In conversation with Sharon Richey

Sharon Richey, CEO and Founder of BEcause

Sharon Richey is the founder and CEO of BEcause – a global, integrated brand experience agency.

Sharon grew up in South Africa, where she started her own small business aged nine. Throughout her teenage years she embarked on various different business ventures before starting up her own modelling agency aged 16. From this she won small business person of the year two years later – only to go on to recently win female entrepreneur of the Year. Sharon did attend university to study business studies before dropping out to continue growing her business. The business was then sold at 21 which enabled Sharon to move to Monte Carlo for 3 months and spend all the profits; something I feel many of us can be more than a little jealous of. Sharon explains that she realised she had the rest of her life to be successful again, and came to England with £500 in her back pocket. I spoke with Sharon to find out her secrets to success and how she manages to run such a large and successful business with a family.

You founded BEcause Brand Experience which has gone on to win a string of awards for marketing effectiveness, creativity, and people management. Why do you think Because has become so successful?

Our success comes down to our consistency, we are consistently successful, and the reason we consistently achieve is because we’ve always put creativity at the heart of our company. Especially in branding; you’re only as good as your ideas. In order to produce those fantastic ideas you need a great team. We’ve always had an immense focus on talent in the agency, always focussed on attracting talented and driven people to the business. We try to attract the right people and retain the right people as much as possible. People who do well in marketing are those who are naturally curious, inquisitive, aware of trends, and it has to become your life.

What failures have you experienced on your journey to success?

When running agencies you have good years and you have bad years. I find what is often your biggest success is also your biggest failure, and in order to achieve the success you have to go through the failings. Running a business is a constant learning cycle, you never get to the point where you say ‘right I’ve learnt it all’. We live in a forever changing world and working in media, things are changing all the time. By the time a trend is set and we use it, its gone and we’re on to the next thing. Sometimes you get it wrong. You just have to make sure the successes overcome the failures.

Having two young children at home whilst you and your husband both work must be challenging. How do you create the balance between work and family time? Are you happy with your current balance?

We don’t live in a switch-on/switch off society anymore which means you have to enjoy what you do

There isn’t really a line between work and play. The idea that I go to work and clock on, I go home and I clock off is just not right. We don’t live in a switch-on/switch off society anymore which means you have to enjoy what you do because your work follows you wherever you are. When it comes to the family balance, if you strive for perfection you’ll never be happy because I think it can never be perfect. One party is always having to compromise. My children have never known me to do anything other than work, I went back to work when my children were just a few weeks old. They’re very much part of my work life in the sense that they come to the office, and play in the meeting rooms – work isn’t a strange place or concept to them. But to answer your question it is hard, it is hard to strike a balance but as long as you accept there will have to be compromise, its much easier. The best advice I can give is not to try and be in 2 places at the same time, work is work and home is home. In order to get things done at work you need to be there mentally, and likewise with being a mum at home.

With the increasing number of universities and degree courses, do you feel to become a successful business person or entrepreneur you need a degree?

I’m in two minds, as it flies in the face of what I believe in. Personally, I believe attitude is more important than aptitude. We’ve had people pass through the agency with a string of degrees and the best people are always the most driven and hard working. But in todays competitive business environment, having a degree does definitely hold you in better stead. I also see the world as far more entrepreneurial than it ever has been, when I grew my business in my 20s it was quite unique. But now its quite in vogue, it’s actually quite fashionable nowadays.  I do think university is important between finishing school and getting a job, its good to have some fun for 3 years and you make great connections you carry on through your working lives.

Have you encountered any difficulties in achieving your success because of your gender?

No, none. I feel the lack of women in senior business is because its harder for women to return to business unless you have sufficient childcare at home. In order to afford sufficient childcare at home you would have had to previously had a career where you earned enough to warrant that. Women who have their children a little later on in their career are generally those who can return to work and have a degree of balance in their lives. Women who leave to have kids earlier on haven’t often earned enough to warrant a large expense on care at home or nursery fees in order to return to work. I feel its more of an age thing. I don’t think its society, I am a woman running a business and when you are a senior person in business I think you have a responsibility, you can’t choose when to turn that responsibility on and off. I think females need to be considerate of the fact that employers have a business to run and you have to have some compromise.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to start a business, whats your biggest business secret?

There is always going to be hard slog ahead of you, it is a long road ahead but its also fun.

My advice would be to be patient. Success takes time. We live in a world much more focussed on immediate success, driven by reality TV shows like X-Factor which creates this generational focus on overnight success. Richard Branson has a famous quote, ‘it takes years to become an overnight success’. The reality is when you run a business it takes time, but there are some amazing success stories such as Facebook, and other digital platforms which get publicised and fuel this. There is always going to be hard slog ahead of you, it is a long road ahead but its also fun.

Who is the most interesting client and celebrity you’ve worked with?

Recently we worked with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction for a Yorkshire Tea promotion, he was really nice and really fun; a great celebrity to have on board. In terms of most interesting client,  I’d have to say Pampers. The work that we did with Pampers I think was very instrumental at that time and we were really pioneering what a brand could do using brand experience. It won well over a dozen gold awards, and a global award as well. It was all about bringing to life what its like to be a baby. The best way to tell a brand story is experiential. We created these giant caterpillars, about the size of 8 car parking spaces, and we took them to shopping centres and grocery stores. Every pod of the caterpillar depicts a different stage of the baby’s development. In each pod there were educational pointers and snippets as to what the baby was experiencing at that point in their life. The reason why that one stands out is that it was so incredibly experiential, and we were able to draw parallels between baby development and the product. It had an incredibly positive impact of sales as well.



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    • Tomato tart is my favorite, yours looks very nice; but still I have problems with whole flour (I do not like it too much – the taste of the dough is different). Kind regards !

    • Momoko : Myslím, že prázdná peněženka je zlem v jakékoliv fázi života XD Se máš, já s japonÅ¡tinou spoléhám na tu VÅ , snad se tam příští rok dostanu. Jinak jakékoliv kurzi jdou mimo mÄ›, možná až budu mít práci, ale kdo ví, jak to bude. Jaj, jako by to s tÄ›mi certifikáty už tak netrvalo dlouho x_X

    • Este normal sa nu-ti ridice masina daca apari intre timp! Nu stiu legea ad literam dar judecand dupa o logica elementara, sanctiunea acordata este AMENDA iar masina este ridicata pentru a degaja spatiul si a nu incurca traficul. Persoana a aparut, a primit amenda, apoi si-a luat masina de acolo => a degajat traficul/statia!Pe tine nu te incalzeste cu nimic ca-i transportau masina cu platforma, pentru ca oricum banii ptr transport intrau in contul ACR-ului (sau firma cu platforma), nu la stat.

    • com fé em deus primeiramente eu estarei ai vou fazer um maio sacrificio pra ir mais eu vou mostra o que eu sei fazer obrigado pela essa oportunidade moro em lagoa da canoa jogo no ataque sou 96 sou habilidoso espero passa né que voçe goste de mim.

    • It’s so true: we wait too long to get rid of toxic employees. I’m never sure what we’re waiting for….everyone to quit? ….them to suddenly get better? It never happens. Get rid of the dead wood now and move.AverageJoe recently posted..

    • AFAIC that’s the best answer so far!

    • I discovered, to my horror, the manipulation that goes on in order to get leases signed. IWT are being protrayed as windmills. No one in community will get sick and complainers are only in it for the money. Opposition is portrayed as dupes of the Toronto papers or city people telling the farmer what to do.The lease is worth a lot of money to a small farmer. If this wasn;t true it would make a great plot for a novel. Why is this continuing? Will the farmland of Ontario be scared for all time?

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    • The example of how to avoid the turmoils and tribulations of today have always been there, all we had to do was read and heed… Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

    • As an atheist who believes stronlgy in the Life Force and Creativity, I still appreciate such writing. :)Go Sultan!! Chag Sameach and best wishes for a happy, fulfilling New Year.

    • I am so proud of my brother! He chose well! Jasmine is an awesome woman and is good for him. The two of you are a match made in Heaven and I am so happy for you both.Congrats to my brother Les and my new sister Jasmine!Love you both!

    • Rocniku prestante cokoliv vycitat Kscm vy ktery upirate casti populace jeji ustavni prava. Viz vas citat Ale už jenom to, že se vážnÄ› uvažuje nad tím, že by mÄ›li kandidovat do SnÄ›movny na místech zaručujících zvolení hokejisté a herečky, je skandální. Skandalni je vase totalitni mysleni a kadrovani.

    • / I usually like unusual names but to set a book in an historical time period and then ignore the naming conventions of the existing culture is just annoying. Having 15th century characters with 21st century sensibilities also always destroys the illusion. I won’t go looking for these books!

    • chicas, muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios. Con este calor que ha hecho hoy, al llegar a casa me he preparaco un heladito de sandía y ufff… qué rico¡¡¡Bella, bienvenida a mi blog. Me alegro de que te guste.besitos a todas,Ani.

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    • Присоединяюсь!Фанки Драммер был всё время одним из моих фаворитов, но в финале Георгич понравился больше. :)Оба финалиста далеко пойдут, если уже не пошли под другими псевдонимами 🙂

    • all this. I know that I am responsible for the choice to accept Jesus as my Savior, no matter how bad the teaching has been.I am very thankful that I was able to get past this destructive teaching and put my faith in Christ alone.

    • The nametag is fun and creative! Or maybe I just enjoy the background of Scott’s chest. I think it will look strange when the hair grows back through the tattoo.And I can’t believe you don’t recognize New Jersey! Greenland is more of an inverted triangle with jagged edges.

    • Lee, those are awesome. I’d use all of them, but that would make the title even more annoyingly long than it already is.Quinn, I’m still aiming for early 2013.

    • RE: odsJe to možná argument ODS a spříznÄ›ných novinářů nikoli můj. Reagoval jsem jen na to,jak Vasco napsal, že se takto chová jen a pouze ODS. Masaryka a BeneÅ¡e sem taháte nadarmo, neb se bavíme o polistopadové politice. Zkuste si prosím povÅ¡imnout, že jsem nikde nenapsal, že se nikdo z ODS žádných pochybných výroků nedopustil, možná potom budete reagovat jinak.

    • I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. cheers

    • I love them!!!! you did such a good job!!! and the pictures of dezi are perfect!!! I love how you caught him mid-air =D love, love, love!!!!!!!

    • A delicious and easy dish Mary; these look perfectly cooked. These will be on my menu this week as our weather is supposed tp be very warm. I'd rather grill outside when the temps are hot.

    • Barry Hussein Obama has some real thin skin, yeah he’s ready to be President. Barack HUSSEIN Obama reminds me of the kid that picks on the smallest kid on the block, but when the smallest kid strikes back he runs to mama…Mr HUSSEIN has been at the forefront of Anti-Bush attacks since he got to DC. HE is favored to win this election, HE better get thick skinned quick because if he thinks the anti- Bush comments were harsh.. Wait till Barry Hussein Obama has to hear the vile comments from all of us that still “Cling to our religion and guns”

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    • "por isso como não abandonou nem trocou ou negociou a terra tem direito as suas origens ancestrais ai localizadas"Aiiiiiiii, as guerras regionais a que isso dá direito. Espanha vs Portugal; Alemanha vs França; Alemanha vs Polónia; Bretões vs Anglo-Saxões… E, principalmente, índios do norte e sul contra todos os outros. Mais vale não escavar muito para trás.

    • What a beautiful spring journal Judy made. I think that I will try to make my gardening journal nicer this year, instead of random sketches and lists in different notebooks!I love the thought of turning some of my favorite posts into a keepsake book. I will have to look into that further. Have a great weekend!

    • Wow, congratulations on making it out there and achieving your goal. However stay safe! I don’t want to have to come over there disguised as a mountain Yeti to make sure everyone stays in line.

    • Great job guys! That’s such a timely message that you shared with your high school friends last night. And I love that you ran the whole gamut of examples…not just the typical things that distort our vision but also touching on the fact that some of us may think we’re seeing clearly through our moral-colored lenses when really we just see the trees. Way to go and keep up the good work. I’m praying for you all.

    • This design is spectacular! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

    • Rontz, Nabokov este doar unul din motivele pentru care am ales nickname-ul Lolita. Ar mai fi cred muzicalitatea lui si corespondentul cu numele real. 🙂 Ce mai ma defineste! Nu mai zic ca de cand cu blogul, mi se parea ca destinul face in asa fel ca peste tot sa aud acest nume: la radio, la tv… Chiar am primit cadou un parfum cu acelasi nume si nu mare a fost mirarea celui care mi l-a oferit sa ma vada izbucnind in ras. Se poate spune ca destinul ne joaca uneori feste doar pentru a ne face sa ne simtim bine. 🙂

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    • It does come out quite a bit like PB2, actually, though I haven’t tried to “reconstitute” my meal the way one does PB2. Interesting experiment, though!

