UKIP’s Growing Obstacle

Nigel Farage (Photo: Chatham House)

Not the Conservatives, not Labour, not the Liberal Democrats; but Al Murray, under the guise of his satirically xenophobic ‘Pub Landlord’ character, poses the greatest challenge to UKIP and Nigel Farage in the coming months.

Murray’s ‘Pub Landlord’ character has cemented his position as one of the top comedians in the country, as recognised by The Observer in 2003 as one of the top 50 funniest British comedy acts. He has recently announced his intentions to run for MP of the constituency Thanet South as leader of the newly formed FUKP (Free United Kingdom Party), coincidentally running against UKIP’s own leader, Nigel Farage. I use the term ‘coincidentally’ facetiously here; there is nothing coincidental about why Murray is running in direct opposition with Farage. Al Murray is, despite his act, a highly intelligent, Oxford educated man, who appears to have put together one of the more elaborate smear campaigns in recent memory.

Murray is nullifying UKIP’s political agenda to nothing more than a comedic stunt

The ‘Pub Landlord’ character that he has created has overt, direct connotations with the wider public perception of what the stereotypical UKIP supporter is: a white, brash, blue collar Brit, and proud to be as such. Whilst this evidently is not representative of the entirety of UKIP’s popular support, Murray’s character definitely flaunts the publically perceived irrationalities of the UK Independence Party and its support, which is exactly the purpose of the campaign. Murray is nullifying UKIP’s political agenda to nothing more than a comedic stunt, undermining not only Mr Farage’s MP candidacy but also UKIP’s claim to be a serious party, a semblance they so dearly crave.

This subversion of Farage’s party begins with the ‘Pub Landlord’ striving to link the FUKP to UKIP in parodical fashion. For example, FUKP’s symbol is simply UKIP’s pound emblem flipped upside down to resemble an F, and coupled with this, one could infer that a phonetic pronunciation of FUKP is somewhat expletive towards UKIP (F UKIP). With a clear connection in place, Murray’s ridiculous and hilarious policies such as “1p pints and 1p glasses of wine (for the ladies)” or lowering immigration by making Britain a more miserable place and further “bricking up the channel tunnel” by “getting some Poles to do it” all reflect poorly on Farage’s party simply by the power of association; The Telegraph website has exemplified this with a quiz titled: ‘Who said it: Nigel Farage or Al Murray?’ The quiz provides unnamed quotes and asks the reader to guess whether Farage or Murray said it, demonstrating clear public opinion that both the parody party and the actual party have similarities, enough to cause confusion amongst readers. Obviously, this accentuates UKIP and Farage’s undermining due to Murray’s satirical campaign.

For ghosts of the past to be dragged back into the forefront of people’s minds by the ‘Pub Landlord’ will only be of detriment to their political campaign

In doing this quiz, the Telegraph recirculated some of the more calamitous quotes that Farage has expressed, presenting another issue that FUKP presents to UKIP. Such ridicule, specifically on immigration, further condemns UKIP by drawing our minds back to their many political follies, ranging from the racist jokes from comedian Paul Eastwood performed at their spring conference, to candidate William Henwood tweeting that Lenny Henry should “emigrate to a black country”. Looking at Farage himself, Murray’s comments casts our minds back to the “you know the difference” quote on LBC radio regarding the difference between Romanians and Germans as neighbours, along with his comments about working mothers being worth less than their male counterparts, or perhaps that his lateness to a UKIP fundraiser was due to poor immigration control on the M4. UKIP’s ability to overcome these drawbacks, perhaps even taking them in their stride, is admirable, yet for ghosts of the past to be dragged back into the forefront of people’s minds by the ‘Pub Landlord’ will only be of detriment to their political campaign.

Such detriment is already visible. Farage’s campaign is now being afforded increased scrutiny thanks to Murray and FUKP, a recent example being a photo Farage claims was of himself in dialogue with in excess of 500 Thanet South residents. Yet reports, including images taken at the event, seem to show around only 100 people present. Murray is driving UKIP back towards the image they have desperately tried to separate themselves from; a fringe party which is only in the news for outlandish claims and cheap political stunts.

An unnecessary headache for UKIP

Whilst Murray is not going to win the constituency, his campaign is gaining traction Bookmakers Betfair and Paddy Power have him as 66/1 and 50/1 on to win the seat respectively, whilst Ladbrokes believe he is odds on to outpoll the Liberal Democrats. Nevertheless, the comedian represents an unnecessary headache for UKIP. There is growing support for what is increasingly appearing to be a smear campaign, making Al Murray and FUKP an ever-growing stumbling block for UKIP, who are still trying to breach the ‘Pub Landlord’ stereotype associated with its supporters. However, this battle doesn’t seem destined to end any time soon. Comedy is a vehicle that the masses can bandwagon onto, and it’s a vehicle which is really picking up speed.


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    • Ik vond het ook een gezellige kerstmarkt,ik vind dat we wel waardering mogen hebben voor de jongeren die dit voor het dorp organiseren,ga zo door jongens want op deze manier zetten jullie Bakkeveen weer op de kaart.

    • Weight loss is a long time goal and lifestyle changing commitment.Emotion, desire and needs are important forces for change: we need to feel that we really want to make changes in our life. Mastering something new in life provides a lot of energy and feels good even if you feel a little insecure a long the way.

    • I tried the honey too for a week. Second week I had an eruption of blemishes like before I went on antibiotics and Differin.Maybe the honey is to blame? I stopped using it, and everything is going back to normal.

    • I think you should just glue holy all over the tree… That way, wherever the cat tries to grab onto, it will hurt. That’s got to be a good deterrant.And don’t forget, holy still keeps up the whole shristmas theme. does the cat get stuck when it climbs up?

    • I read the NYT article and was really appalled. I would love to attend a boot camp or blogging conference hosted by you and heather. I would love to meet my friends in real life, to learn how to better my blog to reach other moms. I think that the social aspect is a given, we're women and that's what we do. I think it was awful and I'm so sorry that she was so awful to you. I think the the boot camp looked amazing!

