About Us

The Worldly is a new world affairs, politics, economics, business and finance student publication.

Our primary objective is to educate, inform, inspire and unleash opportunity to sophisticated, aspirational, entrepreneurial and intellectually curious students and young people around the world.

The Worldly is published termly in print format and is distributed across more than twenty-five British University campuses, sixth forms and colleges. The magazine is also available to read online.

Online content is also available, free of charge, here on our website.

We're British in origin, yet international in outlook. The Worldly offers a combination of rigours intellect with concise, authoritative, contemporary, accessible and engaging journalism.

We champion independent thinking.

Our chief contributors comprise of an endowed collaboration of students stretching across a broad range of academic disciplines and Universities.

Why 'Worldly'?

“Experienced, knowing, sophisticated”

By definition, 'worldly' means someone who is experienced, knowing and sophisticated.

Those are the qualities we strive to instill through insightful, thought-provoking and non-bias articles.

Founded in Britain in 2014, Sabco Publishing Limited operates The Worldly.

Sabco Publishing is the publishing arm of the Sabco Group.