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    • Hooray, finals are almost over and you'll be back doing fun things again! As always, loving your relaxed and refreshing look. I wish I could walk to get some coffee right now.

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    • Wait does that mean we can make it just as long as what nausheen said on the same thing because I seem to have to much time on my hands I’m never doing something that exciting plus 8-10 mins I think I can do that. I’d like to other then sitting around being told to do this and do that that sounds more fun. As long as I can do something fun im on it! Also how’s ur holiday Mr Rees and everyone else?

    • Here's wishing it all the best. If I might make a suggestion, would it not be a good idea to put out videos on youtube with professed religious explaining their vocation? Youtube is free and has something like a billion regular users worldwide(most of them in the younger category).Shane

    • Eine prima Ãœbersicht, vielleicht sollte man aber noch ergänzen, dass Koliksymptome – je nach Pferd – auch genau gegenteilig sein können. Sprich manche Pferde sind bei einer beginnenden Kolik sogar eher übermäßig ruhig und “in sich gekehrt” statt nervös, hibbelig und unruhig.

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    • Our home group has been watching Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Mark Gungor. This series has been surprisingly good. Peace.

    • 120Pues esa bica se ve fabulosa, yo recuerdo que mi abuela la hacía con la nata de la leche, claro que ahora la leche ya no tiene nata y, te puedes creer que yo no la he hecho nunca? Con esta seguro que me pongo!!!Las fotografías preciosas, como siempre…Besos32

    • Oh My! Love it….I would style this dress with a 36″ wooden and champagne crystal neckace along with champagne pearl studs. Then I would wear CC skype bracelet to add the shine of gold! Then shoes….ooooo! These would be brown in color with vintage golden chainbows centered! So Divine!!! Fingers crossed!

    • Today it snowed. Today 70 plus schools closed and many roads were impassable for an hour or so this morning.GPS suddenly seems a bit gimmicky. What did we learn? That the gritters were still in bed?

    • – girl!! this is fabulous. and so are you. even though we have never met i feel like we have by following each other’s blogs …so, we can pretend away although, i would REALLY like to indulge in some coffee, biscotti, conversation, crafting and photo taking with you in real life, friend

    • I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

    • 12:22 PM! bw raped, brutalized and die at the hands of BM more than anyone else. i wish it were NOT so. it is what it is. and out of curiousity, WHERE are the mia bm? i know sistas that are stuck waiting for one, maybe you could help me help them? (i am NOT speaking of felons and serial baby daddies either. you know, bm bm) lol! you are funny. thanks for making me laugh while discussing serious issues.blessings all,focusedpurpose

    • We are considering a trip to Napa in October so I’m going to forward this one onto my husband just in case. Once because he’ll enjoy learning the info but mostly because he will remember it all much better than I!

    • hi, i have recently came upon you website and then also your Facebook. i am looking for an rv. I’ve noticed that you have put your for sale and are purchasing a new one. i was just wondering why? is it because of diesel vs. gas or warranty out? and have you sold your rv yet?

    • Olaaa creo qe mmi problema es qe soy aburrido con las chicas osea no se qe hacer cuando estoi con una chica y peor si es linDa!! si comparo i estoi con un amigo realmente soi yo i me expreso abiertamente pero no es asi con ellas…creo qe mi problema esta en todo

    • Eeeeek! With a carboot like that I'd run around all morning in disbelief – full of goodies. The eyes weren't behaving themselves when I read what you'd paid for the lampshade – I nearly thought it had been £11. Glad Yootha got noticed. And hope your dad's doing ok xx

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    • comentou em 29 de janeiro de 2009 às 08:35. Petisquetes! Nem preciso falar que esse blog é o que há de mais in no universo feminino apaixonado por novidades do mundo da moda, e dos makes, e de tudo que realmente importa pra gente! Parabéns, amo muito petiscar!

    • ich habs (fast) ganz gelesen. ist ja eh so kalt draußen, dass man lieber im haus bleibt und viel liest (und kocht!). ich hab nur bei den rezepten die therapeutischen übersprungen und bin gleich runter zum feinen rezept mit orange. denn das mach ich heute 🙂 – klingt extrem gut, danke!

    • I had trouble with the beta uploader. I then went to the "Take me back to the normal uploader link" and clicked on the "multi-uploader" link. Seems to have the same features as the beta and actually worked for me.

    • Jo, men en viktig skillnad är kanske att Kent Ekeroth förmodligen identifierar sig som svensk. Dessutom är han assimilerad. Kan man säga det om alla barn födda i Sverige som har invandrade föräldrar?

    • pisze:o, taka dwuwarstwowość mi siÄ™ podoba! w takim ukÅ‚adzie do warstwy od strony wnÄ™trza dziaÅ‚ki mogÄ™ zaproponować jeszcze agrest – bardzo smaczny, z kolcami, wysokoÅ›ci do 1,5 m, potrafi rosnąć dziko.

    • Madea is so full of wisdom for the young folks.“adea goes to Jail”‘has a scene in which she is explaing why people come and go from your life. “Let them go”.She makes me think and I like that.” I’ll take Jail for 50 Alex!”

    • Tara – this is a beautiful video and perfect description for the fear we feel when we are near our soul’s calling or our true work. I love the Hebrew names for these two types of fear. Most of us spend time “future tripping” — imagining fear. This is where we most suffer from those thoughts and fears. Thank you for these beautiful video teachings.[]

    • Brian16 April, 2012My office has a closer that needs adjustment, but I don’t know the manufacturer (not labeled). It has three adjustment screws. One on the hinge side is not labeled, and the two on the non-hinge side are marked ’1′ and ’2′. Any ideas on adjusting this door?

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    • Rachel – Thanks! Oooh I love ginger!Andrea – Glad to hear that method worked! I got mine at our Indian market, but you can likely find it at other Asian markets as well.Emily – Me too! Thanks so much!Jen – I'm pretty sure I got it at the Indian market, Parisa, over on Richmond Rd.

    • Juli:Wow! I’m a happy subscriber to your blog! I hope I have enough time this year to help carry out some Presidential themes.Dick We’re off to Russia to bring Nadia home.

    • I do not write a great deal of remarks, however I looked through a few responses here This is link | Intelicom. I do have a few questions for you if you do not mind. Is it simply me or do a few of these responses come across as if they are written by brain dead folks? And, if you are writing at other social sites, I would like to keep up with everything new you have to post. Would you make a list of all of all your social networking sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

    • Ann-Michelle / We, students at BYU, should be mad. Furious. Not only are the comments insufferable and misrepresentative, but we should get mad because our professional reputations can/will be affected by having BYU on our resume’s. When applying for jobs and graduate schools, the last thing we have worked for is a bias that BYU is a harbor for racism, sexism, and homophobia. The image of BYU absolutely matters.

    • I was discussing this morning with my sister some events of the past. We both noticed having the same memories of the same events, but the parts each one of us remembered is different, opposite. if we think for example of the day of an explosion, she would remember how we escaped, and all the positive side of it, I would remember the fear, the destruction, the death. I don’t know how to explain that now.

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    • Are you really going to leave me hanging like that?! What did he say?Guess who came into Upper Crust last night? Rebecca! Your childhood BFF. It was good to see her.

    • Epá, via 2a parte e os pontas-esquerda da espanha e de Portugal deixaram boas indicações.O tasco não tinha som na TV por isso não sei os nomes dos artistas, mas acho que o da Espanha era precisamente o Jesé Rodríguez. Deu para perceber porque é que não querem soltar para cá, é máquina.

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    • and referred to Lupester’s version as a “bite,” which was a once capital offense in rap before the Rick Ross era and deliberately jacking someone’s steez became permissible. ==================== lol

    • I totally get it. The past month I have been on a “get rid of stuff” rampage.” I tend to do this when my life transitions; but, this time it is more self-exploratory. I have learned what is really important to me, what is truly valuable and -as far as projects go-my limitations. It’s been very freeing to look at a pile of fabric and say, “That was a good idea, but I really don’t see myself finishing it.” Maybe I’m rationalizing, but I see many of my unfinished projects as the roughdrafts of my really successful finished ones. Thanks for the insight, Bill!

    • Just great. Another shitty story. I think I am done with Sonic when this game releases. This is not the series I fell in love with now. I just crappy hold Square to win now and now they even for rid of good stories and gave us this shit. Just great.

    • Nie rozumiem w góle jak można siÄ™ decydowoać na . To tak jakby kupić mieszkanie, tylko formalnoÅ›ci i pieniÄ™dzy wiÄ™cej. powinien mieć piÄ™tra, po to budujesz żeby siÄ™ w nim czuć dobrze, żeby mieć wiÄ™cej przestrzeni. Po co zagracać dziaÅ‚kÄ™ rozÅ‚ożystym parterowym, jak można budować w górÄ™ i zaoszczÄ™dzić miejsce na ogórd n przykÅ‚d.

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    • Hi L,The sunset and twilight pictures are apt for a year-end. Well done. I hope Bangalore not just shelters you but continues to give you lots of happy times as well. I wish many more things may go right than wrong in your life. All the very best for 2008. c 🙂

    • Ricardo disse:É um restaurante que tem fila para tudo (fila para entrar, fila para servir, fila para pesar, fila para pagar) ótimo para comer comida fria e de qualidade duvidosa. Se quiser comer comida barata considere o cachorro-quente da esquina.

    • that does not mean? he does not try to make fights exciting. Name the last guy that solely wanted to stand with rampage. If you stand with him you will get a great fight if u try and take him down he finds it hard to get his shots off simple

    • Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks, However I am going through difficulties with your RSS.I don’t know the reason why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody having similar RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

    • Chris,Thanks very much.  You know, I recall seing Munger’s pamplet about twenty years ago.  I probably picked up the image there and had long since forgotten the source.  Thanks for the reminder.  Thanks for your comment, Chris.

    • cool to hear so many stories. I have been on it for about a month now and lost 14lbs. With the new PP plan, should I not be eating my entire allotment of points each day? I thought the point WAS to eat them all. My leader told me that people who ate their points, plus their weekly allowance lost more than those who just ate their daily. I work out as well, so I am just a little confused. Don't want to gain any of it back!

    • No prizes for guessing where that kind of thinking comes from. Folk who think like this are so far left that anything slightly to the right of them is to be considered 'extreme.'And if they believe they can change the direction that they have put us on for the past 70 years by oversighting blogs, then they have learned nothing from history.

    • Really love this one! Nice composition, and an intriguing view typical of the Bay Area[]latoga Reply:September 26th, 2010 at 12:53 pmThanks Mike! It’s definitely a Bay Area view that eludes most people, not many people up on Mount Tam that early in the morning.[]

    • That ”amazongate” story is so old, is that all you got? Give it up already, your arguments are so tired! I like Jill, and I’m sick of getting harassed for it. Lynn and her cult are evil and rabid

    • Taxtapeten är ju bara helt fantastisk. Precis som allt Lisa gör, men dessa underbara taxar är ju nÃ¥got alldeles extra. DÃ¥ vi ska tapetsera om i vÃ¥rt sovrum, hade gärna Lisas taxar fÃ¥tt flytta in där. Man blir sååå glad av den!!

    •   Ujang-djunaediNovember 15, 2012Assalamu’alaikumAlhamdulillah saya sdh terdaftar di web santri tahfidz, tapi maaf sy belum mentrasfer karena saya dftar diwaktu malam, namun mohon penjelasannya dari mana untuk memulainya ya Ustadz, karena saya baru mendengar murottal Mushaf Madinah, apakah mulainya dari Murotal/ada cara g lainnya.Atas penjelasannya saya mengucapkan terimakasih dan mohon maaf kalau salah dalam penulisan ataupun pertanyaaan

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    • Heisann Jatte!Tusen takk for lykkeønskningar og besøket. =)Eg vil gjerne fÃ¥ ønske DEG like mykje lykke til med det flott bidraget ditt! La meg til som følger, eg. =)Tvi tvi!Hilsen Bente

    • ik heb sinds vrijdag ook surf en mail totaal. vraagje:bij het aanmelden duurt het ongeveer 3 minuten voordat "mailbox bewerken" gereed is. kan dit sneller of laten jullie die verbinding open staan?ook zoek ik nog een smtp die wel "relay"d?

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    • Well, my furry niece, now you now that doing anything with the government means you’ll be tangled in red tape for DAYS on end. Motor Mommy is lucky it was only ONE DAY!

    • Truth be known, we all have baggage. God knows I have my own.Some folks do get lucky. And I’m happy for ’em. They are able to leave most of their baggage at the door. They come together, for and of each other, and form a new space just for themselves. They just keep re-painting the nose, and putting on new wings.What I like about not being married, is if any crap starts to flow the hands go up, the head turns, I spin on my heel and head for the door. Life’s too short. That’s one of my newest bags.