    • at the last meeting a gentleman spoke about how he had cancer and was given a termination date, but after drinking this fruit juice his cancer went away and now he is cancer free. So I’m just throwing this question out there please share your thoughts with us. Thank you Grandmamu

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    • Por favor quisiera me informaran a que edad o mess se puede empesar a entrenar un perrito buldog, pues son muy activos y muerden todo y a las personas. No hay forma de entretenerlo aunque se le tienen muchos jugutes siempre se pasa pordiendo a todo el que encuentra en su camino, tiene 2 meses. Gracias y espero su consejo

    • Rawr! You look wicked hawt, lady.LOVE those sandals. We've no Peacocks near us, sadly, or I'd be straight round to snap 'em up. The cuff is great too.What lipstick are you wearing?

    • You can find a VW below during the Venice Florida area that reveals up for the Friday evening cruises after in awhile. It truly is been re-bodied having a boat body (looks like a boat with wheels). He calls it a Boatswagon. Did a real awesome work on it!

    • Can’t wait ,I will be on this as much as I can .I’m learning from everybody here ,the site is very bloggers friendly and it’s fun to be here .Thank you John .Thank you everybodyN.B I’m dropping disqus and going back to commentLuv too …

    • Los ocho segundos más largos de toda la historia de telecinco.Nunca se habían visto los pasillos de la cadena tan poco transitados. Ojalá que pronto se acabe la revuelta.

    • Grymt!! Man blir taggad som fan när man kollar pÃ¥ denna film! Är det i innerstan dom hÃ¥ller till eller? Med tanke pÃ¥ hur mÃ¥nga och duktiga -85kgs killar det finns där är det nog bara en tidsfrÃ¥ga innan jag rör mig dit xD

    • نه دیگه در صورت بازی با این روش روش تکنو شما قابل بازی نیست برای این کار میتونید یک کپی از بازی گرفته و این روش رو در یک پوشه دیگه انجام بدید

    • Republicans make up about one third of the voting age population. In Iowa, Romney won about 25 percent of the fraction of the GOP third that took part in caucuses. In N.H., he got 38 percent of that fraction.Gee, I'm impressed. Not.

    • 25 julio, 2007AnónimoQuizás te está bloqueando algún firewall. Puede ser?Nada más ejecutarse ANT, intenta comprobar la última versión conectándose a la web y descargando un pequeño fichero de texto.Luego intenta descargarse las cabeceras de las noticias vía RSS.Al parecer esa conexión a tí te está fallando.Sólo se me ocurre que pueda ser un firewall o algún tipo de filtro que te esté aplicando alguna herramienta.De hecho no es algo que le ocurra a todo el mundo, como ves la gente utiliza ANT bastante bien.Un saludo.  

    • I’ve been intrigued by Jonathan Snook’s SMACSS since hearing about it a little while ago; for my last project I thought I’d try Zurb’s Foundation framework and while I like the speed with which you can prototype, it left me unsatisfied with the way I had to work – namely, feeling “locked” into someone else’s code and decisions.Cheers.

    • I love fresh eggs. So much better than store bought!Robin recently posted.. .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Robin recently posted.. .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ]

    • Awe …nostalgic isn’t it? I am learning to love this fruit. Just to pick your own fresh guavas is a true delight for me. I have also stewed them as a dessert. Delicious.

    • Oh hey! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got detailed 6 pack abs and lost a lot of weight with it.

    • This could be a pre-emptive move by the PC's. They may fear that Danielle is a juggernaut with the potential to wipe them out. Perhaps these defectors will act as PC operatives to essentially infiltrate the WRAP. The PC's are politically astute if anything. Would you put it past them?

    • feature content on the front page of youtube again. Feature partners and NONpartners alike. If you think about it, featuring nonpartners can help you in the long run because the attention they recieve will most likely bump them up to partner status which will promote feelings of goodwill towards youtube instead of the negative feelings I've been hearing and seeing a lot lately.

    • March 13th 2012 – 6:22pmMy favorite pieces of jewelry tend to change with my mood. My constant favorite is, of course, my wedding ring! I like when I haven’t seen a piece that I made in awhile, and I take it out and enjoy it all over again.

    • Tim,You’re a socialist then. I am surprised. If you can’t just let markets do their own thing, who is to decide what is best? This is exactly how we got to be in this mess. The strict enforcement of private property rights limits the concentration of power in governments because allows people to opt out of solutions that do not work. Mises concluded, and I wholly agree, in the end you are either for free markets or for governments. There is no other choice.

    • I’ve made the fritters several times but reworked thwm a bit (coriander instead of parsley, added a few more spices eg turmeric) and they are delicious. Today I made Golden Jubilee Chicken….an absolutely DIVINE salad, I highly recommend it

    • Nobody I know in Israel could be bothered reading Alice Walker's book in Hebrew.I wouldn't even read it in English, knowing what I know about her hatred.When is Louis Farraklown's new book coming out? Can't wait!

    • Bo ja chciaÅ‚em wczeÅ›niej napisać, że ten przy stole co paczyÅ‚ to byÅ‚ spoko, dobrze odegrany, ale ten od mÅ‚ota już mi siÄ™ nie podobaÅ‚. Skoro to ten sam to uważam, że postać nieźle wprowadzona, ale potem spÅ‚ycona do obecnego poziomu WisÅ‚y w Warszawie.

    • Sandblastern fÃ¥r ALL slipning att bli kul. Eller hur? har testat den förrut synd att den är lite dyr, tur att man kan lÃ¥na den vi har pÃ¥ jobbet..

    • Bueno, bueno, me encanta como ha quedado la combinación de verdes. No falta ni un detalle. Lo del zumo de manzana me parece un toque exquisito. Todo con un gusto y con toque elegantísimo… Gracias por compartir.

    • Hola,NO AL ABANDONO,asi es,tengo 2 perras una boxer de 10 años y una schnauzer de 2 años,que por cierto está en celo….y se las quiere mucho,son sus bebes de mi hija….y estan al dia de vacunas y baños y desparacitadas,voy a mandarte una foto cuando pueda….besos.

