensure that mental health is seen as equal to physical health, and that no one has to wait longer for mental health care than other forms of healthcare.

On June 8th, we want to change Britain’s opposition.

Thirdly, if you believe in the importance of human rights, then the Lib Dems are unequivocal in this regard. The Lib Dems want to keep the UK within the European Convention on Human Rights, and also ensure that refugee children are welcomed to Britain.

Lastly, if you support giving power back to the people, then your Party is the Liberal Democrats. In order to create a fairer system and for everyone to feel that their vote ‘counts’, a system of Proportional Representation needs to be put into place to ensure that Parliament represents the views of the people.

‘Changing Britain’s Future`

We are therefore asking for your vote in order for us to be the party that holds Theresa May and the Conservative government to account. If you feel uncertain about the way our country is going; if you want a strong voice to stand up for your local area; or if you are worried about the extreme and divisive Brexit that that Theresa May has chosen for Britain, then choose a party who will fight a good, decent fight.

You now have three weeks to decide who you would like to vote for. If you want hard-work, passion, drive, and a determination to improve Britain as a nation, then the Liberal Democrats are the party for you.


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