    • Por momentos pensei que era dia 1 de Abril.Zézinha “excelente candidata”? A inclinação do Túnel cujo nome não pode ser mencionado “não representa qualquer ameaça para os automobilistas”?Acho que alguém se enganou no blog.

    • Dat was een aanpassing van YouTube, maar ik was er zelf toch niet zo blij mee. Het beeld ging er heel raar van trillen, werd er zelf een beetje duizelig van. Heb het daarom weer normaal gedaan.Ik ben zo goed als beter, alleen nog een beetje verkouden. Last van voorhoofdholtes en snel moe, maar ben alweer lekker aan het werk

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    • The guy that “invented” Red Bull supposedly did so because he grew weary of jetlag from traveling back and forth from Austria to Tokyo. The idea came from the taxi cab drivers there (Tokyo) who always seem to have this little elixir drink (Taurine, I think) that keeps them going through the long hours.All the above was paraphrased from a recent National Geographic feature article on .Might want to give Red Bull a shot next time Doug 😉

    • dylan…we want 2 get $ out of politics. yet, the #1 "expense" n "reason" 4 raising SO MUCH $ is 2 give it 2 TV companies 4 ads. CHANGE THIS 1ST N REDUCE THE "NEED" 4 SO MUCH $!

    • It is things like this that sometimes cause me to question our decision to have children. Some day, you will be that parent nudging their child at a neighbours’ door in the hope they get sweets so that you can spend the rest of your evening negotiating with your little darlings to come down from the rafters of a sugar high!!God help us what have we done?

    • DavidWhat is this 3rd grade? You just defined “shotgun” rule. I would hope a committed couple would be a tad more sophisticated then relying solely on the “I called it first” rule.

    • skriver:Du är bäst!! Tack!! Hehe vad ärad jag/vi känner oss! Vi fÃ¥r väl se till att aldrig sluta resa dÃ¥! Fast dÃ¥ kommer de nog bli ännu mer engelska, haha!

    • متعهد واصل قال:كما يرحى ملاحظة ان الخبير التقني خليل تجاهل جميع الصور التي اتحفنا بها ملك الامبراطوريات وراح يتحفنا بخيالاته الخنفشارية عن عنصرية الامريكان وغيرتهم من سامسونغ

    • MunitionsmanOctober 26, 2012 at 11:48 pmA couple of games ago we had a team. A team we knew would fall apart, which it has. We never had a squad. We sold our squad. And please GS don’t quote wenger saying do I look after me or the club. When you enforce a salary structure that is killing a club on the squad but not on yourself or the cronies around you that right is lost. A club going nowhere with no squad and a manger who is living the dream. Perfect. What is the point of arsenal. GS asked the question well. There is no answer.

    • HAHA!!! That to-do list is hilarious!Glad to know the Pilot is back. TDY’s are never fun. And projectile vomitting is no fun either but makes for great laughs when you tell other people or you watch it happen to someone else. Mean? I know, but you can’t help but laugh when you watch your daughter do it to your husband while he’s holding her above his head playing with her

    • "La MulÅ£i Ani!", poate puÅ£in cu întîrziere, dar important e că-i sincer. să îţi fie anii frumoÅŸi, buni, plini de speranţă ÅŸi împliniri!

    • Beautiful citrus, you lucky West Coaster. You may not have ramps but you’ve got tons of other awesome ingredients like fresh citrus that we will never have….sigh.

    • José Serra deve ser o responsável por essa ideia. É o único jeito de ficar com o olho em cima do Aécio e evitar que se repitam as "falhas" de outras campanhas.

    • Thanks for the tips dude. Actually it’s happening to my laptop too. But i think opening the whole body part of my laptop is a little bit extreme for me. So these are what i always do when my laptop becomes so lame and slow…1. Go to Task Manager2. Pick the tab “Processes”.3. Press the “Memory Usage” indicator tab.4. If you find some unnecessary applications consume a lot of your laptop’s memory, remove it. I usually do this if the Firefox browser consumes a big memory in the RAM. BUT REMEMBER!! BE REALLY CAREFUL TO NOT REMOVE THE SYSTEM FILES THAT OPERATE YOUR LAPTOP.Cheapest Tablet PC’s recent post ..

    • Couldn’t agree more… we’ve actually had a couple of pizza grilling disasters, but we still ended up having such a great night – all because of the great company!

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    • Gotta love The Paper Shelter images. I have quite a few of them and adore them … What I love about blog hops is the opportunity to find creative and talented people like yourself 🙂 I have just become a follower of your blog and look forward to seeing more of your work. Julie

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    • putem sà scapàm de ataca la personà… Cine rosteste ideile, ingerii, fata padurii, senzienele, Mesterul Manole… Nu… sunt oameni în carne si os… Atunci ei sunt responsabili de ce spun… dàcà sunt tâmpenii sunt ale lor nu ale altora, dàcà sunt idei interesante tot ale lor sunt… Astfel de portare se chiamà responsabilitatea criticà intelectualà… dàcà tipi sunt prea fragili cà sà nu suportà criticà tare si personalà, trebuie sà meargà la slujba, la BOR sau la catolici, acolo e fàrà contestati, senario e fàcut de secole si nu se discutà…

    • Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

    • سالم قال:شباب الله يخليكم اللي مسوي روووت يقدر يحدث عن طريق الهوائي او لا واذا ممكن شباب طريقت التحديث عن طريق كيز يقدر يحدث فيها اللي عامل روووت وابي كمان منكم طريقت التحديث في كيز وشكرااااااااااااااا

    • I don’t think so, they now can rebuild the church….it leaves me thinking about why God destroyed the earth when it flooed with Noah…I wonder with all the sin, with all the evil if this wasn’t God’s way of taking care of it? I think it is ok to think of the great that can come of this. This church can rebuild, and make it even better, and stronger than before.

    • Thank you Sheila! I really appreciate your visit here with me on my blog. I’m going to get your book, Waiting to Forget. I am truly looking forward to reading it. I read about you online and you are the accomplished writer I aspire to be … congratulations! And I really appreciate you easing my mind about my use of flashbacks. I’m still not sure if I was able to pull it off. Though, I hope.Take care!

    • Strongly protest to Youtube!Return of the those videos taken by shusenkaifuku2they took it by themselvesthey took their own picturesthey took their daily life without any illegalproblem.what is wrong with them ?As a mother of two childrenI hate this kind of way you did !The only fun for me is watching shusenkaifuku2's videos .You guys stole itI feel angry.All videos must be back quickly or do apologize!

    • So nice of your kitty to pose. I love the little painted animals. My friend decided last year that she wanted a collection of the nesting dolls and she found the cutest kitty kat one complete with bonnets and purses.Great shots! 🙂

    • that video is hilarious! Love how one runner ran by, tried to grab the water bottle and then swore at him! hahaAnd Tiger Blood? priceless.Can’t believe you made it through the race, I seriously would have considered just not running the race, it just sounded horrible!

    • Stefano,il cosmonauta russo Komarov della Soyuz 1 morì nel 1967, presumo sia quello a cui si riferisce Angela.Sulla questione Judica Cordiglia: i segnali ricevuti sono probabilmente reali, ma la loro interpretazione è meno certa. Non dico di più perché è un argomento che voglio approfondire prima di dare un parere più preciso.

    • Magnifique…. j’adore tout, les couleurs, le style… TOUT !Mais quelle est la technique pour arriver à faire des lignes aussi régulières ??? merci de m’aiderBonne chance, il faut continuer.

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    • Happy Birthday, darling Blair! Hope your day is juicy like a sweet canteloupe! Love these spaces :)xoxox,CCP.S. Would love to see a pic of you in the new J. Crew pants!

    • Hej DanneNej precis dÃ¥ spelar du pÃ¥ gamla fortfarande men du borde fÃ¥ den om du nu kopplar upp dig.Den har funnits i Sverige ett tag nu ocksÃ¥.Du kan testa att koppla upp dig sÃ¥ ser du direkt om det kommer upp en frÃ¥ga om update.Ta inte emot den nu om du vill vara helt 100 sÃ¥ att säga.Avvakta ett tag till, det kommer en Live-Log närsomhelst./Xboy

    • I know, but who do you want Bush to fire? If your answer is Karl Rove, then wouldn’t it be appropriate for guilt to first be established (or for him to be indicted, at least)? I know that you want Rove’s head on a platter, but at this point your whole case is built on the accusation itself. You don’t have evidence that Rove is guilty. If you do, tell me specifically what it is.

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    • TInha esperança que esse espaço viesse a ser uma extensão da Junta de Freguesia, que tem várias actividades desportivas e ainda a sala de espectaculos Carlos Paredes. Que fazer, vai tudo para prédios mesmo.

    • Da ich Frankonia ausschließlich für die Jagdausrüstung(inkl. Jagdbekleidung) nutze, brauche ich diese Möglichkeiten nicht. Jagdbekleidung passt meistens irgendwie immer zusammen(liegt vielleicht an der Farbe?).Von den drei Möglichkeiten gefällt mir die erste am besten, die zweite ist auch ok. Ein Video brauche ich definitiv nicht und würde ich mir auch nicht anschauen. Gute Detailfotos(Taschen, Kaputze,etc.) bei Jagdbekleidung ist ausreichend.

    • *Sigh* I am satisfied. None of this “Oh look guys at this uh-mazing picture I took! There are 15 more like it, but I’m not gonna show you for months!” Those leave me in such anguish, Beks

    • JJ:That was me and I’ve got my buys in place. Will take my first bite at a penny under thirty unless the market rebounds a bit in which I’ll probably just purchase at any price down here in the 30s or low 31s. I want to do some analysis tonight, although, admittedly, I hate performing DD on banks and insurance companies. If I don’t get my sub 30, only thing lost will have been the opportunity.

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    • Love Susan Isaacs! I read Compromising Positions when it was first published (tells you how old I am) and then immediately told my best friend Judi to read

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    • And people wonder why they are concerned about the reactors pressure? Atomic Bombs are triggered when a minimum mass of the atomic matterial is put under a minum presssure. They do it with high explosives. Atomic steam engines can turn into bomb triggers when hydrogen detonates inside the pressure vessel, turning the tons of fuel into a bomb core. That is why the hydrogen had to be vented. All there lies of how a atomic steam engine could never blow up like a bomb is BS.

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    • Another pair of fab curtains! Loving Stephen getting in on the photo!Bless the oddball, every town/village has one. Ever felt like giving him a blast of Turn Back Time?! :)Great buys, love those sunglasses.X x

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    • When I saw these on another blog I HAD to do them. I went to Micheal’s and had every employee on the sales floor on a wild goose chase trying to find flocking powder since most of them had never heard of it. In the end they only had the Martha Steward brand and I wasn’t prepared to spend that much on something I wasn’t sure I would like, so I bought some on Amazon and I’m waiting for it to come in. I’m so excited to try these.

    • Helt underbara taxar!Man blir glad spallig och busig av dom de passar min hundtokiga lilla pojke!Ska flytta nästa helg till vÃ¥ran dröm lägenhet och hade gärna klätt hans rum med dessa goa hundar! FÃ¥r sÃ¥ mycket inspiration och nya idéer av att läsa eran tidning!Hoppas pÃ¥ att bli hundägare : )

    • hiii me font envie ces livres ! et alors merci pour le lien avec le cadeau de la fête des mères (le pot de confiture)j’l’adore ! et on l’a fait en famille avec les filles et Nico, on a eu plein d’idées..

    • I must say, as a lot as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a wonderful grasp on the subject matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from far more than one angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalise so considerably. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the subject. Think about adjusting your own believed process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

    • Eden tomatoes with NO added ingredients?! I’ll have to fine me some of those!After a very slow start to spring, our weather moved fast forward to August-like conditions. My tomato plants didn’t grow much at all for the first six weeks they were outdoors. Now that highs are pushing 90 and nights are warm, they double in size every couple of days. Yahooey!I try to dry my oregano in the spring for use year round. If I harvest it later it gets thick and chewy.Your sauce looks yummy!

    • I’ve had a Snorkel hot tub for about 15 years now and I use it year around. It’s a great cool tub in the summer months and heated with wood in the Spring, Fall and occasionally in the Winter. When we drain the tub to clean it, we run hoses down the hill to the gardens. One of the best investments we’ve made.

    • No, Mike, I’m referring to the SCOUTS who are online. That actually have a background in scouting. Not the Mike Mayocks or Mel Kiper’s of the world. Several of the are online but you have to dig for them.