    • avec un pseudo pareil, on penserait que tu regardes autre chose que le journal de TF1 sur les emeutes en banlieue. Quant aux notions de demographie, si elles refletent ton niveau en math, t’as du avoir du mal a depasser le CM1. Mais bon, il est connu que les racistes ont des problemes de connexions nerveuses, et qu’en fait ce sont des malades envers qui il faut compatir. Dans ton cas on a du mal mais on fera un effort pour te considerer quand meme comme un etre humain.

    • Zum Glück fiel mir das Stadtteilmagazin “Stadtgespräch” in die Hände. Darin stellen sich CDU, FDP, Grüne und Piraten ausführlich vor. Das heißt nicht, dass ich hier klare Konzepte und Argumente finde. (Eine genaue Analyse in den nächsten Artikeln. Den Anfang macht die CDU “Das bisschen Haushalt”.)

    • Nämä ns. uhkaukset ja pelottelu liittyivät taikauskoiseen huuhaaseen. Kyseiset naiset uskoivat ko. miehellä olevan jotain mystisiä yliluonnollisia kykyjä. Naiset eivät kuitenkaan olleet holhouksenalaisia tämän taikauskoisuutensa vuoksi. Suomessa on paljon naisia, jotka uskovat esim. horoskooppeihin; jos kaikki näiden naisten kanssa seksiä harrastaneet miehet tuomittaisiin vajaaälyisten naisten hyväksikäytöstä, mitkään vankilat eivät riittäisi.

    • to bad now i have no reason to turn on my car radio…..i guess thom was too intelligent for all the unintelligent in south florida time to move to the islands since they have all moved here……..

    • everyone! I’m bordering on cranky, ready for this heat wave to end and never come back. No frizz-fighting, oil-sopping product in my beauty closet is cutting it so I’m doing the only thing any

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    • im totally stuck between the instagram and real camera blogging..its so tough to choose. anyways, hope you get a new camera soon/able to borrow! 🙂

    • Alldeles riktigt. Är sÃ¥ jävla trött pÃ¥ människor som sitter och säger att “vackra människor” inte “fÃ¥r” känna sig fula. Som du säger sÃ¥ handlar det om sin egna syn pÃ¥ sig själv och det kan ingen ändra pÃ¥ förutom en själv!

    • Have you given any thought at all with converting your current web page into Chinese? I know a couple of translaters here that might help you do it for free if you want to make contact with me.

    • > what the sanctions against Iran has doneNot true. The sanctions have no effect on getting spares to a Tupolev.The Iranians claim that their abysmal safety record is because of western trade sanctions, but they are not doing ANY BETTER with Russian planes, to which no sanctions apply.Tu-154 is the old workhorse of Aeroflot, outdated but rugged and reliable aircraft. The blood is on the hands of the incompetents who fly and who service this aircraft. D’Amato has nothing to do with it.

    • Biblia mówi o bogaczu który wiele planował, nie wiedząc że na drugi dzień umrze. Warto ci tak ryzykować tym, że śmierć uprzedzi twój podstęp i zaskoczony odziedziczysz ogień? Poza tym grzeszyć z myślą że Bóg na pewno wybaczy, to zakrawa na grzech przeciw Duchowi Świętemu – a czy taki jest wybaczalny to doczytaj w Biblii i zapytaj zastępców Jezusa na ziemi

    • silent hill es genial y espero con ancias la segunda para , eso si, he leeido que el director y guinista no participaran de la segunda pelicula, que habra de cierto en eso, ojala nada porque deseo que la segunda parte se realice si o si

    • Wow,thats really lovely priti…are they fresh we get ot very rarely..Conrats on your award and Thank u so much for passing it to me dear

    • आदिती,वैय्यकतीक पातळीवर सुशिक्षित समाज जागरुक होऊ शकतो. पण एखादा नवरा आपल्या बायकोची किडनी विकायला निघाला तर? ती बातमी वाचूनच मी थोडा अस्वस्थ झालो होतो. अशाही घटना आपल्या समाजामधे घडतात, आणि आपल्याला त्याबद्दल तर काहीच माहिती पण नसते.

    • stgothic: WMG owns a lot of other labels… so there won't be much titles left to use in our videos… and UMG is on that train now too! I had to remove a song from 1970 because of this copyright issue!

    • I came across a song about how you need to love yourself before others can love you. I don’t know who it’s by. It might be Sleeping With Sirens or The Used or Asking Alexandria…I’m not sure, but it goes along with that genre of music.

    • I still like the Amos Oz formula.Pipes' views are consistent with it, AND inconsistent.Its up to intelligent and thoughtful men to determine whether its "a time for peace or a time for war".Its Giuliani we should be worrying about.

    • Great giveaway! I would love to have one of these to put up in my new apartment :]sponsor #1 is City Birds Nest.sponsor #2 is CaitlinMichelle.sponsor #3 is About a Girl.sponsor #4 is We are LARGE, People.sponsor #5 is Yadira's Crafty Adventures.sponsor #6 is Sewn Branches.sponsor #7 is Campfire

    • Triplaxxx, *További adatok: “Az sms díja nem egyezik meg az sms árával.” – ezzel a tulajdonos azt ismerte el, hogy nem valós az oldalán feltüntetett adat. Ezek után a kép megcsinálása nélkül bezárja az oldalt az ember, aki meg nem olvassa el, csak az sms-t küldi, az magára vessen! Idáig olyan oldalt még nem láttam, ahol apróbetűs részben elismerik, hogy becsapják az embert, ez az elsÅ‘. Egy viszont van, amit jogosan elismernek és a valóságnak megfelelÅ‘: “EZT AZ OLDALT NEM TÖRLIK LE! “.

    • Я как любитель фильмов пятидесятых годов, типа «North By Northwest» (рус. «К северу через северо-запад») уже жду не дождусь услышать результат 🙂 Сэмплы в этот раз просто обязывают сделать хит.

    • Great Jessica! I hope it continues. You are welcome for the support. I know what a huge difference a calm and relaxing bed time made for us… I want everyone to enjoy that type of peace!

