Introducing: Seats

SEATS: the exciting new four piece Brighton based band.

Introducing… SEATS: the new, up and coming Brighton band formed at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute, are making their explosive debut on the music scene, after releasing their debut single ‘Can’t See’.


The Kooks, Tom Odell, George Ezra, James Bay – and now, new Indie/Rock band SEATS are seemingly following in the footsteps of these BIMM legends. Formed in November of last year, the four-piece band has already received commendation from their mentors, who were left in disbelief at the chemistry and presentation emerging from such a new group. It was this chemistry that made their most recent gig, at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, so exceptional, in which Aiden, Elliot, Seb and Tom “blew the place away” with fellow performers of the night, such as The New Thieves, praising their new set.


The beginnings of SEATS originated with housemates Elliot and Seb jamming to form their first release, ‘Basil’: a collaboration of Seb’s Led Zeppelin’s ‘Ramble On’ inspired blues riff with Elliot’s fuzzy and dominant bass line, which has proved a popular introduction to the band, receiving hundreds of plays within the first few weeks.


But the talent does not solely lie on these two shoulders. With their recent release Can’t See, Tom’s upbeat, Arctic Monkey-esque drumming with Aiden’s sweet, yet profound, lyrics, Morrissey-toned vocals and light melodic riffs are brought stunningly into the mix. It is with this collaboration, that has proved great success lies ahead for these guys, with ‘Can’t See’ gaining over 300 plays in its first week alone. Based on the problems of adapting to a new lifestyle, dealing with feelings of disassociation and adjusting to new people, Aiden’s relatable lyrics only fuel the strong interaction the band already has with its listeners.

Behind the over-sized flannel shirts, skinny jeans and Doc Martens, lies a very humble and aspiring group. The cover art for ‘Can’t See’ features a beloved family dog as they reject the typical Brighton band cliché of a photo on the beach, and the band openly admit to spending most of their time in the make-shift studio of their flat. It is for this reason, and the electrifying performances they have already produced, that SEATS should undoubtedly be on your ‘ones-to-watch’ list.
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