Bubble Football gets serious

Bubble Football is a sport you may or may not be familiar with. What started as a fun segment on a TV show in Norway has grown into a full blown sport and alternative to the five-a-side norm. It has now got its very own answer to Russia 2018. Even better than that, the England team still needs to be found. So us football mad students will finally have a chance to live out childhood fantasies in an England shirt before we take our worthless media degrees to the job centre.


What Is Bubble Football?

Bubble Football is an alternate sport of association football with one major difference, a bubble. Players are wrapped from the waste up in a Zorbing-like inflatable bubble. The game most closely resembles five-a-side football. The game has five players on each team and is played on a similarly small pitch. There are no goalkeepers. Instead one of the players will have to be defensively conscious. In essence it is all the same with two teams trying to score goals and while the biggest weapon to defend in normal football is to tackle, there is an alternative in Bubble Football.

bubbles not only offer protection but are a weapon

The bubbles not only offer protection but are a weapon to be used on other players. You are allowed to take out players on and off the ball with a charge in the bubble. The scenes of bodies bouncing and giant hits makes the sport just as fun to watch as it is to play. It also creates the need for new tactics. It is not as easy to dribble or pass around a team who can put you on the floor in seconds. This means that a different type of player can excel. A big man has never been more necessary.

FC Barcelona took part in a showcase and even Messi got in a bubble, but the maestro from Rosario couldn’t exert himself like he used to. One of the best aspects of the sport is the way penalties are taken. One ball is placed on the spot and two players, one from each team, will go head to head to be the first to reach the ball and take a shot. You can try and outpace your rival or bump him off course so that it is just you and the goal!


What Is The Bubble Football World Cup?

Bubble Football started as a joke segment on Norwegian TV and soon was taken up as a business idea. It has become popular for special groups like corporate events and stag do’s but is now becoming a sport in its own right. Leagues are popping up over in America and lots of countries have national teams. With the real World Cup taking place next year it seems as good as time as ever to have the Bubble Football version just before.

While many nations around the world have dedicated teams, England do not, despite being  one of the biggest providers of the sport. The Bubble Football World Cup has decided to hold a qualifying tournament on June 25th this year where the winners will become the England team at the World Cup. Uni students are the perfect contenders with their fitness and love for the game.

you could be a part of it

The main World Cup itself takes place in London in May 2018. It will feature 16 teams from around the world including Brazil, Poland and France. It has been over 50 years without a World Cup for England and this could not only be the chance we have been waiting for, but also you could be a part of it.


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