    • Bel post e concordo quasi su tutto… soprattutto sulle crocs… le odio!! (così come ho sempre odiato gli zoccoli dr scholl's)… poi…I pantaloni harem non me li metterei nemmeno se fossi in perfetta forma e, essendo bassa, se mettessi quei sandali da gladiatore, sembrerei una polpetta coi piedi.Gli stivali col pelo di coniglio morto non mi sono mai piaciuti e le tute le usavo alle elementari per andare a scuola.La salopette l'ho indossata una sola volta quando ero una teenager e le frange mai.:)

    • patutnya polis nie time pamela rakam aksi diaorang tengah bagi saman sebut kuat2 kesalahan si pamela nie biar satu dunia tahu kesalahan dia….dah la buat salah pastu nak rakam polis buat keja…sengal betul si pamela lim nie….

    • The regular slice is one of the best I’ve had in NYC.. if not, the best. However.. The Fresh Mozzarella Slice is the real deal..Don’t ask questions.. Just Eat It.

    • Oh my! You got a beautiful Eringi!!!!! It's really expensive in the US… I love how you cooked it too. I almost feel like this flavor is much better than how Japanese would cook (soy sauce base but without garlic and ginger). I really can eat that whole bowl myself. I love Eningi's unique texture… yum….

    • Avec une telle énormité en guise de préambule que je n’ai même pas cliqué sur le lien donné.Fottorino citait Léotard, pas Thucydide…Rédigé par: Aquinze | le 18 mars 2008 à 19:12Par contre si vous êtes beau joueur , ce dont je doute, ce dont je ne doute guère, vous pouvez m’expliquer le lien entre le « doit » et toutes les données météo marine car là j’ai cliqué cinquante fois, au moins et n’ai toujours rien compris. Merci. « tiod » ? Rien pigé du tout.

    • lunch guy: oh i love santa barbara too. great town to stroll around in, nice mexican ambience n yes, lovely restaurants. i also rmber a place called san luis obispo, smthing like tt. all those missions..reminds me of the eagles' hotel california :Dagnes: sad kk. totally mismanaged & misdeveloped.

    • Did you manage to do this? Only I’ve been looking and so far the solution seems to be using download monitor (in exchange for ‘subscriber’ status on your website – or wp-ecommerce where you set the item for free…

    • I think one of the biggest struggles parents face is coming to grips that there is life outside the home and that we become disconnected from it when we have little ones. The other struggle for us Gen X'ers is that you either dress like a kid or a corporate suit and that it seems like there's very little in between that defines “age appropriate” for us.

    • “Build a large boat from cypress wood….” and doesn’t mention the word ‘ark’ at all.There followed a discussion we couldn’t possibly have had without ready access to multiple translations. Most of which are lying around the house somewhere (not sure we have an NASB), but we were walking along the street…. so out came my smartphone and YouVersion.A few more compare-and-contrast examples came up, and by the time we got home, both girls understood a bit more about why there are lots of translations and the different ways they have evolved.

    • «Ganhou sempre a tradição.» Caro Pedro Arroja:Em 1910 ganhou a "tradição" ? E em 1926 foi a "tradição" ou a "pseudo-tradição" ?…Muito estimaria um esclarecimento da sua parte, tomando em consideração a diferença – radical – entre tradição religiosa e tradição política.

    • exodus eden says:

      13th Amendment banned slavery, and though it didn’t mention financial slavery by name, it is included in the spirit of the law.Sharia law (based totally upon servant/master law) introduces the social darwinism that the 13th Amendment banned, and all of America should reject it as inconsistent with the Constitution – however advantageous Big Banks, Wall Street and Big Business consider it. America needs no economic law governed by caste systems.

    • My first reaction is that maybe Chapman is doing what he has been told to do and that is pair down the bloated bureaucracy the EC has been accused of maintaining. Maybe they’ll forward the money saved to the IMB and let volunteers take over his job. There is going to be a lot more of this pairing down before the GCR is over.

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    • Do you hold the view that no current justice is possible (to the living), if a past injustice remains unhealed?And do you hold the view that it is justified to apply a current injustice (even if greater in impact than the prior), to remedy a prior one?That is what is quoted.

    • in cartea Conversatii cu Dumnezeu aflam ca timpul nu exista ,el aste ceva inventatde oameni ca de fapt cum ai spus si tu Marius ,exista doar eternitatea.Am invatat de la tine si din alte materiale ca e bine sa traim numai in prezent ,fara sa ne gandim la trecutul cu problamele sale ,nici la viitor ,pt ca nu stim ce ne aduce ,si daca traim cu intensitate clipa prezenta suntem mult mai fericiti.

    • I think this is very interesting, the gentic thing. Genetic has so much to do with so many things why not this.I was just wondering if Mothers of gay Sons would be different from Mothers of transgender Sons. Maybe there is no conection at all. Is there any genetic studies on trangender at all?

    • wow. that comment was so rich, i don’t know where to begin. when has anyone ever made better use of the french language? i do love that we are meant to love becky sharpe though she is clearly unlovable. and somehow that quality makes these characters feel more alive and more like the middle ground.

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    • How do you ground a 5500 watt generator? Can I use the ground in the #10/4 wire in the 4-prong twist lock or do I need to use a copper 5/8″x8′ foot rod driven into the ground?

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    • Слесарь-каббалист:Код для вставкиНадо было самого Салтыкова-Щедрина опубликовать, его "Помпадуры и помпадурши", без писанины Кругликова. Ибо имеющий разум да разумеет.

    • Mantinhas de sofá, que delícia!! Até já apetece um domingo de chuva e frio… só tenho pena de não ter lareira… Olha, enfim, não se pode ter tudo 🙂

    • those of you who are not in BOD-Premium, I have a freebie for you! An episode of Soulistry With Effy is over here for download! You get the PDF + an hour long art

    • Brilliant, my friend!! I’ve considered leaving my metal tree up all year and hanging valentines in february, Easter eggs in the spring, etc. I keep the “live” wreath up all year because is smells nice and refer to it as my Adams’ Family wreath .XOXO, Cathy

    • Hermosa producción, muy tica llena de emoción y sentimientos , ¿que sera de los conejitos sin post?, =) lo único a criticar seria el sonido tal vez usaron un micrófono muy sencillo o no se manejo bien

    • Just to play devil’s advocate, what are we to make of people like Dr. Sanity, Shrinkwrapped, and SCA who routinely diagnose liberals as flaming narcissists, etc.? Admittedly, displaying your bias in a personal blog is not as outrageous as passing it off as reasoned inquiry in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, but the motivation is surely the same: make the other side look crazy.

    • ” No one expected that Barack Obama would abandon the party’s historic support of public education and equity.”Yes, at least one of us did. I didn’t vote for him the first time around as if you read anything at all about his record and what he said he was going to do you would have realized that he was a neoliberal, Chicago school of economics warmongering right winger.

    • Jännä juttu. Muistan joskus pienenä nähneeni kuinka paketillinen kananmunia laitettiin pystyyn (jonain tiettynä päivänä, olisiko sitten ollut juuri kevätpäiväntasaus), ja suurin osa niistä jäi siihen asentoon melko helposti. Taisin vielä itsekin kokeilla sitä.Nyt sitten piti kokeilla uudestaan. Ei pysynyt pystyssä, ei sitten millään.

    • Ist doch Symbolhaft, oder? Denn in mir kommt etwas Groll auf, wenn ich lese, dass Heute in vielen Schweizer Städten ein öffentliches Gebäude hell bestrahlt werden soll, aus Zeichen setzen gegen die Todesstrafe!

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    • Wait until Realtors and the mortgage industry get poleaxed by the removal of tax deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest. IMO, this is not a matter of if, but when.We’ll probably fight it with massive amounts of lobbying, graft and influence-peddling, rather than preparing our industries to deal with housing-as-commodity and lower rates of homeownership going forward. Then, when the change actually comes, we’ll be both tapped out financially and unprepared to respond to the new realities.In the end, either we deal with reality, or reality will deal with us.

    • I love everything that you post (so glad to have found your blog) and I would love to see some more borders/textures. Thanks so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us!

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    • Paul,If you need anything contact Erick Bright or I and we will take good care of you! I look forward to seeing you at the next show! I would love to get an interview with you for MLTV. ~Debby

    • Anche i miei non sono molto d’accordo sul fatto che io continui a leggere fantasy e infatti non me ne comprano più ma se me li compro da sola non mi dicono nulla…

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    • frank,I’m not wishing for a disater. I’m predicting one. Housing bubble collapse = credit crunch.FED’s loose money and low rates = inflationDeveloping countries growth = US having to compete for raw materials as the value of our dollar falls.Higher raw materials causes higher energy and food costs for consumers who have little to none savings and are watching their houses crash in value.You don’t have to get too close to a pig farm to know it’s going to stink.Oink Oink

    • good! even the swine wont let him swine around with them. this is the guy who called the cops on me at the protest on moran street. he also called me a communist even though it was him who was trying to shut down a newspaper in america. i’m glad the other communists wont let him play with them. maybe now he’ll get a job.

    • 151Zojuist in het debat in de tweede kamer: Rutte geeft aan dat wanneer hij een stuk rood vlees de kamer in gooit, het nog niet de bedoeling is dat iedereen erop af springt. Is dit extra bewijs voor de stelling dat rood vlees een link heeft met status en bezit? Of dat het mensen asocialer maakt?

    • “each of those pigeons has a wider gamut of facial expressions than this girl does”Yes, okay, but can they match her beak? Can they? Huh?Bolta hai !! J.A.P.

    • For Rex Dyer:Actually, they probably WOULD expel 50% of their students, even in 50 schools. At least as long as there were not any Preferred Species among them…

    • Ma secondo voi, la tastiera con un centinaio di tasti, al di là della loro disposizione, è veramente il dispositivo di immissione dei testi migliore che ci sia? O pensate che sia immaginabile qualcos'altro?L'immissione vocale non sembra che funzioni un gran che. Altrettanto dicasi per quei sistemi grafici tipo , che sembrano molto furbi ma poi all'atto pratico si rivelano faticosissimi, come quelli guidati dallo sguardo o le BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces) basate sulle onde cerebrali. E allora? qualcuno ha qualche notizia più confortante?

    • Margot Benary-Isbert (from memory) had a wonderful book about a German girl and her family trying to keep body and soul together after World War II. There’s a wonderful railroad car they convert into an apartment, lots of farm life, an outcast old lady in the woods, and I’ve had a soft spot for mastiffs ever since.I really think seeing that war from another, ordinary side as a child deepened my empathy.

    • Está bem. Levaste umas bofetadas paternais para ganhar juízo e afinal serviram de pouco…A fidelidade canina é um, sei lá, atributo dos cães. Mas: Dog people are 50% more likely to be conservativeCat people skew liberal

    • Janne, I was too was going to go low-tech and also recommend a French press for Aaron. I have one here and it’s wonderful, especially with ground-it-yourself organic, shade-grown, free trade beans from Whole Foods or some place similar. I also have a Turkish coffee brewer thingy, and with good coffee, it’s great too (although it is usually hotter when served).

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    • Jane – Love the look of this site….but more importantly this post. The creative “indwelling” is an universal condition and the term is perfect to describe it. Here in Portugal we are in the midst of a celebration called “Art for the Masses” in my city. Thanks.

    • This looks good. Thanks for the share. As for the re-ups, take your time and do your priority in life first. We all can wait. This is a community and we understand well.

    • Maria Manuela Martins de Oliveira Lopes, cuide-se, porque a Emilinha lê este blog e qualquer dia o KGB bate-lhe à porta.Ah! Ah! Ah!Assim vai o anti-comunismo do século XXI.

    • Si lo que acordó al momento de dejar la seña difiere de lo que se le solicita para la firma del contrato, está siendo victima de una estafa. Recurra a un abogado para detener el actuar de esos delincuentes y evitar que usted sea una victima mas.

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    • « Tout le monde a le droit de se marier! » HAHAHAHEtant homosexuel, vous vous etes marié à une femme, c’est ca ?rahlala, ca va me faire l’arpèm cette blagounette, sacré Cambronne !

    • Just a thought, Lanna, because I personally have not used Tattlers, but I would think the heat from the dishwasher would break down the gasket a lot faster than just hand washing; especially if you do not use the air dry cycle. Thanks for sharing. That is an important consideration.

    • Petra, I agree with that point of Mead’s, and I think it true of the Mideast in general now. Obama has handled Israel-Palestine poorly from the start, and the absence of security in Benghazi was a stunning lapse. Otherwise, I think his general caution before the Arab upheaval has been right. It is a pretense, I think, to claim that there is a U.S. (or any other) policy that might be managing events to some directed end.

    • Regarding your statement:” … it’s uncommon for search engine crawlers to type into search boxes or navigate via pull down menus … “my experience indicates there are occasions where such an instance does occur, artificially creating many non existing pages – perhaps it might be the case to add a recommendation to block such pages from being spidered and subsequently indexed.