    • My favourite way to wear leopard print is with a pair of shoes, but your maxi dress is nice. I really enjoy your outfit posts while pregnant as I'm expecting as well and it's nice to see someone who does looks that are different from the usual maternity magazines.All the best for the little one's arrival.Roanna

    • Reblogged this on and commented: Kathputli art seems to be moving towards becoming a mere page in the history books. Wandering Taste Buds was lucky to meet the Kathputli and their master. What do you think we can do to keep this art form alive ? Leave a comment on the post and let us know your views.

    • Was für ein Spaß! Endlich mal ein Film mit weniger bekannten Gesichtern – ein gelungener Schachzug. Somit wird die Story noch etwas mitfühlender und “zu Herzen gehender”. Klasse!

    • Just looking at those beautiful pictures of the sexy Elke Sommer made my day. I’ve never seen that movie, but I’ll have to. I always thought she was so great in spy movies.

    • As Henson was trawling through a primary school looking for subjects to photograph, surely the principal should have sought parental approval as a matter of courtesy at least, before giving him a guided tour. After all, this wasn’t an invited guest addressing the students at assembly.And as parental approval has to be given for children to participate in any number of activities, including class photos, IMO the principal was in error in not obtaining it.

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    • Oh Kim! Ann did a phenomenal job on that bolster. I absolutely LOVE it. The monogramming adds the perfect finishing touch! (at least we know you are giving us your REAL name now-as per your initials!;>) Have a great Monday- xo Diana

    • Thanks for stopping by and thank you for all of your hard work to support me and other teachers in the classroom, my school has a very active parent-teacher organization and I feel incredibly supported and appreciated by them, life would terribly bleak without their support! Thanks! I too, I stopped by Susie’s place today and a few weeks ago, I read her post about her dad and advertising. have a great day and keep making your days count!

    • · crock pot? comfort food? dinner ready when i get home from work? -14 degrees? ridiculous metra commutes?yes, this post definitely is for me. thank you. btw, i wasn’t on the train with the secret service agent (whew! what a mess!) and i (somehow) managed to squeeze into one of the few trains leaving the night of the horrible amtrak derailment (did you hear about that one? yikes.). i’ve been lucky. which scares me. chicagoans should get a medal for surviving these winters. or at least a pizza party.

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    • “Una demostración de como Linux no es complicado. En buenas manos, Linux es igual de sencillo que otro sistema operativo.”Recuerdo que antes sólo probaba distros de Linux en vacaciones o algun fin de semana, porque siempre fallaba algo y terminaba “perdiendo” al menos un par de horas siguiendo tutoriales para repararlo (casi siempre se trataba de incompatibilidad de drivers o algo por el estilo). Es bueno saber que las cosas han cambiado y se mueven en la dirección correcta.

    • Je préfère nettement respecter la chevelure de mes enfants que de me servir d’insecticides et autres poisons. Je n’utilise plus de « traitement conventionnel conseillé ». Si l’après-shampooing fonctionne, pas besoin de recourir à d’autres traitements nuisibles.

    • Tack Malin!!:) Det hade vart helt fantastiskt om jag fick möjlighet att bli det. I framtiden nÃ¥gon gÃ¥ng när nÃ¥gon författare är redo sÃ¥!

    • Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

    • about math applies to science, and vice-versa.MOST OF ALL. Science and Math both deal so heavily with imagination…CREATIVE THINKING, and it just wants to make me shout thinking about the stereotypes given to math and science.Final point: Wanna know why so many mathematicians and scientists become philosophers? Take a guess for yourself.This was organized really poorly, please forgive that and try and understand its full meaning.

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    • Trump was engaging in an “ugly strain of racism.”I haven’t got the IQ to put up a link, but Huff Post has video (imagine that!).Eyes on the prize, people. Eyes on the prize.

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    • Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

    • , "Coptic in the fourth century" illuminates the piece a lot. The earliest and most reliable manuscripts would have been written in Greek in the first century. It would be like having a book turn up that was written around 1920 that claims that William Bradford had extra fingers. It doesn't matter to the story of the Pilgrims and the first mention of it being 300 years after the actual event makes it dubious. Paul

    • this fact is as fact as facts get. it’s accounts held at US subsidiaries of these brokers. The data is from Q4 2010 after the accounts were repatriated back.if self-traded and often trading accounts aren’t good enough for your estimates than who is a forex trader for you?

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    • “i admire you for wearing a pats jeresy in the middle of eagle country.”If it had been a jersey from a real team — read that Giants — they would never have been able to identify the body without dental records.

    • things like governmemnt employees losing their jobs should appreciate being put into the "real" world. Classless and clueless is not what people vote for. BTW Romney admitted to having an open mind about climate change and that is a deal breaker with these flat earth die hard conservatives. He might as well have said he believes in evolution.

    • / Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    • Yes Stephanie. Our real littles still get afternoon and/or morning naps that take care of that extra sleep requirement. As always, thank all of you for taking the time to comment! Comments=Love Blessings,Kimberly[]

    • Thanks for the information I learned some things that I didn’t already know about fats! Q? I wonder how it would work for margarine made with 100% Canola/sunflower oil, good or bad? I tend to look for the ones made with 100% oils as to 60% as I think it’s healthier but IDK for certain if it is

    • fbWacalaykum assalaam waraxmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,Ilaah ayaa mahadda leh oo na siiyay aqoonta aan walaalheenna wax ugu faa’iidayno. Mahadsanid walaal. Qayr iyo caafimaad ayaan kuu rajeynaynaa.f7

    • to the boy, That may make things a lot more convenient, but it doesnt seem as real, like its written by real people anymore. You cant appreciate opening up each hand-copied scroll, knowing that a human being wrote it. It seems less human. Those book things may be nice for quick referencing, but it cant replace the actual scrolls.Is that too far a stretch? Lol

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Eolake. It’s now 11:24 am and I’ve added a few tweaks to the post which elaborate and clarify a bit further. Being only 2 days in is really a bit limited. Give me another two weeks. But I know those who are trying decide now need whatever information is available.

