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2015 Leaders Debate

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Editors analysis

Caspian Conran, Politics Editor:

Caspian Conran

19:36 – ‘The anticipation is rising. The general election debate can’t necessarily win anyone leader the election, but it can certainly lose them it.’

22:55 – ‘With no politician securing over 25% approval – out of any of the 3 polls so far – it seems that Cameron has got his way. Putting 7 people in front of our screens has totally neutralised what could have been a difficult night for Cameron and a great opportunity for Miliband. If there is any clearer case for the merits of a smaller 5, 3 or 2 leaders format, surely it was tonight’s farse. With this many people there can be no “winner”.’

Piran Phippen, Economics Editor:

19:37 – ‘Will the latest strong economic statistics lead David Cameron and the Conservatives to an easy victory tonight?’

22.05 – ‘Tonight, Labour and Conservatives collided on economic policy. Cameron fronting more austerity until 2017 and Miliband offering more borrowing. Personally, I found Nick Clegg was the most unappreciated member of the panel in terms of the Liberal Democrats economic plans. He criticised both main parties, and unequivocally positioned the Lib Dems in the middle ground. Perhaps playing on the idea that he has the potential to be Deputy Prime Minister for the second government running.

Nick Clegg is appealing to people who feel, quite simply, Conservative plans involve too many cuts and Labour plans involving too much spending. After tonight’s performance, I don’t think it’s too unrealistic to predict another 5 years of a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition.’

22.32 – ‘Farage offered increased education and NHS spending, paired with funding solutions – albeit unpopular and controversial. UKIP propose cutting foreign aid spending and saving on EU membership fees to fund these spending plans and to reduce the deficit. This is something I feel is actually feasible economically. Foreign aid spending is a very sensitive topic with some research suggesting that it doesn’t actually help developing economies to establish themselves at all. It is something that needs to be researched far more before a such a bold policy is promoted.’


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