    • anon: *sigh* you are confusing me. isn't catalan the north east region of spain? what's wrong with saying the tomato spread is spanish if so? if you want to be very specific, than the tomato spread is catalan but it it is spanish too, and not italian. u know aht i mean?all long crusty baguette-like bread is baguette to me. i did say it's flat baguette, which is more spanish than italian. n you can call it crusty but baguettes are hard crusty, hurts my mouth.

    • milorenMuy buenas reflexiones, una observación: mencionar que sería preferible recortar las rentas altas vale como axioma, en eso estamos todxs, pero no para esta situación. No hace falta tocar las rentas altas, ni las bajas, tampoco hace falta tocar derecho laboral alguno, desde luego, porque toda la crisis esta es mentira, sólo es un arma, una escusa para recortar los derechos.

    • You have noted very interesting details ! ps nice site. “Never take the advice of someone who has not had your kind of trouble.” by Sydney J. Harris.

    • Kiitos kaikille kommenteista ja Arjalle muistutuksesta, tuo Raittilan teos onkin ollut tarkoitus lukea joskus…Jääskeläisen blogi oli kaikille avoin, kun linkitin sen, tilanne lienee muuttunut. Yritän lähiaikoina selvittää, onko hänellä edelleen muitakin blogeja ja päivittää linkin sitten Kirjailijoiden blogeja -kirjoitukseen.

    • Agh, the Ira Glass dad letter cracked me up! Good stuff! I can’t adopt him as my dad though since I have a major nerd crush on him. And that watermelon float has given me the idea for a watermelon white sangria for my friend’s b-day party this weekend. (I’m also making key lime filled cupcakes- totes maj!)

    • My year is going great! I have already met all my financial goals for the year so I will be able to surpass them quite a bit since its only July. Some personal goals got the boot, like continuing my weight loss journey because we decided it continue to grow our family and are now expecting our 3rd child in early Jan. But other personal goals, like participating in a CSA and switching to hormone & antibiotic free beef has been accomplished.

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    • :I’d recommend one to steer clear of the remake Dead Space though. It’s…nowhere nearly as good as the original. It skews more towards the third version of Corman you mentioned. That shiuyld be “nowhere near”. It’s late.

    • ganache: i know, i know.i too just eat the meat. n some skin :Dshan: er, it takes at least 4 hours…julie: 6 squares bet u n will?! i feel sick already…btw, how r u my dear?yi: u know me n my lame jokes.denise: he’s taking me too much for granted tt boyworldwindows: lol!chumpman: we seem to eat similar food, ur parents being shanghainese?ekeng: hey, u still reading blogs?? have u found the answer to making lacy tempura? i’ll make u dongpo pork if u give me the secrets

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    • mi opiniòn acerca del tema de ontologia o metafisica es que me parece muy interesante ya que nos permite conocer las capacidades del hombre y tambien nos ayuda a identificar sus caracteristicas en la realidad y por medio de la filosofia.Hacerca del video puedo decir que es muy horrible saber que hacen muchas cosas por lo material dçsin pensar en las concecuencias que la podrian traer màs adelante.11º 9 matinal

    • Congratulations, Amanda, on finding this intriguing report on an “emergency” moratorium. There are lessons here for Cambria and the segment of the community that does not want to finance a prohibitively costly desalination project for the benefit of those who would want to build out the community.

    • Definitely a different type of construction material and quite a large barn AND silos. Don’t often see TWO silos. Wonder what the flower shop is like inside??

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    • Now that I finally managed to climb back up on my chair and promised my lungs I’ll stop laughing if they start providing oxigen again… Se pare ca este o problema cu supply-ul de parteneri de cafea/restaurant in ultimult timp… citesc in mai multe post-uri despre intalniri horror… marturisesc ca ma regasesc pe undeva in personajele amintite dar daca vrei iti aduc eu un set Rorschach 😉 so you can see I am NOT a compulsive obsessive blog reader…

    • in Pride and prejudice. Mock them, laugh at them, show them your contempt, they are bellow contempt even.Nice new format, mazal tov.

    • Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

    • Den filmen sÃ¥g vi för ett Ã¥r sen, helt underbar! Hela familjen gillade den. Den fick flera Oscars och ännu fler nomineringar.Hälsningar frÃ¥n Madrid

    • Lionel,La diffusion de la poésie sur internet n’a pas eu besoin de japonisation: les ingrédients sont une connexion à internet, une difficulté d’accès aux maisons d’éditions traditionnelles, et des collections de toute façon sclérosées dans le domaine. Au final, la poésie moderne, qui en vaut la pein,e n’est de toute façon plus diffusée hors d’internet.

    • 지지합니다.끝까지 힘내시고 좋은 결과가 있기를 기원하겠습니다.주변 여러 사람들에게 이런한 일이 있음을 알리겠습니다.화이팅입니다.

    • “90% of consumers say they want to receive sales & promotions via direct mail ….” The source posted is Nielsen Research~DebraDebra Jason recently posted..

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    • yungedI actually plan what i will eat later in the day, when i am not hungry.You will find that even squirrels do this very successfully by gathering nuts before the winter, so it looks like are you are wrong and even squirrels are smarter…

    • Sono entrambe fighe. Soprattutto quella di Limitless. Lo è anche quella di Eternal Sunshine, devo dire, anche se quando penso a quel film, mi vengono in mente solo cose estremamente minimali. E non so perchè. Problema mio, suppongo :)Quel font cicciotto è carino.

    • Det skal bli nyydelig Ã¥ kunne gÃ¥ pÃ¥ barmark igjen. Men nÃ¥ gÃ¥r i allefall vi her i Tromsø inn i den aller fineste delen av vinteren. Vi har snø og stadig mer sol, og da er det sÃ¥ flott Ã¥ være masse ute.

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    • This is a good letter. Do you think you would have listened?I was stupid, and likely too stupid to listen if I’d received a magical letter to myself. Then again, as a believer in magical things, maybe it would have given me pause. I wish something would have you know?The only way to really do this I think is to give our daughters advice. And we all know how well that typically goes. ~le sigh~

    • why Did You That? By David S Rains attempts to answer all those issues that we all face as parents but can’t figure out why our kids would really do this that and everything else… Yes, it’s a self help book and I’m somewhere between step two and step three: laughter and drinking. Has Thr book helped me understand my kids? Not really. I do enjoy hearing about other parents with problems though…..

    • This isn’t real. I still believe this guy is a world-class fucking toolbag douche, but this whole site is a put-on. Nobody is this ridiculous. It just can’t be. It’s too over the top. Kade, you went too far.

    • think foreigners were happy when FDR did it? Check your depression history….And do you think it matters what the people want? Ask how many Americans actually wanted to bail out the banks. That money was extorted from the American people via Hank “Gold Sachs” Paulson. I have a feeling that pattern will be repeated as well.

    • Mel, the important thing is not that Steve believes in global warming, but that the Left does. Third Worlders who move to the First World consume a lot more and generate a lot more carbon than if they had remained at home. Using this as a wedge issue between the Green and "pro-immigration" Left is just so crazy it might work.

    • Yeah…könnt dich knutschen…du kommst nach bielefeld!!! Und ich habe karten…hoffe, du kannst meinem freund (einabsoluter kochbanause, sogar bolognesesauce kommt bei ihm aus dem glas) mal zeigen und davon überzeugen, dass richtig kochen nicht nur leckerer, sondern auch einfach sein kann!!! Holst du zufällig Leute auf die Bühne???Nimm ihn, er kann es mehr als gebrauchen!!! Villeicht muss ich dann nicht immer kochen!Lieben Gruß Marion

    • GratulujÄ™ decyzji i sÅ‚usznie obranej drogi. Inwestorów powinny zaintrygować magiczne sÅ‚owa: „harmonogram projektu”, „dofinansowanie”, „Å›rodki zwracane inwestorom”. Już czujÄ™ podniecenie i smród hajsu :PAbym dobrze zrozumiaÅ‚ tylko zapytanie doprecyzowujÄ…ce: „którzy nie logowali siÄ™ od 1 stycznia 2008″ oznacza wszystkich artystów, którzy ostatnie logowanie mieli przed tÄ… datÄ…. Tak?

    • Verdaderamente Cesar Alierta la tiene tomada contigo y seguramente porque sabe que te has metido con uno de sus directivos llamado Urdangarín…Ahí estaré el domingo para demostrar a los peperos que por mucho que lo intenten no podrán callarnos.Besos para un "semidesconectado"

    • ciao Chiara! beate te che sei in una bella isola al sole! qui a Milano come sempre è nuvoloso,bellissimi i tuoi accessori di oggi ! che bell'albergo!! divertitevi!!

    • Jona – pretty summer colors and tastefully done.i’m not really a fan of red but those are gorgeous flowers.any idea where they got it from?

    • To Devil,You have to create from this page: ‘Hello Tunes Campaign‘I didn’t get it. Does it mean that we create contests only from the material provided in that page? We are suppose to use those images and videos or ?Could you please explain and make me clear what does the sentence “You have to create from this page: ‘Hello Tunes Campaign‘” mean.Waiting to create contest

    • Flavio, A cada cirurgia contamos uma história. Nosso organismo responde de formas diferentes.Quanto mais manipulação maiores os sintomas !A região do siso fica próxima a orofaringe, algumas vezes, as suturas ficam na mucosa da orofaringe o que causa desconforto ao engolir.Siga corretamente as orientações do pós-operatório. Evite ficar cuspindo e bochechando; evite grãos; mantenha a higiene com delicadeza.Não deixe de comparecer as consultas.Boa sorte, Um abraço,Dr.Jose Americo Bottino Junior, cirurgião-dentista, especialista em periodontia.

    • I was a sunny day when the attacks happened. I am sure everyone knew where they were. We may or may never know what really happened considering the government likes to hide the details. Very sad!

    • In order for a conducting material to be grounded, a wire is all that is needed; however, humans are not pure conductors, since dry skin has a fairly high resistance, and even moist skin has measurable resistance. Given that fact, the higher the surface area in “electrical contact” with the earth, the higher the conductance (1/R) which means the lower the resistance (R). Therefore, people for whom this is a problem, ie people who respond well to the intervention, allowing a more rapid and complete grounding should have a greater effect.

    • A little secret Abbey. I think you could get the same effect by spooning the dough into muffin tins instead of using the pastry bag. The rest is easy peasy.

    • #17: For me, it isn’t about “owning” a house, it is about quality of life. I enjoy working on my house, swimming in my pool, and washing my car in the driveway. I also have a large workshop in my garage. I Couldn’t do that if I rented. If you don’t enjoy those things, then rent.

    • jon: mwuahaha!ASPR: it does kind of limit it because it requires the Haloscan comment service to work but I’ve had this thing in the back of my mind since I made commentluv so I’m quite pleased with it

    • Un look qui sent les vacances pour la Working Girl J’adore ce look, mais décidement c’est que je vais finir par croire que tout te vas… De la robe ultra-chic à la tenue hyper décontract’ en short et baskets Je comprend pourquoi tu as craqué pour ce petit short ! Je l’imagine tout aussi bien en mode Working girl, j’espère que tu en fera un essai un jour En tout cas profites bien des tes vacances !Des bises !

    • Unlucky prof, lucky student, sad day (9-11) not just for all those involved but because the event seemed to make terror glamorous. Keep fighting the good fight. Thank you.

    • Arthur Wood calls them "Enhanced Social Investment Note". Social Impact Bond sounds safe, "Enhanced Social Investment Note" sounds like one of the derivatives that blew up the world financial markets.

    • Woody, you could use the same reasoning to justify the 9/11 attacks, the London Tube bombings and any other terrorist atrocity. Since the American public and the British public elected certain governments, and those governments did certain things… they shouldn’t complain about terrorism…

    • Olá Rui,Você está e estará sempre adiante de nós, com suas idéias maravilhosas.Vou tentar ser um bom aluno, capturando essas grandes lições.Mai uma vez muito obrigado.

    • Foarte interesant dialog.Cum ai observat si tu, e de-a dreptu infricosator cum un om poate sa se imbete cu apa chioara, si sa o sustina ceva complet aiurea. Aici nu mai e vorba de gandire magica, ci de prostie in forma pura. Ce poti sa te mai astepti de la o asa fiinta… e o dovada clara ca evolutia nu numa ca exista, da poate merge si in sens invers. Cand nu iti folosesti un organ, mama natura are grija sa economiseasca energia… pacat ca la unii organu e creierul.

    • Luísa comentou em 9 de julho de 2012 às 22:50. Confesso que me fugiram as palavras… Simplesmente SEN SA CI O NAL!! Muito melhor que ter dinheiro é ter personalidade e caráter!!!

    • You and your family will be in my daily prayers, my brother. I’ll begin today when I’m praying before Our Lord at the adoration chapel. Always remember that “with God, ALL things are possible!” (Luke 1:37)God Bless,Gary

    • I'm with Richard Matheson on I Am Legend. I preferred the original ending, especially because THATS WHAT THE DAMN BOOK WAS ABOUT! Hell, even the TITLE was about becoming the monster! It's why I'm scared to see Hyperion whenever it comes out.