    • We will be glad to have you as a new member. Hope to see you at the November meeting: November 15, 2012 atCanyon Creek Baptist Church Cafe’ 6:30 pm. See you there.Karen Johnson

    • Kia ora Bob, Fantastic! Tara will love this one as she is pretty anti- fat cat at the moment. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year Bob. Having dinner tonite with Pohangina Pete which will no doubt be interesting. We will raise a glass to you my friend!Cheers Bob,Robb

    • Good day! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the draw. These look interesting. Black is, well, Black. Something about the rubber and packaging is forever ingrained on my brain. Red is piment Brulant for its spicy herbal ness. Green is Chanel #19 or infusion d'iris.

    • Onset Puberty- Children given soy formula as infants may experience early puberty as compared to their non-soy-guzzling peers.  Early puberty is a problem because it exposes the

    • ChciaÅ‚am napisać:Niech każdy robi wedÅ‚ug wÅ‚asnego sumienia, każda psychika jest inna i nikt wam nie powie, że to iż kupujecie Å»yda jest dla was dobre czy zÅ‚e. Pozdrawiam.I jeszcze raz pozdrawiam

    • L’explication à ça est bien simple. En personne, on aborde les personnes qui nous attirent (ou qui nous intéressent quand on a la chance de les connaître depuis suffisamment longtemps) Sur un site de rencontre, on approche à peu près tout le monde qui a l’air UN PEU intéressant selon la mini-description et/ou photo floue et pas vraiment démonstrative de la personne. Quel serait le résultat si vous approchiez dans la rue à peu près n’importe qui qui a une paire de chaussures ou un rire que vous trouvez correct?

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    • Ive taken holidays in all the countries you asked about and found if you are pleasant / sociable it is returned to you and have had a lot of brilliant times and met a lot of very nice people in all of those places

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    • “Presidenta” já existe há anos nos dicionários! A lei vem já tarde demais. Imagina você ser mulher e ter um diploma de “Engenheiro”. Ridículo, né? E vêm falar que quem vota no PT que é burro…

    • One day I would love to write a guide to Mamas with pictures and examples to share with them how to capture every day stuff and make it frame worthy You write beautifully and people can benefit so much from this! (I did.) What a nice thing to share. Thank you!

    • for the Africans above.Also, I assume you are familiar with the work of Cochran and Harpending on Ashkenazi intelligence. In a society ruled by a cognitive elite, this is a factor that can give you very significant false positives. Freud and Marx are excellent examples. Neither – especially not the former – would be at all out of place if their background was Christian. Freud was Jewish, Jung was not. Marx was Jewish, Lassalle was not. The difference simply does not leap out at me.Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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    • Steve, you made me cry! I have held back all day until I read this. We want the quick fix and sometimes God doesn’t see it that way. Great word!

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    • she has one of the strongest voices in music. a lot better than most mainstream shit today in America. and we know thats a cliche comment but its true.

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    • 12:28 am, June 25, 2012|i DO want to see this but this is a DVD watching to me. PROMETHEUS while not perfect (i went for me 2nd viewing today) was definitely worth seeing the theaters. i’ve just accepted that Hollywood is going to make %90 shitty horror movies/”prequels”/remakes and that like it’s been for the last 6(?)-ish years or so foreign horror movies are where it’s at. fuck Hollywood. if they are automatically thinking that this movie failed for being too original/risky, fuck them. i’m tired of worrying about our genre (my really only favorite genre) with these assholes.

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    • como he dicho en la casa del libro, es un libro optimista y muy agradable de leer, que cuenta como renacer de nuevo después de haberlo perdido todo… hay capítulos que te hacen sonreír y otros muy emotivos, logrando que su lectura resulte muy amena. Os lo RECOMIENDO!!!!

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    • What can one regular person do to make an impact in the crisis if severe hunger or famine? I know world vision can do bigger things as an organization; what is the most effective way for someone like me to help?

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    • , I do congratulate you Matt, for thinking outside of the box in your counter efforts to end-run subsumed libtard icons like Reed. It is refreshing to see people like you engaged in innovative ‘mind war’.

    • Occupy monsanto, take em down. Hit em where it hurts there wallet and there ego. It’s sick whats happening with the food supply, no wonder diseases are running rampant in america.

    • Hmmm . . . yes, a good question, and definitely interesting as there a certainly many classic evil organisations throughout fiction; mine, however, has to be the Hunters, headed by Jack, from Lord of the Flies, as it truly defines the oligarchical assent that can take place when malice and desperation rule, which, as is often the case, the reasons why an evil organisation becomes evil in the first place.

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    • MW-Just reread your posts.I see. Your point is that they should just be referred to as comps only. Since they sold, they are where the market is at right now… agreed. I think the Killer part is evidenced by the one that is at 2004 prices, it has killed the comparison for those who bought after that…..and who have pie in the sky appreciation assumptionsI get the point, really semantics and what period you are referencing. If you bought 30 years ago it isn’t kiling you.It also looks like 2000 pricing Is certainly attainable in the not too distant future from that small sample

    • I hate Shaq (loved the 3 Laker titles, but can’t stand his attitude and his post-Laker actions), but if Shaq’s peak had been extended, he would have been the Greatest Center Of All Time, period.As is, I rate him behind only Wilt and Jabbar. And the fact is, Jabbar belongs in the GOAT discussion far more often than he is mentioned.


    • I am dueling again. I received a long email from Pottermore to the extent of it will take days to sort through emails from those whose points were deducted. I have currently received none of my points back and have only earned new ones. Though I have hope I will see those deducted points again.

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    • Holy smokes, Fred – you can go a long, long way, and not find a more encouraging, and wonderfully written letter than what Shieldmaiden has been kind enough to post here. You have put love into the world where it didn’t exist before – what a blessing! God bless the storytellers, and those who love them.

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    • what you can do with unlawful enemy combatants, i.e., try them before a military tribunal and not hear their habeas petitions, it limits those things to “alien enemy combatants.” Read it.Since the definition is adopted “for purposes of this chapter”, it doesn’t apply to anything else.

