Populism – Threat or Necessity?

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch populist party, Partij voor de Vrijheid

It is an undeniable fact that the rise of populist parties – often radical ones, and commonly right wing – can be observed throughout Europe, creating cause for concern among many about the state of European party politics. Populist parties tend to be single issue parties, pushing questions which have not been prominent in the politics of mainstream parties. They thrive on strong leadership which allows voters to identify with the individual leader rather than with an ideology as a whole; an appealing alternative for many people today when the growing market-economy and rapidly changing society have upset many of the traditional structures that attracted voters to mass-parties with clear and distinct all-encompassing ideologies during much of the 20th century.

As the appeal of mass-parties started to decline, mainstream parties began to change their approach to attracting voters, pursuing an increasingly diverse voting-body rather than focusing on people of specific social classes or walks of life. As a result of this, the policies of established parties have converged considerably over the past few decades making the choice of different policies much less clear to the electorate. The role of the political party has shifted from one of representing the population in the government to the the point where they almost fill an entirely opposite function – representing the government in society. Considering this as well as the low and decreasing trust in political parties it is perhaps not a wonder that populist parties, which offer alternative policy-options and a strong criticism of the current function and structure of government, gain popularity. However, it can be questioned whether this is so entirely a negative thing as it is often seen to be.

The policies of established parties have converged considerably over the past few decades making the choice of different policies much less clear to the electorate

Populist parties have had various degrees of success in different countries, depending on several factors. The electoral structure, for example, has a significant impact on the possibility for minor parties to gain any kind of influence. The use of proportional representation in the Netherlands allowed Pim Fortyun’s party Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF) to become part of the coalition government in 2002 in an election only three months after it was founded, and Geert Wilders’ Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) has similarly had significant successes in the elections since then, most recently receiving 10.1% in the parliamentary election 2010. In contrast the UK Independence Party (UKIP), though they received 12.6% in the 2012 election, only secured one seat due to the single member plurality system of representation in the UK.

Perhaps most important, however, is the response of mainstream parties to the challenge of populist parties; how they handle the situation can have a serious impact on both their own continued success and the possibility for growth of populist parties. One strategy is to regain the interest of the electorate, and some mainstream parties have attempted to do this by emulating certain features of populist parties that make them appealing. An example of this is the reinvention of the British Labour Party into New Labour under Tony Blair in the 1990s, and arguably another reinvention more recently under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

A more direct way to face the challenge populist parties pose, however, is to make a stand in the issues that the new, single-issue parties raise. As long as the issue is not so radical as to alienate large parts of the electorate, mainstream parties have a good chance to take ownership of new issues raised; their established status and greater access to resources ensures both that they can reach a larger part of the electorate, and that their actions are taken more seriously. The comparatively high amount of accommodation for anti-EU sentiments in the British conservative party has likely been a contributing factor to the low percentage of votes UKIP has received in elections until relatively recently (their results increased more than 9% between 2010 and 2015). The mere fact that an EU-referendum is due to take place in the UK later this year is also an indicator of the acceptance of the critical opinions among the electorate. This can be contrasted with other countries. In Sweden, for example, none of the mainstream parties have been willing to accommodate in a significant way for the opinions voiced by the most successful populist party, the Sweden Democrats, which received more than 12% in the previous election, and became the third largest party.

As long as the issue is not so radical as to alienate large parts of the electorate, mainstream parties have a good chance to take ownership of new issues raised

The impact of populism can be observed in the US as well, through the alarming amount of support that has rallied Donald Trump’s cause. While European style multi-party systems allow for the rise of specific populist parties, the strongly established two-party system in the US has caused populist sentiments to arise within the already existing framework of the Republican party.

Many variations of populist politics may appear threatening, both to society and to the current state of party-politics, but it may in fact be a necessary addition to it. The mere fact that politics and parties of this kind have been allowed to proliferate (both rise to prominence, and remain influential) indicates that there is something fundamental missing in the current party system. Populism can be dangerous and extreme, but perhaps a necessary wake-up call for mainstream parties. An indicator of what is lacking in the current system, and a push for mainstream parties to alter their role once again, to fit the wishes of the electorate on whom they are after all still dependent for legitimacy.


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  • Instead of being arrogant you should learn how to communicate on blog. Even more, before forwarding users to your issue tracker make sure anyone from your team reads it, there are things there being ignored for more than a year or two… like a working/proper SVN support, file refresh, project management, … I recently bought this product and already regret it, though it’s true it sucks less than Eclipse or Zend.

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  • Tori, I so get this. There are many times that we are willing to take this kind of treatment because we think so little of ourselves. For me, it was the opposite! I was like: I do not deserve to be treated like this. Meanwhile, I’m devastated to learn that so many others have come after me. And we all have such similar stories. Wow!

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  • I like their congee…smooth and very ‘mien’. But I do come across some who put starch to make it look smooth and thick..and that was served in a dim sum restaurant. Wasn’t a blogger then so didn’t take down the name of the restaurant.

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  • Obama’s methodology of keeping the rot just below the liberal MSM radar screen would of course not work if he were white or a Republican. But even for this Dem the “scandal-standard” must be very low indeed.