    • Chris W.,Your link in the thread you reference is to the most bizarre paper I’ve seen yet on the ArXiv. It’s hard to imagine that Cumrun Vafa endorses the views in the paper, but who knows? Besides the passage you cite, the author of the paper also thanks Vafa in a footnote on page 3. In fact the paper is worth reading for the footnotes alone. My personal favorite is footnote 4 on page 4, which correctly conveys the flavor of the whole paper:although they could send unwanted anti-prisoners, their arrival being known as gamma-ray bursts

    • Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

    • Schöner Blog! Erinnert mich doch sehr an meine Zeit in Australien. Finde es immer wieder Spannend auch von Erfahrungen anderer zu lesen.Gruß Tim

    • Happy Birthday to Jon! What a great post, i loved having a nosey round town. The hippo is funny, we have a thing in our town that looks like a giant penis, it was comissioned by the council and the town was in uproar when it was unveiled, its hillarious, i should put a pick on my blog of it lol. Scarlett x

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    • My bernese mountain dog was from a “q” litter too! Her registered name was Quintessentially Liesl. We figured since it meant she was pure and concentrated essence of a substance it kinda worked. We called her Liesl in everyday life though.

    • Minä taas päädyin listaamaan lukupäiväkirjojen (noin v. 2003-2008) perusteella, että muistaisin myös niitä aiemmin luettuja, siis ennen blogia – kauheaa oli silti. :)Kiitos kun muistutit siitä Aloittamisen taidosta – Lukukirja minulla on omassa hyllyssäni ja tykkään siitä kovasti!

    • å–‚å–‚,乜你唔係好唔得閒oæ—¢o羊?乜解究走來我處練打字?你說那些短講題目很有問題,我十分贊成。那班英語教師好像想將所有學生都訓練成無線的編劇,只懂講一些不是人講的對白。不過聽到你講依家中學D英語教學仍然未許樂觀,實在有點意外,因為我平日見到的大學生當中,spoken English 「lark lark 聲」的比例明顯較我讀 undergraduate study 時高。如果你和我的觀察都無錯,難道是多了富貴的學生從國際學校或者外國的中學畢業?真是奈人尋味……P.S. 其實好想聽下你講 listening comprehension çš„æ•…ä»”,不過老友,抓緊時間做正經事吧!

    • Bra artikkel. Det eneste jeg kunne tenke Ã¥ ha med, som jeg ikke sÃ¥, var at de som faktisk trener magen tungt og dermed fÃ¥r kjørt seg skikkelig – fÃ¥r en større magemuskel. En større magemuskel med fett oppÃ¥ ser enda fetere ut

    • If enough people would call the Quinoa Corp, maker of the Ancient Harvest brand, (quinoa dot net) at (310) 217-8125 and ask them to reveal which strain they are selling, they might decide to reveal that info to the public. They wouldn’t respond to me, and I can’t eat quinoa without feeling a reaction.

    • Modest dress is one thing, mobile purdah and facelessness is another. Modest dress is an individual choice, it's not the compulsory acid backed dress codes.Most societies have expectations for how people should dress, but they're not about making it impossible for women to function in public life.

    • Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch as I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

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    • Hej Aga, w koÅ„cu doczekaÅ‚em siÄ™ kolejnego posta…;] KiedyÅ› wynajmowaÅ‚em mieszkanie caÅ‚kiem niedaleko tego baru ale nigdy nie odważyÅ‚em siÄ™ tam wejść, bo przerażaÅ‚a mnie ta ciasnota. Może kiedyÅ› siÄ™ skuszÄ™. Ps. a jak ceny tapas?Pozdrawiam,K.

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    • kimikim / Hi ! Can anyone tell me how to get tickets to the show at Okinawa besides emailing the admin? Time is short.. as I need to travel from overseas to Japan..and need to book flights real soon.Thank you in advance..:)

    • دوست عزیز این این فایل توی قسمت دانلود سنتر و توی پوشه مپ ترمینال هست دقیقا لینک زیر:متاسفانه سرور دانلود سنترمون مشکلی داره که اومدم لینک بهت بدم نشداما توی فایل های مپ ترمینال هست مطمئن باش.

    • What my family does that I really respect when we are there is from sundown friday night until sundown saturday night there is no tv, computer, phone etc. It is so refreshing to participate in when we are there!

    • I love the chalkboard paint idea and your black/gold pumpkin sounds so cute! I thought about adding spray painted letters, but that’s just one too many steps for me : ) Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

    • Great website you have here but I was curious about ifyou knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talkedabout here? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get responses from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Not sure which place you’re referring to, but here in Canada I’ve never been treated badly or been ‘despised’ for being Indian. This is an amazing country that’s very welcoming, in general, of minorities. Of course Canada has problems, like every other place. But in comparison: as a South Indian living in Bombay I would have to listen to Raj Thackeray telling me that my city is not mine, because I’m not Maharashtrian. There is more prejudice to deal with in India, whether we like to admit it or not. And it’s not necessarily limited to prejudice towards the gay community.

    • We live by Cannock chase so lots and lots of trees which are great for taking the kids for walks to wear them out. We went to Massachussets a few years ago and where we stayed was exactly like the forests at home!!

    • I haven’t checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

    • Is Hip Hop Abs worth it?I’ve seen the infomercials and it looked like it would be fun to do. I was trying to find a exercise video that either was involved with dancing or had good music so i wouldn’t get bored with it. I need to start working out but i hate going to the gym and i thought this could be my other option. I would like to lose about 30 lbs. If anyone has tried hip hop abs, I was wondering if it is worth the $60+ i would have to pay for it. Or if anyone knows of an alternative exercise video that would be fun and not boring, let me know. Thanks in advance!

    • I miss having a sewing machine. Mine died years ago. I was drooling over one at Costco the other day.Your pillow is beautiful. You did a great job. I can’t wait to see the t-shirt!You Sew Girl!

    • I’m very glad to see you’re on top of this. I sent an e-mail to yarnharlot earlier today, as one of her patterns is pictured on the page for another “compilation” this person is selling. Just crazy.

    • I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

    • Síguele Norma jajaja era por escribir en serio pero no se me da…buenooo vamos que es cuando van “de pica flor” aleteando cual colibri, Un besote desmadroso y con olor a rossaaaassssssssssssssssss

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    • Is there any where that have Indian type ice cream? Or does this shop make it also? In San Francisco have a shop that make Indian flavors ice creams.Vickie

    • afterward. “Kobe fouled me two times in a row, so he’s still got one up on me. But I’m glad that everything was cool and we got back to being competitive and having fun.”and…“Tonight, he does what he normally does,” Wade said of Bryant. “He got 27. He’s Kobe Bryant. He scores the ball. He’s a tough cover. But it’s great being a little piece of history. He’s one of the best of all time. We will one day say we had the honor of playing against one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball.”So put down the pitchforks and torches, for now =)

    • [Hot och uppmaningar till vÃ¥ld kommer inte att tolereras pÃ¥ utan det fÃ¥r ni hÃ¥lla pÃ¥ andra pajas-sidor. Hos använder vi sunt förnuft och generell "netikett" i diskussion och debatt. Bete dig inte som en idiot – slipp känna saxens vrede.]

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    • PS. därmed inte sagt att det mÃ¥ste vara en lika storstÃ¥tlig gÃ¥va, absolut inte. Och om gammelfaster, som jenny 13:37 gissar, vill att det ska vara lika bröderna emellan, är det ju inget som hindrar att den andre brodern blir uppmärksammad pÃ¥ nÃ¥got sätt. Eller?

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    • Well ya, Kemp was a big man, but Paxson also unloaded Bob Sura and Wes Person somehow (the one thing Paxson was good at was dumping salary).It might be trading a problem for a problem, but Hughes can be moved (and at this point I think he should be).

    • Il Dell Adamo o i Portegé sono dei netbook? Alcuni Sony hanno processori peggiori e costano di più… ma parlare male di Apple fa così più figo…Io l'ho provato. Almeno il 13" base, ed è incredibilmente veloce e reattivo. Sembra più veloce del pro!! Aprivo un sacco di applicazioni istantaneamente e non dava l'impressione di rallentamenti!!Altro che netbook…Vi consiglio di provarlo se volete evitare figuracce da religiosi anti-Apple 🙂

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    • To anyone who thinks MS can do security, I have two words for you, Internet Explorer.I trust them as much as I can outbid them (which is to say, not at all, I am poor).So far nothing I have heard about Win8 has been good and this is just one more reason I will not be getting it.WIN 8; Screw PC's we're makin' Tablets!

    • Wieder ein interessantes Tool, auch wenn die Webseite irgendwie kaputt ist, zumindestens bei mir. Das Layout im Eimer, und der Link da zum Download führt ins Nichts Ganz abgesehen davon gefällt mir das HDR Foto diesmal gut, beim nächsten Mal aber bitte das vordere Plüschtier komplett aufs Bild

    • Hi Mel,I’ve never thought of using pureed carrots in this cake, but I bet it would work fantastically. And I’m sure you’re right, I’d use it in place of the yogurt, which would make it dairy free. I’ll have to think of this the next time I make this cake (it is my husbands favorite cake, so it is quite often). Great suggestion! Thanks!

    • Bonjour, J’ai téléchargé ce programme, mais je n’arrive pas à le mettre en marche. Je l’ai téléchargé sur mon Imac et mon macbook mais après c’est en anglais et je ne comprend pas ce qu’il faut faire. Si quelqu’un pouvait m’expliquer ce serait génial…

    • Por razónes de espacio he colocado todas las fotografías, 168 en total, en un post oculto. Si desean verlas y descargarlas, vayan al siguiente post y pinchen en “leer más”.Gracias.

    • AW!!! You two are ADORABLE! Congrats to your Sweetie for running that race so fast! Whoo-hoo! I’m so glad you had such a nice day. LOVE, LOVE the pictures too.

    • Woman of Alien…Perfect operate you have done, this web site is basically neat with wonderful data. Time is God’s technique for maintaining all the things from occurring at once….

    • buenas tardes solo, apenas hoy en esta semana lei su libro y ahora que me encuentro en mexico df. y viendo su historia me da gusto que halla podido salir de esa carcel y disfrutar su libertad y espero que piense que no todos lols mexicanos somos asi ademas, la vdd me duele que no halla cambiado la carcel desde ese entonces sigue igual solo cambia la carcel de lugar pero todo sigue igual espero que este bien y me gusto su libro e historia gracias suerte

    • Shit när jag sÃ¥g detta började jag svettas. Hundägaren borde straffas ordentligt. När ska folk fatta? Ta inte in dom jävla kamp hundarna i Sverige. Livsfarligt ju blir sÃ¥ förbannad pÃ¥ det.

    • comentou em 26 de agosto de 2011 às 09:21. Júlia,dá uma olhadinha no nosso arquivo de manuais. a Julia já fez tanta coisa bacana que vc pode usar: coque, trança e vários presos que fogem do rabo de cavelo de todos os dias ;)basta entrar no álbum de fotos do facebook petiscos. bj!

    • I love the 2nd picture. As for hands, you and I are the same age. I was contemplating my hands the other day. I was sad that they’re looking a little worse for wear. Then, I remembered all of the things they had done. And I felt better.

    • Nossa, que matéria distorcida.Marcelo Freixo quase morreu lutando contra as milícias no RJ. Seu Irmão foi morto por um miliciano. Por que tais fatos não foram colocados nessa notícia?Marcelo Freixo mudará o rumo da história política do RJ e do Brasil. No rio, é 50!

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    • Nem bordás, de öntöttvas serpenyÅ‘ben ezt (is, a garnéla mellett) fogok készíteni ma, ezért is olvastam újra a posztot, és támadt egy kérésem:az Asztronautához a narancs darált kávéba van forgatva?

    • Dobrý den,Å™edí se výtěžek z 2.D vodou na požadovavý obsah % pÅ™ed odvÄ›tráním (demižón bez zátky) nebo po?A jak dlouho a pÅ™i jaké teplotÄ› vÄ›trat? VÄ›tráním nemyslím "uležení" či tzv.stáření, to je mi jasné, že čím dýl tím líp.DÄ›kuji.

    • O Sutil é filho de músicos. O pai dele é um emigrante uruguaio, foi violinista da orquestra filarmônica de Munique na Alemanha. ;-)Só não sei de onde surgiu a velocidade. =P[]´sKohara

    • I think Jason just had a similar experience with Apple Care. At the risk of being murdered in my sleep by all the women who read this (and at being totally off topic), I just want to state for the record that no matter how many nights we took back in college, no does not always mean no.