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    • Hey I always liked this site, and I liked you’re interview with emmy last year. These are great pictures, do you have anymore? I love emmy soo much and its so nice when I meet others who feel the sameThank youShell

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    • Anonymous–I agree 100-percent with what you wrote about the Republican party, Tea Party and birthers. I'm not at all crazy about the Tea Party for all of the reasons you stated.

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    • Voltaire,Read up on the Free Muslim groups. They’re already answering your call, but they get virtually no publicity because of the lock that CAIR has on the MSM.The leaders of one such organization of Muslim dissidents have joined forces with the 910 Group. That’s one of my primary motives for writing about this — the “I hate all Muslims” meme is doing these folks a grave disservice.

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    • I have to say, I love this post, but I never even saw it until today. I come here on my phone, and every time I pulled up the page the dad-miration giveaway was at the top and I (wrongly) assumed that there weren’t any new posts. So then I would click to a different page and go on my merry way. Maybe others had the same problem??? I’m glad I actually scrolled down because now I have several posts to read…yay!

    • No quise que te molestases conmigo, amiga Mariale…es que en cierto sentido me cuesta entender cómo es que alguien tan notable como tú no tiene pareja (aunque asumo que es más bien por opción voluntaria).Saludos cordiales y espero aceptes mis disculpas.

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    • No More Taxes. Period. If Obama holds out for taxes on the wealthy then I say let all of the Bush tax cuts and the payroll tax cuts expire. Call his bluff although he may not care to raise taxes. Go ahead with the debt ceiling, since it is mostly symbolic. And let the Dems drive us off the fiscal cliff.

    • In fact it looks like a total DK ripoff with beefed up graphics which, for the players, is good as both DKs were excellent but I’m surprised Lionhead (or whoever owns the rights to the DK franchise at the moment) don’t object.Hehe, I think it’s the first thing (game or otherwise) I have preordered, ever 🙂 We’ll see if it’s any good on Feb 5th :)Cheers for mentioning that!!VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

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    • and 2KJ, What a great post.I think it’s fantastic to learn other languages. When I was in high school I learnt French for a year, Japanese for 2.5 years and then while in America I learnt Spanish for a year. My favourite language to learn was Spanish.Best wishes,Melane (Jarr☀d’s Mum)

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    • I was actually an introvert before. I feel the pressure from the society and people around me, telling me to talk to be more social. But I figure out that the main reason why I was an introvert is because I was actually abused by my parents when I was young. So there is always a reason why people are acting as they are.Mark Sanders recently posted..

    • Part 2We have only heard that the Americans and Israelis will attack. Most of Iranian is great people they are gentle and have a more than a thousand year civilisation. This is 2012 any attack to Iran will have a 48 hour retaliation reaction. That was donkeys years ago alexander the great attacked Iran. No thanks its 2012 we are fucking strong and we can be nasty as America if we want to.

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    • OMG! I love Gretchen Rubin! The Happiness Project was a life-changer for me. She continues to inspire me thru her newsletter, Facebook page and book club. I am so happy for you to have discovered this book and this group of women. Can’t wait to hear more! Btw, I am so happy you are blogging again. I’m always excited when I see a new post from one of my favorite friends! Love your voice m’dear! xoxo

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    • D’Alema dice che “Si può fare” è uno slogan moscio e sarebbe stato meglio puntare sulla traduzione letterale del “Yes we can” di Obama, ossia “Sì possiamo”. Ma per favore D’Alema!!! Si può fare, anzi Se po’ fa’, è perfetto in questo momento drammatico del nostro Paese!

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    • Additional note: The forth paragraph of stanzas (second line) should read “They harvested the crops”….Sorry, forgot to correct that before posting….OPPs LOL

    • Sluta berätta om era egna misslyckade försök att vända alkoholister som inte vill ha hjälp! Det är väl knappast uppmuntrande för FS. Vännen är kanske inte alkoholist än, utan kanske bara behöver ett ögonöppnande för att slippa bli alkoholist. Vännen kanske VILL ha hjälp. Det finns faktiskt de som har lyckats hjälpa folk som dricker för mycket ocksÃ¥, sÃ¥ försök vara lite mer uppmuntrande istället. Självklart ska FS prata med sin vän i nyktert tillstÃ¥nd.

    • Frauen sind ja auch allgemein neugieriger als Männer und in Facebook lassen ja echt manche Menschen die Welt an ihrem Leben teilhaben. Ich finde vorallem in Sachen Kinderschutz muss man Facebook aber auch sehr kritisch betrachten.

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    • Jeg elsker simpelthen dine videoer altid med en lettere forvirret amalie haha kun ment godt det er ret sÃ¥ sødt

    • Could you tell me the number for ? He’s moaning and panting way too much and she not enough. I don’t watch porn to listen to some D-list male porn star moan and groan.

    • Love this card. You do such wonderful work. Wish you were coming to Louisiana (North that is) again. I loved your class up in Monroe.Thanks for the recipes. Hope you have a great day.Jane

    • The position of the crosshair will help you be more accurate (obviously) but doesn’t necessarily increase velocity or power for that matter. The blocks you plan to use the force on, are on the other hand the main factor. Their size and weight play a big role. So placing the bird in the perfect location and the timing of the Force are key. You want to be able to surround as many blocks with the Force between the bird and your intended target. As long as the blocks are not too heavy.

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    • I don’t know if I am more excited to watch old man biden get schooled this week or the Gmen coming to lose either way good times.White horse prophecy 2012!

    • Sinceramente, não entendi o motivo real. Tem time por aí, muito mais preocupado com esse assunto do que com o próprio planejamento do time para a temporada de 2011.

    • DM I don’t want to take credit from Norm giving you the information, but I mention this a couple weeks ago when I heard it on the news. I couldn’t find any info on it. Glad Norm did. I will have to say that Norm has my vote already. This is just the cake with it now.

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    • I love the look of stacked bracelets! I am myself more of a necklace person, I don't know what to do with all of that stuff on my wrists. But YOU my friend could ROCK this look! I would love to see some stacked bracelets on you with that pretty green high-low skirt!

