The Worldly is Hiring!

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Do you have a great mind? Independent thinkers wanted.

The Worldly Magazine is national student-led world affairs, politics, economics, business, finance, arts & culture and sports publication for sophisticated, aspirational and intellectually curious students.

We’re looking for passionate, talented and independent thinkers to join our global collaboration of editors and writers.

We’re currently recruiting the following positions:

Economics editor:

‘It’s the economy, stupid’ so said former American President Bill Clinton.  The state of the national and global economy is central to every aspect of our day-to-day life.  As such, our economics section plays a fundamental role in all that we do.

We’re looking for an editor with real enthusiasm, knowledge about the subject, forward-thinking and capable to express often complex and technical arguments in an accessible, informative and engaging way.

(Economics undergraduate – or with any introductory training in economics – preferred but not essential)

Business editor:

 Our business section undoubtedly stands out as having had access to some of the most illustrious entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world: from Sir Richard Branson to Paul Polman (CEO of Unilever).

The Business section has a wide remit, with content ranging from the ever-growing student start-up scene, the latest developments within venture capital, all the way to interviewing a self-made 14-year-old multimillion pound chocolate entrepreneur!

Our Business editor needs to have a sharp understanding of the world of business and be able to inspire others.

Finance editor:

Should we worry about China’s recent poor stock market performance?  Will Apple be able to sustain its market leading position indefinitely?  What parts of the world are best to invest in right now?

We’re looking for a passionate, motivated and knowledgeable finance editor capable of tackling those types of questions and more.  As an emerging section, our Finance editor needs to be able to proactively expand this fascinating area by building a network of inspiring finance contributors.

Travel editor:

A relatively new section to The Worldly, we’re looking for an editor with a real passion for travel to develop this section in 2016.

Science and Technology editor:

With content covering an impressive array of subjects in this fascinating section, we are looking for an editor who is knowledgable and passionate about Science and Technology and who can develop this section further.


The Worldly is also looking for talented contributors to write across all of our editorial sections.  Irrespective of your academic or otherwise background, if you’re passionate, we want to hear from you.

Got an article idea already? Or simply want to get involved? Email us on or fill in this form here:

Social Media Manager:

Are you savvy on social media?  Know how to reach and engage a student audience?  We’re looking for a social media manager for our social media outlets.  In this strategic role, an elementary knowledge and interest in marketing is advantageous.

If you want to apply to anyone of the above positions, simply email us your CV to us on by Saturday 20th February, clearly stating which position you wish to apply for.


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