    • – Mlle A : Je suis en train de tester le kit Bare Escentuals… Il fera l’objet d’un prochain « tests produits ». Surveille donc cette catégorie 🙂

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    • tyler / October 27, 2008thats whats cool about linux is that it can be free and still be “enterprise”btw, ever think of getting or other related commenting engine? your commenters will appreciate it Reply

    • something to a manager. If it had been something else (like you said, baby food or milk), I wouldn’t have said anything because I wouldn’t want to deny her children of food.But scallops? Don’t make me pay more than I’m already paying because you want to steal the most expensive food in your cart.

    • I think Mark is right, the major benefit -Having an elected Lt. Governor step in if the governor leaves office, is what everyone wanted, not a Senate President wearing two (very powerful) hats for up to a year. The Governor, Lt. Governor, or Acting Governor aren’t out plowing the snow, so does it really matter who’s sitting in Christie’s office for the next week? The professionals are running the show, and in due course, all the political clowns will be back under the Gold Dome screwing up the state as only they can.

    • Jo já jsem jim napsala že je to moc, tak jsem zvÄ›daná co mi odepíšou.. ale jěštÄ› zítra mi budou volat ze Stuart Hall, tak uvidíme co nabídnou oni…

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    • Osmičky budou, tÄ›ch jsem jeÅ¡tÄ› dokázal pár pÅ™elézt, ale dál na stupnici už nemůžu pokračovat…aspoň ne letos:-). Pokud by nÄ›kdo mÄ›l zájem, nechÅ¥ napíše nÄ›co o devítkách…Dík za komentáře a tipy:ÄŒerná Å¡ipka – rozhodnÄ› super, levitace jak má být, mechový povlak, nehtový bočák…taky moje oblíbenáDíky za každé nové ráno – též super, Cima takya Páže, to je taky moje oblíbená a ÄŒtvrteční spára, to je taky zajímavá cesta…kurňa toho je tolik…Pokac

    • Look explanations are OK but we need solutions. The Youth love to antagonizs police especially in groups…it gives them a feeling of power. First BAN all blackberry mobiles in England. Next round up all 'innocent' offenders and get them to clean up policed by their relatives/friends/authority. Next FIX the Economy so that the needy have something worth striving for.Western economies are causing familiies to STRUGGLE for too long creating discontent and desperation.Whats left but mass RIOTS.

    • guys lets be real u know….chelsea need a playmaker for now…aguero or kaka. n dat player must be under 28 years…as for da world cup south africa is chilly but i hope i enjoy da soccer as evrybody else….i have da feeling dat carlo will bring sm1 talented n sm1 he desperratly needs at chelsea.Reply

    • Good post. We have a 14 year age difference. It can cause some odd conversations when I don’t understand his cultural references and I’ve been told ‘your Dad is waiting for you’ at least once but overall the issues, for us, are minor.

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    • I’ll attest to it being the best of all? our prime end vaporizers. Ive had all of them. Concerning since purchased 15 greater number of these for friends that wanted them.

    • 10-28-12calin spune: buna am si eu o problema cu munitoruil am win7 proffesional si mi se stinge munitorul la unele jocuri wow mt2???care e problema???si cand se stinge scrie ac olo power saving mode dar unitatea merge si munitorul nu mai merge:((!!!sper sa ma ajutati -2

    • I think that’s awesome!.. Well done. That was not that I thought you were going to do when you realized they were actually gossiping about “you”. But your style & eloquence handling the situation is not completely shocking. I guess it all depends on the situation and your mood. I know of guys that have gotten kicked in the balls by you;for saying less (and then been charged for the compliment). But I suppose there is a time & a place for everything…

    • It doesn’t matter if you hold LT, as long as you aren’t sprinting/coming out of sprint. Dunno if it’s different on the world cup game though.Glad to see Reading are back with the big boys though.

    • Parabéns pelas fotos.A terceira foto é de longe a melhor, que luz foi aquela?Pelo qeu vejo vc tem isso como um hobbie, e o faz muito bem.Vc fez fotos muito originais, que são bem incomuns para os profissionais da área.Já pensou em levar o hobbie mais a sério?

    • the first to get sick en masse will be the health care professionals… maybe they can convince the mexican goverment to build sewage treatment plants. They have destroyed every tourist resort by ignoring that problem. the outbreak first occurred near Veracruz, a couple of months ago. the kid recovered, but over the holy week vacation period, millions went to the beaches, and into the most contaminated waters in the world. lots of hog production there. I know… I live in Mexico…..retired.

    • Lorraine, I am thrilled to think that post was useful to a poet like yourself! Mixing it up with our writing can keep us fresh and focused I believe. Maybe the way poetry demands we capture something's essence, search within ourselves for the most resonant way of saying something has a spillover effect on our prose. Hmm, must try my hand at more poetry!

    • igenJag tycker att du är en smart och trevlig person. Det var säkert mitt fel att det urartade lite igÃ¥r. Min son är f ö nio Ã¥r sÃ¥ jag känner verkligen med dig.

    • It would be fine and all if disposability was not a primary feature, benefits were equal to regular work, and that it doesn't make you a second-class citizen wherever you go. There might be exceptions, but only for the folks for whom have no problem anywhere.

    • Sunday, August 12, 2012Oh. My. Goodness. I was just telling my dad that mac ‘n cheese is my favorite food but I can never eat it because it’s so darn unhealthy…but I might have to cheat for this. It looks phenomenal. So creamy and cheese. Mac and cheese perfection! My noodle of choice for M&C is shells. I love how the sauce gets all trapped in the shell. So great. Can’t wait to try this!

    • I’m just as excited as everyone else, but I’ve been a little worried about the lack of caution with which people are fully behind this. I mean, yes, it could be potentially everything we’ve always wanted (and more), but at the same time, it could be that everyone involved just isn’t who they were all those years ago and this show won’t be able to catch that same… whatever it was that made it so damned good.I dunno… ever since I got burned by Wolverine: Origins I just can’t trust my own excitement.

    • Que receita maravilhosa!!! Fiz aqui em casa e ficou demais!!! O picante do alho, o tomate fresco, a crocância da rúcula… tudo divino!!! Parabéns!!! Vou fazer muitas e muitas vezes mais…

    • : Bien qu’ayant pris l’habitude de lire des BD sur ma DS, je n’ai tenté qu’une seule fois de lire un Philémon avec et me suis arrêtée après la troisième page…ça ne peut pas du tout s’adapter à un support électronique.Même sur un ordi, avec un grand écran, on perd beaucoup, il y aura toujours des oeuvres qui ne pourront jamais se passer du support papier.

    • utrolig flott kort 🙂 Du har pyntet sÃ¥ flott pÃ¥ alle sidene og kjempe fine farger 🙂 Tusen takk for at du delatr i utfodringen hos scrappin´all over 🙂 Klem Rita,DT

    • Станіслав ШейногаСотником він ще підписався… Виходимо з того, що ми в Україні і все на її території має бути українським. Існує багато законів у підтримку українства, всі їх мають виконувати, а такі як ви їх порушують своїми закидами. З вашого коментаря можно зробити висновок, що ваша поведінка досить примітивна і неграмотна. Меньше б такого бруду зустрічати.

    • Para ficar claro:” Favor apontar quem, e os comentários públicos contrários a moral católica que eles proferiram.”Me refiro ao passado desses políticos, é óbvio que não estou falando da Missa em questão.Luciano

    • Just hoped, wished, prayed…that an Indian director could have made this but this never is the case from A Passage to India, Gandhi and now Slumdog Millionarie.Enjoyed the film a lot. It was amazing to watch Boyle show us a glimpse of our own spirit and a path that our filmmakers never took.

    • Da hat sicher wieder einer einen Sechsfüßigen Grottenmolch mit zwei Schwänzen und drei Augen gefunden. Es ist doch immer dasselbe wenn solche Baumaßnahmen angezeigt werden, dass die, die am lautesten dagegen sind anschließend als erste darüber fahren. Hat man ja gesehen bei der HTS. Ich bin unteranderem auch dafür die A4 weiter zuführen.MfGWolfgang Knipp

    • Haase a battu Davydenko???!!!! Sur terre battue!!!!Et ben dis donc, le mal est plus profond que je ne le pensais pour le russe.Almagro et Robredo, une de mes nouvelles recrues, ce n’est que leur devoir de passer un premier tour sur terre battue, je me satisfais quand même qu’ils le fassent. Dolgopolov qui perd contre Gulbis au moment où je le recrute pour être quartier-maître en chef. S’il s’avère qu’il ne s’agit pas du tournoi annuel où Gulbis ne fait sortir que 40% de ses frappes, je lui en voudrais à mort.

    • Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I¡¦ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

    • liebe natalie…der spruch,den du gewählt hast sagt alles!ich weiss, wie es ist, das grosi zu verlieren und dennoch ist es leben…weil leben wandel ist.gib dir zeit, traurig zu sein!umarmung

    • Pam WInteresting…I cannot recall (not that I am expert for sure!!) ever seeing trades dressed. Yes, hot and smelly (that I knew)…but if you;re dealing in acids, dyes etc (which I assume they were) it would seem you wanted to protect your own hide!!!!! With more than a turban and a diaper!!!!!!

    • Great interview, good to see some words from Kowton. I’d really be interested to know what brought him onto a Nabokov novel for his label name. Wondering if there are any intended aesthetic confluences between the two. A great label named after an inestimably great book, nonetheless.

    • चारुहास,याची जाणीव होणं महत्वाचे आहे. जर तुम्हाला माहितीच नसले की तुमच्यावर अन्याय होतोय, तर तुम्ही पेटून ऊठणार तरी कसे??

    • What an inspiring post. I’m in the same boat. I grapple with my decision daily, yet it continually feels right. It’s weird for me because every person my age is entrenched in “ordinary” life. What some perceive as aimless (traveling/nomadism), might actually be freedom! Go girl, I’m on your side!

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    • F.BeardI don’t think I understand your argument correctly. Credit is theft? Do you mean banks become a currency issuer of sorts by credit creation? Could you elaborate?

    • ew skrev:Fascinerande att om kissie hade gjort det här inlägget (och hängt ut människor som fula), ja dÃ¥ hade kommentarerna sett ut sÃ¥här:”JÄVLA IDIOT DU ÄR SÅ JÄVLA ÄCKLIG OCH DUM I HUVUDET DIN POLSKA JÄVLA HORA!”

    • Proposition N°9 pour les étudiants pro passer 50% de leur temps dans les entreprises.Quelle entreprises? celle qui licencient ou celles qui délocalisent,il faut qu’il précise.Voila la n° 22 qui arrive! diviser l’immigration par deux,j’aurais souhaité qu’il divise le chaumage par deux.N°19 banque de la jeunesse!quésaco?La n° 1 la n°2 sont contradictoires.Si je doit donner un titre à ce programme je nommerais, PSITT:ACHETER MON PROGRAMME AVANT QU’IL FASSE PSCCHITT.

    • ¿Fracaso “escolar”?….¿De quién?…Del alumno ¿Verdad? En cada linea de este articulo, se encierra la respuesta. Fracaso escolar = Fracaso de la “escuela”..(que no es lo mismo) No hay mejor medicina que la que tú aplicas. Ojalá sea la única que se recete. Gracias y un abrazo

    • Oh no… infelizmente ontem passei por situação muito semelhante com a Delta: atraso de conecção com a delta nos estados unidos e perda de bagagem ao chegar em SP. Já faz mais de 24h e não recebi notícias da minha mala.Eles realmente pagam 500$ por perda de bagagem?Respondendo: Depois minha experiência, estou um pouco descrente do atendimento das companhias aéreas. Entretanto, as malas costumam aparecer, mesmo que demorem. Se sumirem, provavelmente o que for pago não compensará o que se perde. Só o custo de reposição das roupas perdidas já será muito alto.

    • tega gak tega sih makan kelinci tapi, saya paling suka kalo sudah diolah jadi abon sedaap..abon kelinci Lompo Ulu selesai posting Mau Postingan Kamu Dibaca Blogger Lain?

    • I had to come back to the Purple Flowers Blog. You write would be an understatement. The images were an absolute delight.. Pardon my ignorance- you click them on your own..? Mind blowing treat.. such precision.. I am glad to have come across to your site..Lovexox

    • Tα δύο κρισιμότερα υπουργεία φύγανε από τα χέρια της συμμορίας. Πολύ σημαντικό τέτοιους καιρούς… Οι φάτσες κάποιων πολιτικών και δημοσι0γράφων σήμερα, δεν έδειχναν ικανοποίηση. Μάλλον κάτι δεν τους πάει καλά… Το αμέσως επόμενο διάστημα, περιμένω (δηλ. το εύχομαι) από τους Αβραμόπουλο και Δήμα κινήσεις και επαφές ιδιαίτερης Εθνικής σημασίας… Άντε να δούμε…

    • Apparently, part of the goals of Breivik are becoming true. In effect, if the party is under the control of "career" politicians it can not become other than another party like the others. In the end, with or without all their differences, if a party if full of "career" politicians it will behave and will look for respect and collaborations with others parties dominated by "career" politicians.The real party is "career" politicians and they are always against the people.

