Want to Own Your Own Race Horse?

Photo Credit: Joshua Mason

David Wiltshire of Daventry, UK, was a passionate Horse Racing fan but felt as though he could direct his love for Horse Racing towards more than a rare weekend trip to the races. Owning a horse is usually something that people associate with the rich and famous. Multi-Millionaire footballers like Michael Owen and Alex Ferguson dabble in this in their spare time. For the common man watching from outside the paddock is likely to be as far as you get. David Wiltshire fell into owning a horse and explained how he went from fan to owner in a recent interview.

“A friend of mine, who also had a keen interest in the sport, approached me and some others about doing it and that was that. He had all the information and between us all it was affordable. The syndicate is two people lighter now, as it just wasn’t for them after being involved for 12-months or so. “

“It was something I hadn’t really thought about to be honest. I guess I always thought it was unattainable unless you were well off. I was aware you could join big racing Syndicates but that wasn’t overly appealing. I wanted something more personal.”

There are many costs involved in owning a horse, but the usual standard amount to expect would be £1k or £2k a month. This would include the basic training and running of a horse, a professional trainer’s costs, the travelling costs of going to and from races and entry-fees. A syndicate allows many multiple people to share the cost across the month. The remuneration for a horse will never be a lot unless you are winning the big races, and on a regular basis. In America if you are successful in such races as the Kentucky Derby then there is potential for horse to rake in millions, but in the UK and Europe they aren’t so lucky. For someone like David Wiltshire however it is all for the love of the horse.

“Success for me is undoubtedly about the Horse not the money. With my Horse Soulsaver it is extra special, as we bred him. We owned and raced his dam and then selected his Sire (who was unproven), with the dream he will race one day for us. On 1st January 2016, Soulsaver turned 4, and raced in a listed race at Cheltenham. He came 6th, was given a wonderful education and even beat 2 previous winners. He will be very competitive in his next race.”

Wiltshire completely fell in to not only owning a horse through a friend, but went on to actually breed a race horse. His attempts to sell his first horse Lapina failed due to a downturn in interest. He then took the brave decision to try to breed from her and ended up with Soulsaver.

When asked wether he would recommend the opportunity to own a racehorse themselves Wiltshire said, “It is not for everyone and I would say to people, don’t own a racehorse if your motive is to make money from it. You will ultimately be disappointed. For us, it is our hobby. We love going to the yard to see him and watch him on the gallop…and of course, go see him in action.”

You can see the full interview with more information on David Wiltshire’s story HERE


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