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  • twtfltrd – Speaking of rats, the debates have become a series of rat races and we all know that the winner of a rat race is a rat. (I’m calling the debates Operations Big D – dissembling, deception, dissimulation and disinformation. And then there’s Newt who has the bromidic, hectoring, high-rhetorical style reminiscent of an especially pompous clergyman. It’s really becoming too much.)

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  • it was to protect The City's financial industry. But I don't doubt he had many advisors telling him that Merkel was pushing pro-cyclical economic suicide. Even though Cameron is pushing "austerity" hard, at least he has the option of changing his policy. The rest of Europe, no matter with left or right governments, as long as they remain saddled with that pact, can't.

  • From what I can see of the AP1000 it looks easier to inspect than previous designs. TThe main 'selling point' of Gundersen's report is the scary diagrams in the first few pages showing radiation symbols leaking out. It's reeks of incredible bias to have a factually dodgy anti-nuclear report hosted on a site called Fairwinds. Also clearly stating that NIRS contracted for the report.

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  • Completely agree with you there Alex. I’m an IT student and when I heard Reddit uses a two table database I started to question what I was being taught. Otago Polytech very briefly covers NoSQL using MongoDB in third year, which is a step in the right direction but more could be done.

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  • Another well written musing Sir… I was going to write that it doesn’t really effect me as I’m in the UK… But it does in the end.The best result would be to vote for the person that puts everyone else’s interests before their own, then they are leading the country not milking it.

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  • Whoops, I meant to add a smiley face at the end of that — I’m mostly kidding about “kinder and gentler” Portland, although maybe not 100%. Anyway, just seeking to understand; I don’t mean to be challenging anyone’s decisions.

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  • You definitively need to read Rules of Attraction first. Kiara is really great, I think is my favorite of the Fuentes girls. And also in this book there are things going on between Alex and Brittany.I haven´t read Silence yet,so I can´t give my opinion about it, but I like Rules of Attraction more than Passion.

  • OCPJá podia ter os dois que me faltam… mas tive de cortar no orçamento para livros!:(Quando acabar a série vou relê-la toda e depois faço o post!:D

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  • Excellent post, as always. I have to say I was initially startled by the post's title because last night (for the first time I think ever) the smoke alarm started ringing, I woke up and got into a bit of a panic but discovered that there was no fire! What a relief!

  • Davey Brown, when was Texas forced into the US? They voted in favor of annexation. Sam Houston was elected President of Texas on a platform of the same even when the US was against it. And can you please tell me which EU member state was forced into the Union? Or a country which is being stopped from leaving the Union by force? Even the EU constitution had a secession clause in it.

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  • I had some awesome times playing with you and your mom… I mean that seriously. I put the … Cuz my dirty mind wandered. Truly, I had a ton if fun with you gals. It’s not always best to be the best, just have fun. I told my son once when he came home crying from a game of Duck Duck Goose, “you will never have fun playing if you don’t have fun losing.” You both were great players in that I could count on you 2 to make me smile.

  • Bob,“It’s for the children” doesn’t apply unless it’s Abbott money or for monuments named after the STUPOR-intendents or to buy votes in the urban areas that are the “Garden Spots” of the Garden State, you know the list! Obviously, there is no money to be skimmed for keeping an eye on daycare or childcare operations. Why is this not under Lucile Davy’s watchful eye, OOPS, I answered my own question, she couldn’t find her ass with two hands and a flashlight.

  • I used to like Joaquin Phoenix as well. Until he went loco. What’s up with that by the way? Publicity? Drugs? Rebellion against the media and movie industry? True mental instability?Either way, he really was (I think he’s given up acting) a very good actor.

  • Mich entstresst momentan am besten “I love it” von Icona Pop. Immer wenn ich schlechte Laune oder Hektik hab hör ich das Lied, sing mit und alles sieht direkt wieder viel besser aus 🙂

  • This episode was way better than last week’s. I’m curious to see if certain things from the book are going to still happen. I won’t post here but there is one thing I’m curious how it would play out and I’ll post it in the book section, if there is one.

  • Cooper sounds great! My cat Ivan is a sweet boy, he just isn’t a lap cat. There is a post – I’ll have to find it – of a photo of him holding my hand with his paw the day after I got back from the hospital. Cats are definitely lovers, too. 🙂

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  • Hey Ashley, very nice site…and man, you haven’t changed one bit since our frosh days on the Farm in Alondra a quarter century ago (sorry to date both you & me). Best of luck…I’ll be perusing here from time to time to see what’s up. Later.

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  • Katie and Brad, you made ER day very special. All of the little ones had a good time and so did the "older folks"

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  • Annie DeflandreI met Carol and Lyle in Kenya more than 25 years ago and then, we stayed friends, had wonderfull vacation together in France, USA, Gozo, Belgium….. Carol was such a good person; she learnt me many things, even if we didn’ have the same language. I think of you Lyle and Dawn also

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  • You did such an amazing job, Laura! These pictures are beyond what I could’ve imagined. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that I have today off…I can’t stop looking at them!! Thank you a million times again! We are so fortunate to have had you there. P. S. If we had the same shoe size, I would totally let you borrow them!!

  • Hello! I saw Graceling in Cardiff at the weekend, but I didn’t want to have to carry it home to London, so I shall get it next time I see it here. It looked excellent – and big (format wise) – which is always nice.

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