    • “Do you believe that your deliverance from the belly of the beast has given you a better insight into the assault upon Christendom than you would have had if you had been at Home all along?”Who knows? Aslan never tells the story that might have happened. Only science fiction writers do that.

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    • me gusto mucho la historia, es seca fria y sencilla, los argumentos son muy buenos y hasta se puede volver un cortometraje la verdad que fue simplemnete perfecta, es maravilloso, como algo tan rutinario, y trivial como un desamor se desarrollo dentro de un trama fatidico y sereno, a mi me encanto mucho, la verdad es mas por el final tu sabes ya estoy harto de los finales vivieron felices por siempre o como romeo y julieta mas bien me gusto lo convencional cuidate y felicidades este es mi correo tienes un don amigo usalo

    • In September 2011, there were 140.503 million Americans working. In September 2010, there were 139.715 million Americans working. That is less than 800,000 jobs added in the year which is less that 70,000 jobs/mo for an entire year. Job growth is not even keeping up with population growth during this "recovery".

    • Si antrenoarea mea de la sala mi-a zis cam acelasi lucru, sa fac niste impachetari, sunt singurele care dau rezultate. Doar ca eu nu ma inteleg cu caldura si mi-e teama ca nu rezist. O sa incerc cu o sedinta sa vad. Untul de shea se obtine din arborele din nucile arborelui shea-karite manual. Nu ai cum sa il faci acasa.

    • je suis d’accord avec Mademoiselle_C, les meilleurs cookies sont chez Ben’s cookies à Londres (il y a un stand à Covent Garden). Mes préférés: le Triple Chocolate et le Chocolat blanc-Cranberry!

    • Great website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get feedback from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

    • I read the rules and such, maybe I missed it, but does anyone know if there any specifications on whether it has to be hand drawn or computer designed? Thanks!

    • Vi har 100.000 tals arbetslösa i landet. Det vore väl rimligt att dessa (mÃ¥nga med invandrarbakgrund) fick en rimlig chans att fÃ¥ ett arbete? Det försvÃ¥ras av att det fylls pÃ¥ bakifrÃ¥n hela tiden. Dina siffror om invandringens storlek är ditt sätt att beskriva det. Det finns fler källor.

    • nikki since u have a crush on brandon i should tell u this after school i saw brandon and makenzie at the park thats not the bad part this is they were kissing!!!!

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    • perchè non formattare in maniera differente il testo (scritte in corsivo o in colore differente etc etc) in quegli "articoli aggiornati dopo la pubblicazione iniziale"?Perché molti articoli vengono reimpaginati, ampliati o riscritti, anche più volte, per cui tenere traccia delle modifiche evidenziandole rischia di causare un Arlecchino visivo molto sgradevole. E poi c'è il dubbio sempiterno: devo evidenziare anche la correzione di un refuso ortografico? E se il refuso cambia il senso? Non finirei più.Di solito, comunque, aggiungo sotto una nota che descrive gli aggiornamenti.

    • Carla B. disse:Lina, observe que minha pergunta a cerca de restaurante foi feita em novembro de 2011.Fui a paris em janeiro desse ano e me hospedei no hotel BedFort. Estou retornando, visito Paris anualmente, em 2013 e gostaria de me hospendar nos arredores de Saint Germain, entendeu agora, rsss?

    • I had no idea that there were so many forms of belly dance. Plse excuse me if I make errors. My interest in this form of dance is purely as a method of enjoyment and keeping fit – I can’t forsee myself performing in public – I’m in my 40′s! Which form of Middle Eastern Dance would you recommend for a beginner?

    • disse:I definitely like your blog but i highly recommend you look at the punctuation on a number of of your articles. Many of them are packed with spelling errors and I believe it is very frustrating to say the least nonetheless I probably will come back again.

    • è finita. No, non è mai finita per una donna. Una donna si rialza sempre![…]”Brava Marzia, sei un esempio. E noi ti vogliamo bene!…e complimenti alla creatività di chi concepisce i temi dei gioielli e la loro realizzazione. Brave!

    • , even in this system, the scientists (statisticians, economists) should be able to write enough code to do the development work and do the proof of concept. The gap between theory and practice once it hits the data can be big.

    • This one is much more dense than the one I was attempting to recreate, but I really like it. I will try another day with a lighter more fluffy take on this one.

    • quando vai sair em DVD-rip ADM ? Responde:Sem previsãoRenan Responde:Provavelmente vai demorar.Thor estreou no cinema em 29/04/2011 (se não me engano)E ainda não saiu em DVD ou Blu Ray, Como Super 8 malentrou nos cinemas, ou você assiste em TS ou CAM, ouespera uns meses ainda.

    • Spotted Sarah and Helga's post in the blogfeed, then saw yours so figured some global airline glamourising going on today…Used to have a lovely little Pan Am purse when I was about 7 – my globetrotting grandma I think – which I thought was uber-glamorous.First flight – Gatwick to Portugal, 79. Plane was so titchy we thought it was the one they sent the post on! x

    • Grazie Myriam appena riesco passo a trovarti :)L. una cosa non esclude l'altra, e visto che i giochi ai bambini si comprano – checché se ne possa dire – segnalare alternative carine, versatili, fatte con materiali naturali e molto stimolanti per la fantasia mi sembra davvero carino.

    • It is funny to see those old pics of you. You are beautifull in the photo's, but you are more beautifull now doing your own thing and living your own live. Now indeed, you see sparklings in your eyes. 🙂 I love that red outfit. xx

    • Lisa, I just posted a comment on Beth’s post and went over to your blog to find that I happened to quote from the same scripture as you did, just a different translation … ha! We certainly are indwellt by the same precious Spirit.I have been keeping my bed warm and the tissue manufactures in business for the last days, so when I finally came to read your post, I was delighted.I too have been working with women, some of them from severe domestic violence backgrounds, and your post rings so very true! Thank you for sharing it. It certainly is a blessing!

