TakeOver UK: Changing the face of Street Culture

Models from TakeOver UK

The UK fashion market is a leading industry and has long been pioneers in establishing creative styles for the world to follow. However, with so many oligopolistic brands dominating the fashion industry, it seems apparent that this is having a detrimental affect on smaller brands as it becomes increasingly difficult and in some cases virtually impossible for them to compete. In spite of this, there is renewed hope towards the growing emergence of a new generation, new styles and new subcultures that increasingly people are finding resonance with.


Based from the streets of Britain, young fashion entrepreneurs are finding a way to market exclusive and unique clothes into a new and emerging market that is establishing itself from the independent and creative minds of its enforcers. The streets of Britain are changing. British streets now contain a wide variety of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds and this is reflected through the items of clothes worn by people today. In response to this change, a new street culture has emerged known as ‘British Street Culture’.


British Street Culture combines British heritage, alongside contrasting cultures, which ultimately produce items that are current to what’s happening around us and thus are abundant with authentic substance. This provides new brands with the chance to expand into a market that is rapidly expanding too. As growth further develops in this market, the benefits from increased competitive intensity will benefit consumers and the economy in the long run.


TakeOver UK is an independent clothing brand based in Nottingham that thrives on individualism and helping to promote the creative mind. Their styles are incredibly unique and are inspired directly from the streets in which they originate from. Open minded and extremely ambitious, TakeOver UK promotes the ethos that nobody is the same, therefore why should anyone look the same. As a result, through a lot of intellect behind the brand, they release authentic and exclusive ranges whereby only a limited amount of each item is produced and released, because, according to Matt Tan, Director of TakeOver UK, “nobody wants to walk down the street and see someone else wearing the same as them. Therefore, each item purchased is regarded as exclusive to the consumer.”


“TakeOver UK is way of life, it’s a way of living without conforming to the norms of society and alongside our fashion range, we also have sections within their brand related to artistic graffiti, photography, videography, blogging. We regularly organise music events, skateboarding events and help endorse and promote club nights throughout the country too.”


Differentiating themselves from the current dominant clothing brands, TakeOver UK place an emphasis on people and community. It helps to encourage young people to think differently and challenge conventional society norms.


Matt Tan, Director commented, “once you’ve found yourself, you are free from the opinions of others however you can only find yourself when you embrace your inner person. Everyone has a purpose in this world, we just have to find it.”


TakeOver UK is gradually establishing a following globally, stretching from Brazil to Barbados and London to Hollywood. The ‘TOUKCREW’ are progressively stamping their unique mark on the world and their ambitions and motivations promise to propel this unique project further and further.


To find out more about TakeOver UK visit their website, www.toukcrew.co.uk.
@toukcrew (Instagram)


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