    • On n’a quand meme le droit de s’exprimer, tu est sur un blog, sinon lis la presse ou vote oui pour SOPA ou va habiter en Coree.. Si tu prend tout au serieux et ne pas etre pres a entendre ce que tu veut pas entendre et bien va voir ailleur.

    • There is no excuse for doing anything that depicts being cruel to animals. Animals are so loving & caring. It isn’t fair that they have to just accept the way people treat them. They are defenseless. How would you like to be treated like some of the animals are? It wouldn’t be funny then. You should be supporting being good & kind to animals NOT cruel to them/You should be trying to get word out to be kind to animals. Animal cruelty is NOT ENTERTAINMENT.

    • Prairie | September 8, 2010 at 1:22 pm |Cabby,Why is Hannity not as guilty as Pelosi and congress? Please enlighten us? **************************Simple answer. He is NOT an elected official. Where are you getting this STUFF anyway?? It’s a shame that your wit and “wisdom” are somehow so misdirected.

    • I love soft golds like the Deborah Lippmann and Nars ones. It gives you perfect dose of sparkle but still keeps your fingers nice and classy with too much glitter. I really love the nail polishes this fall. So many pretty ones to try

    • Japp!!, visst ska jag springa Heleneholms halvmara, tror jag skrev pÃ¥ din blogg samtidigt som du skrev pÃ¥ min ;)Ser ut att bli fint väder! DÃ¥ ses vi kanske, jag är där i god tid för jag mÃ¥ste efteranmäla mig senast en timme före start. Känner du inte igen mig sÃ¥ leta efter ett par ilsket gröna Newtonskor 😉

    • yep I have that polish in my salon and it is popular….different to other blues I own. but i'd like to try the slelek eyebrow kit though…can't live without filled eyebrows now xxx

    • This is great! As far as the last one goes, I think it’s different now because you’re pregnant and you’re in a new place. It’s not you. You’re an awesome Mama! And I want to learn how to make a lemonade cake now, because I don’t have enough moo-lah for a shopping spree. ;o)

    • My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    • Man that’s depressing. I don’t know. I feel your pain, I really do. I think things are too comfortable for him and he might need a push, like out the door. But then again, if he satisfies everything else in your life, maybe you should count your blessings. Whatever you do you should tell him your feelings.

    • It’s the 10 cm stainless-steel spatula/spoon. I’ve already checked with all my wholesalers, which among them have literally 95%+ of the US wholesale lab equipment market. I can probably buy the things at retail, but the problem is that they’d end up costing me a lot more than I pay now. If I have to backorder kits for a couple weeks, I don’t think it’ll be a big problem.  Robert Bruce Thompson

    • Y cual será el precio de la BULA(por si nos interesa)… aunque viendo cual es el pensamiento de estos señores que les aprieta tanto la Mitra que les deja las ideas hechas papilla … mejor me voy para el infierno alli encontrare gente sana y con pensamientos limpios .Entonces ya sabemos donde reside el/la ALMA … si si habita en los testiculos, no hay otra explicacion ….. ja ja ja manda gugugueeeeevosssssssssssssss

    • Tenho 17 anos e me apaixonei pelo meu melhor amigo, daqueles que você foi criado junto, conheço e convivo com ele quase todos os dias desde meus 10 anos, ele sabe que gosto dele e finge que não sabe… Tenho nao verbalizar, e o pior de tudo é que ele insiste em dizer TE AMO, e VOCÊ É MEU MELHOR AMIGO, sabendo que sempre será no sentindo da amizade e nao do amor.Ja não sei oque faço sou bissexual ja ele heterossexual.É uma situação muito delicada.

    • – Hi Lindsay…You don’t know me…but I check your blog almost everyday to see your beautiful pictures! Just wanted to say that I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your eyes. I am hoping and praying that you will be able to continue bringing a smile to all of our faces through your beautiful work!April 24, 2009 – 11:52 am

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    • Czy istnieje zatem chociaż jedno distro, które oprócz domyślnego oprogramowania KDE dodaje własne konfiguratory w Qt? Kubuntu takowego nie ma. Faktycznie, Fedora korzysta z konfiguratorów napisanych w GTK. Planuję dziś zainstalować Mandrivę, więc nie wiem jak jest. A OpenSuse? Hm…

    • She always being seen with IT gay guys and you called her relationship to be genuine?You really know nothing about her fauxmance track records


    • never heard of that airlines yet until now. that’s cool that you were given great service mami jess i will that airline maybe they sell affordable tickets

    • Jag minns allt det där, pÃ¥ sätt och vis känns det som att det var väldigt länge sedan, men ocksÃ¥ som att det hände alldeles nyss!

    • I did his workshop last year as well. It was an incredible experience. Unlike other workshop presenters out there Brett holds nothing back. I recommend his workshops to anyone who will listen.Fantastic images, it looks like you guys had a great time.

    • Buddy-If I may nitpick a little, I may just add "tentative inflection point" to your sentence. I mean, I agree that it likely is the bottom, but its hard to tell from just two months of data.

    • You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation but I to find this matter to be actually something which I think I might by no means understand. It seems too complex and very wide for me. I am looking forward to your next put up, I will try to get the hang of it!

    • Godt skrevet artikkel! Men mÃ¥ pÃ¥peke/spørre om en liten ting.NÃ¥r du snakker om syre/base -forhold i kroppen, blir jeg litt erga av at det kommer fram som om kroppen har èn pH-balanse. Lurer pÃ¥ hvilken syre/base snakker du om, og mener du at kalsiumtilskudd nøytraliserer metabolsk acidose? (gikk ut i fra at det er denne syrebalansen du snakker om). IsÃ¥fall, om du kan presisere det

    • House/apartment hunting is no fun. It seems like an entertaining idea until you actually start doing it. There is so much crap out there. And, it is amazing what people are willing to put up with. Good luck, and get back to blogging!

    • دوباره سلام.من کارهایی که گفته بودید رو انجام دادم ولی بازم نتیجه نگرفتم.مثل آلتر و تکنو Û´d1 هم فایل steam مخصوص نداره ؟ شاید اشکال از اون باشه.

    • Court denied cert, meaning the Justices didn't find it persuasive in 2008."WHAT???? So the court only grants a writ of certiorari to cases that they find "persuasive?" Maybe in your world of unicorns and pixie-communists and where the bastard kid of a Kenyan student is a Natural Born Citizen.Unbelievable! "Real Lawyer?" With an attorney like you who would need opposing counsel?

    • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

    • Per Epsilon:Uhm, non mi convince… Avrebbe dovuto rovistare tra le palline finché non trovava quelle giuste e così i presenti se ne sarebbero accorti subito. Invece un corpo caldo lo puoi sentire anche a distanza, o no?

    • Oh my gosh, Tish–this is positively gorgeous!!!! I LOVE it!!! How inventive and must have taken forever–wow!!!I can't wait to see what you link up on the 8th because you're always so full of surprises!!!HUGS,Cindyxoxox

    • Pamela Joye – that is funny and a brilliant composition – the walkway forms a secondary arrow – .and i like that you composed with the flags on the left and the little black rectangle on the bottom. but what gets me over all that – a handwritten ‘beer’ sign in the middle of this. like what is that? who wrote that? makes me wonder (and laugh) in a great way. really lots to like here – a lot!

    • I often judge books by their covers, but most often, it is word of mouth or reco’s from people I dig that lead me to books. Your list here looks great – might actually be tempted to pick up a John Irving book now.

    • Ah oui ! c'est vrai ! :-)Il en souffrait beaucoup. Il pensait qu'il «valait mieux vaut une quéquette bien faite qu'une quéquette bien pleine».Ou un truc comme ça, je ne suis pas sûre de la citation…

    • Sue & Lee Embury – Andy & Jess – what a totally, truly amazing ‘snapshot’ of your special week. Beautiful and perfect! We are only sorry that we couldn’t have been there to celebrate with you. xx

    • .. the NBA is a miss or make league. I counter that the threat of Blakes makes are more powerful than the the threat of Farmar’s makes. More important, Blake buys into the system and is more concerned with a ring then his next contract.

    • Okay can I just say I am only 4 seconds in (I have to pause for it to load so I can truly enjoy it) and I am already creaming myself over the couple of notes I heard. Venice Queen is one of my favorites of their discography hands down. I love RHCP and am most definitely devoted to the guitar god that is Frusciante!

    • That book has been catching my eye on Amazon for a while now! I’ll def have to get it soon! I liked you and signed up for the newsletter! I’d love to be entered into the contest, as well .ndfan1993(@)

    • Aquí está el amigo que te reconoció; al que ya has aceptado en FB y que te ha etiquetado en las fotos de Ángeles.Gracias por seguir compartiendo tan intensa y maravillosa aventura con todos nosotros.Suerte para lo que aún queda!!!Tu voto: 0  0

    • hablen de la música , onda cuando estas contenta que te gusta escuchar , cuando estas enojada , cuando vas por la calle y te crees la raja porque no escuchas a nadie , y bla bla bla … que canciones a dedicado y cosas así eso… gracias =) bye


    • Once again, it’s made clear that Jas has a very different “Symbian experience” to me (It’s also made clear that the grammar in that scentence is somewhat, well, lacking. But it IS only 10:15am)

    • Gut, dass du den Vorfall gemeldet hast. Zur Prognose für die Niederlande: Ein Freund von mir, gebürtig von den Philippinen, zieht nach 2 Jahren in München wieder zurück nach Amsterdam. Dort kann er entspannter leben, in München wurde ständig sein Pass kontrolliert.

    • Me back again with my wrong shaped head… A question to The Girl: is the helmet’s headache causing potential in any way linked to the size regulating system? I am sort of having feeling that helmets that have one round knob/device/regulator/whatever on the back will cause headache for sure and helmets that are regulated from two sides have a slim chance of not causing a headache.

    • Julia, sorry about those 24 hours to get to Paris. But just think – even more time to plan your sweet itinerary through the city, plotting your walk from patisserie to boulangerie to chocolaterie to confiserie…! And to you and Jen, love both your blogs !! So glad we all found each other ! But sadly, Jen’s not here in Zurich with me (nor you!), so a tad longer for her to get to Paris than my 5 hour train.

    • Zdecydowanie równie Å‚atwo nie jest – bilet to Meksyku 3 tysie! 🙁 Jak przeczytaÅ‚am wypowiedź El Telho to przypomniaÅ‚a mi siÄ™ rozmowa w pracy z kolegami.OpowiadaÅ‚am ostatnio o Kjurach 2012, a jeden z nich rzuciÅ‚: E, to nie lepiej z pÅ‚yty posÅ‚uchać? :)Ale – każdy ma inaczej i tyle. SeB może po pół nerki oddamy? 😛 BÄ™dzie na ew. 2014 😉

    • Olha, o jogo eu não tenho a mínima idéia. A música, pelo estilo techno-animado eu ACHO que é de algum Pokémon (não pergunta qual), deve ser aqueles de GBC. []

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    • i have a guestion…. does the eagle 50 have a gyro …… and im looking to buy my first outdoor heli and i dont want to pay any more then around $120 … can u advize a heli ….. oh and ps. love the vids

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    • I wrote out this nice, long comment and it didn’t even publish… Ugh. But basically, all I wanted to say was you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. You won’t be alone on this ‘vacation’… I’ve been here a month already. <3

    • Sarah, I made this soup for dinner tonight and it was simply delicious! I made enough so I can have it again tomorrow yay! Thank you for this one more amazing recipe

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    • It's hard, hard, hard and you have every right to whinge. And I have to agree with Eva… don't miss it. Well, maybe a little. But not the best time in my life. Because I pretty much had no life. Mommy coma. It get's better, and hard in different ways, as I'm sure you know and expect. But it's all wonderful, even when it's not, because what would we do without them?

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    • Yeah, this year I’m throwing a Winter Solstice party and refusing to call it Christmas just to be hard-nosed. It’s also today, so I need to get back to baking cookies!

    • And the money doesn't really "go" to education, as they often claim. They budget in "$100M expected in lottery revenues" under education. It's not supplemental – it is now a line-item. If people ever got wise tot he game, certain states would see their education systems go bankrupt.

    • I did not recognize the last name but image search reveals some one who looks like a back-to-future iSteve (Chi-town office job did smell like a cover story). Were you irked about having the fewest lines in Predator? Of course, only about 50 in the film total, all good ones thoughThe funny thing about Shane Black is that he wanted to get into acting. He wrote his first script in the mean time, and his gig in Predator was a favor in return for that hit script (can't remember which one it was, but you've heard of it).

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