    • Très mauvaise nouvelle par contre pour Haas, qui perd le deuxième set sur le fil, 10/8 au TB, après avoir eu (au moins) une balle de 2/0.Je ne trouve ce match nulle part, il ne doit pas être télévisé… Si c’est ça, c’est bien dommage.

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    • The west's only hope is that the islamists would act prematurely, based on their infinite, infantile arrogance; because the majority of western citizens are simply too idiotic to face the direness of the situation, and too cowardly to act upon it, on their own.

    • There are a lot of people out there wishing you wee their zippy pouch partner, especially me! I love the typewriter pouch! The Modern Mini Challenge sounds fun! And good for you for being an integral part of it! Have a great time in Washington!

    • Esse prêmio de refugo envergonha os brasileiros, só mesmo um babaca desse pra pagar tão caro (com dinheiro que não é dele) pra encenar essa patacoada.FORA LULA! (antes devolva o cartão corporativo e o que roubou com ele).

    • Not so Razor. If Tony had been campaigning against Rudd it wouldn’t have made any difference because Rudd has a wife and kids. But Abbott deliberately bringing in his wife and kids to this campaign against Gillard is meant to highlight that Gillard is not married and doesn’t have children and therefore “can’t possibly understand what families go through” as he didn’t quite say at the beginning of the debate. Therefore dogwhistle.

    • "We need to put God back in the classroom", my response is "Fine. Which one?"The people that want to put prayer back in school assume that the prayer is going to be the one THEY say on Sunday. My contention with putting any kind of religious content back in public schools is that on Day One, the Muslims will be there throwing elbows under the basket, demanding everything be their way, from the lunch menu to editing the history and geography books.

    • it around me after I used the money to buy a gun.It’s absolutely foolish to be say that someone’s Emo. Emo is a genre. You cannot be music. Just like nobody is Punk, Goth, or Metal, nobody is Emo. Contrary to popular belief, these genres are just genres. It’s just stupid to connect clothing and behaviors to organized sounds, isn’t it? Of course it is.”

    • Jeżeli zakupiliśmy aktualnie budynek wolnostojący gotowy, jaki miał już innego rodzaju system grzania, bez szkopułu zdołamy go dostawić na zewnątrz domu. A może jednak kocioł na wegiel brunatny? Szczęśliwcy jacy mają obydwa piece tzn. Więcej na ten temat pod adresem: skład węgla

    • / Alot of great comments and tips here!I can really learn alot from these suggestions and hope that i can contribute as well.keep up the good work

    • Cláudia Oiticica disse:Vivian,os albergues são mesmo excelentes para jovens que viajam sozinhos ou em turma. Meu filho já ficou em vários e alguns ele falava que eram muito bons, se não me engano, em Lisboa e Florença.

    • Very nice image Adam. Love the textures and details in the rocks. As far as the inclusion, for me it depends on the use. If hanging on my wall, probably not. Anything else, no problem. This is simply a matter of personal taste.Len Saltiel recently posted..

    • NÃ¥ har jeg laget en etikett som heter . Du finner den i etikettlista i venstre kolonne. Jeg vil gjerne ha etiketter under innleggene ogsÃ¥, men de vises ikke selv om jeg har hukket av for det. Noen tips?

    • Enjoyed your post Penny. As for Kindles, I'm enjoying mine. Big thanks to Damian and Emma for suggesting Three Men in a Boat, I've just downloaded it for free following your comments – and Moby Dick. Watched it on TV the other day and realised I'd never actually read it.Handy things are Kindles, I'd say.

    • Her tiredness is striking in this interview. It shows in a lack of prognoses or vision for what might come next. Not a criticism of Buttu. Just an observation of how much of a toll the release of the Palestinian Papers has taken.

    • Does anyone in the UK agree find that Alan’s assessment chimes with their experiences? Or those of the article he links to?It seems that, in the UK at least, the digital heat has gone down somewhat. I remember all that furore about a year ago where digital was all and lack of digi-experience marked you for an early grave, but it doesn’t really seem to have come to pass.Maybe we’re just a bunch of backwards yokels. Or I missed a big meeting.

    • Bueno, pues de momento hay varias opciones para poder albergarlo… Al menos así a bote pronto y tras las primeras investigaciones.Veremos cuál cuaja. Como te dije, en cuanto sepa algo te comento.Tu voto: 0  0

    • something about the media in this country. Anon 5:15AM,might have some issues with you brothers chasing the white booty.:) Anon 1:44AM, that was mean."Field,This is not a story that sells when it comes to sex. It must have a racial angle to it before the story really has legs. "Or, there must be a pet involved. 🙂 Rippa, you are a fool.Thanks for the link granny.

    • Good day! Is this schedule up to date? A friend is going to Camiguin this week and his flight arrives 2:40pm. We want to make sure he catches a ferry by the time he gets to Balingoan late in the afternoon.

    • i’ve just been going crazy doing whatever. 1.5lbs of beets, green apple, 5 carrots. or entire red cabbage, 5 carrots. or cucumber, parsley, lemon. or cucumber, green apple, entire bunch of kale. whole bunch of kale, entire celery bunch, green apple.but i guess there may be a more scientific way to do this? any ideas? are there places that describe in detail a detox menu?

    • Test Comments: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec libero. Suspendisse bibendum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec libero. Suspendisse bibendum.

    • Hola mi estimado hno. en Cristo, apoyo totalmente su escrito, pero sepa que a pesar de todo lo malo, aún quedan muchas iglesias, pastores y hermano(as) que permanecen fieles a Dios, al igual que ud., ánimo, Cristo viene!

    • Don’t know if you were serious or tongue in cheek re: Nathan Myhrvold. I met him once and came away with the impression that I had just met a slimy thug. His company IV may just be (justifying the slimy thug description).

    • could only get through the first six minutes before I realized I 1) need to finish a project for statistics and 2) am not all that interested in the proliferation/history of Chinese food in the US.don’t know her background, but isn’t she an author? sometimes authors are just more eloquent on paper than they are in RL… oh and don’t censor yourself for the sake of others, it makes for boring blogging

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